December 31, 2011

See Again

Good Morning Daddy,

It is the last day of 2011 – Thank you for another glorious, rich, prosperous year. You have such great plans for your family. You love us with such incredible might and yet you are so gentle and kind.

I think I will post SEE again, just as a witness to what I know to be real~ You ARE real – you tell us about your soul and your spirit. We are made in your likeness – to reflect your image in all we do. We are unique in appearance even qualities or more appropriately abilities; however your heights, depths, widths are reached because your spirit enables our soul by uniting all our capabilities to synergistically achieve your magnificent scope of precision in all ways.

Oh Father, help us in a mighty way to not give up, but give in…….to you ~ Be built upon you ~ Be sustained within you ~ Be able through you ~ Be for your cause and not in any way allow the forces of our self to stand against the flow of your Love for all creation.

For the name sake and glory of our redeemer Lord Jesus the Christ and for each one of us comprising His body. May we remember these things and cast the lesser memories away in order that as you flow throughout all, sin is bound for eternity.

Remember us – your children, as cherished, holy, lovely and pure because you are holy, lovely and pure. May the power, of victory in Christ, transform us by the renewing of our mind to walk upon your heavenly highway toward what lies ahead. Because you first loved us, may we love you just the same by loving whom you love and sharing what you gave.

Kisses ~ C
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December 28, 2011

Can't Wait For a NEW Year

It looks as if 2011 will be ending on a common cord - technical difficulties!  The links between pages are not functioning at present.  My personal computer is having problems "yet again" as well.  It might be petty but my prayers are that all technological hangups be bound within 2011 and Nothing but ease of access and a simple e-world flood 2012.  I do not have the desire or time to gain education in advanced technology issues :0  Would be an asset......but the main frame in my noggin would collapse - ha ha!


December 22, 2011

“Forgiveness is not saying it’s okay; It’s stating there’s a better way”~CH

We have been looking Honestly at many of the Lures which entice our soul - their purpose, or perceived gain in order that we, the creature, might be comforted instead of “conditioned”.  We talked about how Gods love is unconditional; however relationship is conditional~ based on our willingness to BE conditioned ergo ABLE to relate intimately with our creator.
Let’s look a couple of segments from Philippians Chapter 2:
Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit, but with humility of mind regard one another as more important than yourselves; 4 do not merely look out for your own personal interests(selfish ambition), but also for the interests of others.
5 Have this attitude in yourselves which was also in Christ Jesus,
This attitude was not manifested from man's worldly wisdom – it is PURELY by way of the Holy Spirit enabling God’s wisdom to be revealed unto us:  Willing our Soul to give the right of way to  God. 

  Now, let's pause for a moment and make sure we do not simply read the following words, then apply our shallow meanings and say we see.  I desire for us to Look and Understand what HE was actually imploring us to grab hold of ,cling to simply because He loves us:

6 who, although He existed in the form of God, did not regard equality(he did not take the advantage) with God a thing to be grasped, 7 but emptied Himself, taking the form of a bond-servant, and being made in the likeness of men. 8 Being found in appearance as a man, He humbled Himself by becoming obedient to the point of death, even death on a cross. 9 For this reason also, God highly exalted Him, and bestowed on Him the name which is above every name,
I am sure that this understanding is not new information for most of you.  We all have heard that Christ came here in the form of a man to save us from our sins through dying once for everyone, then be raised by the power of God to live eternally cleansed and reign as the Lord of all eternally. 

 But have you REALLY paused to think what this looks like, acts like and exemplifies?  Christ could have regarded His equality and taken advantage of His power while among us; however it was His hearts desire to show us what it looks and acts like to believe that we could empty our self and take on the likeness of Him.
We already discussed how we do not have to die on a cross for others – we simply have to die to self. 
God knows we need an example to follow – we are consumed with taking others thoughts, positions, possessions, some even go for the whole identity.  Christ comes to us with this preposterous theory of giving good thoughts, positions, possession, even dares to go for giving a whole new identity to people for no other reason than the Love of God.
In Matthew 11:7-19 Christ was talking to a group of people who had come to see John the Baptist.  He said that people wanted to SEE something different than what they had in their cities. The kings and leaders who dressed in the “right clothes” even touting the “right words”.  They wanted more something that had depth, truth, stability and an outcome which aligned with what they paraded in the sight of the public. 
Look at the questions He asked them:
·         What did you go out into the wilderness to LOOK AT?
o   A reed shaken by the wind?
·         But what did you go out to SEE?
o   A man dressed in soft clothing – behold those are in Kings Palaces.
·         But WHY did you go out?
o   To see a prophet – yes I say to you and one who is MORE than a prophet.
Christ is asking them to pause and check their soul.  What was their soul lured by?  Did they come to LOOK or to SEE?  To BEHOLD the real deal or to LOOK AT a masquerade?
This is the same question He asks us every day – every moment – through every encounter we have.  He says “Check your self, go slow; pause if you need to.  Be sure your motives are PURE.
Matthew 12:33-37 talks to those who desire to “pause and see” saying: If you want more than a king in a palace, in soft clothes, empty on the inside – you have to LOOK by way of what they are producing.  They may appear tall, strong and bountiful with much to offer; however SEE what the outcome of their words manifest – that is their “intent”.  Look at how they speak, is it careless when it leaves their lips – not showing up as they projected?  This is not the manifestation of His fruit.  What we will SEE is that their own words condemn the goodness they touted.
What we actually SEE is that they robbed the Holy Spirit of His identity, purpose and rightful glory – all so that THEIR soul could be built up.  Christ gave up what was rightfully His so that the Holy Spirit of God could have freedom, liberty and full ability to flow unhindered.  All we have to do is decide if WE want to help Him relieve the grieving of the Holy Spirit.
I end with this thought for us all:
God is Love.  The Holy Spirit searches the depths of all things even the depths of God / Love.  Christ left this harmonious relationship for the sake of unifying ALL things in this Love.  The Holy Spirit, for the sake of Unity will fulfill the will of Christ which is to plunder any opposing “strong man”; in order that ALL may have liberty in the home of GOD – and God’s house WILL NOT DIVIDE!
So..Today I ask you to pause and request wisdom, discernment having gratitude for His mercy and grace.  Take an honest account of the words you have spoken, the manner in which you have spoken them as well as any ways that you have comforted your soul through justifying your carelessness toward anyone.  THEN ask to be forgiven for grieving the Holy Spirit.  Ask God to transform your heart in order that He may produce “God Fruit” which is good to enliven others for HIS glory and Name Sake.
For the cause of Love – always in all ways:

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December 13, 2011

Ever Hooked Yourself When Fishing?

However, I'm afraid that as the snake deceived Eve by its tricks, so your minds may somehow be lured away from your sincere and pure devotion to Christ. 2 Corinthians 11:3

I must apologize for the long pause.  But I guess it took 7 days for me to grasp the depths of the topic we are Honestly venturing into.  We last discussed how our soul lures us away and yet we must not allow ourselves the luxury of choosing to be naïve.  Knowing that guilt and condemnation have no place in our relationship with God through Christ, we have the advantage of holding our soul accountable while casting down it’s false, vain perceptions.  There is such a vast array of wisdom written for us on the topic of self deception, vain wisdom, and lethargic learning.  It is my opinion that learning through others flailing, falling or flying is what makes it real – not theology.  Not that we don’t need both; otherwise we would simply be foolish leaders luring others into harm’s way. 

Today we are going to glean understanding as we compare some pieces of Peter and Isaiah’s journeys.  Both of these men LOVE, LOVE, LOVED God – but Peter had the wonderful experience of actually being able to walk alongside Jesus Christ.  WOW….my heart leaps when I ponder what those experiences must have been like; but also, how devastating it must have been to Peter when he followed the lures his mind casted at times.  Talk about an abrupt HIGH / low experience!

To review:  Perceive means to be aware or discern while Deceived means cheated or mislead.  The common denominators are these two are: information, decision and right of free will.  Holding this variable equation together is our one and only ultimate constant; God’s purpose and personality are at the helm of the universe, not randomness. 
We stopped last with Peter wanting to go “right now” with Christ.  Can you imagine the fear that must have been luring him as he thought about Christ leaving him to go it alone?  Not to mention that Christ validates Peters fear by telling him (my paraphrase) Hey Pete, I know you THINK you would do anything, but I will let you SEE how unrealistic you are about the depth of your devotion to me.  I won’t even be far out of your view and you won’t be able to stand the pressure, much less let me REALLY be gone.  I thank God that we have these true tales to walk through, or else I would feel like an utter failure at times.
Now let’s look at a few moments in the life of Isaiah: chapter 6: 8-13  Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, whom shall I send and whom will go for Us?  Then I said “HERE I AM…send ME!”  and He said Go and tell this people: keep listening but do not perceive, keep on looking, but do not understand, render the hearts of this people insensitive their ears dull and their eyes dim; lest they see with their eyes, hear with their ears, understand with their hearts and return and be healed.  Then I said “How Long?” and HE answered.
Do you hear any insecurity or second guessing in Isaiah?  I heard passion for supporting THEIR cause and a perseverance to WAIT on God’s direction. 
Today I want you to think about the contrast of each individual’s purpose, personality and continence. Consider these thoughts:
Could it have been a hindrance to Peter’s faith maturing because Christ was in His presence?
Could Isaiah have been at an advantage to step up because he had not been walking alongside Christ therefore alleviating self defeating thoughts of comparison?
It is my prayer for us today that in all ways we receive the good which God extends to each of us as we strive to bring honor to Him, glory to His son and unite in His spirit to testify the might of His ways.  I pray we are faithful and that we will not shrink back, but lean in and be girded up to be one with His patience.  May we be strength to those whose faith is not as strong, may we lay ourselves aside and be concerned with our neighbors and the good things that will build their faith.  May we be like Christ who did not think only of himself but allowed the insults of others to fall into the hands of God’s mercy and grace.  May we learn from those that witnessed before us so that we could perceive their endurance and find encouragement to continue to stand.  And lastly, I pray that it is God’s good pleasure to give us all this same endurance and encouragement so that we may live in harmony with each other as we unite to live out the fulfillment of all things to the maturity of Christ.
With Love,

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December 6, 2011

But I want to go NOW!

Simon Peter said to Him "Lord where are you going?  Jesus answered "Where I go you cannot follow me Now; but you shall follow me later.  Peter said to Him " Lord why can I not follow you right now?"  "I will lay down my life for you."  John 13:36 -38
I assume, due to the large amount of errors in my posting, that everyone knows much of what I load here is like a puzzle.  We go forward and backward while adding precious new pieces each week.  Much like Peter we "think" we've got the bull by the horns, but then we realize we are merely hanging on for dear life :).

Today we are starting off with my perplexity as I was attempting to converse with God today.  He tied so many things together very nicely for me - He's so good like that! 

The opening of my journal was much like other days: December 6, 2011 under which I wrote Hi Dad. It was at that moment that all these thoughts came storming at me and I had no clarity what so ever.  I said to myself, don't you take him seriously?  He is LORD GOD ALMIGHTY and you think you can just say "HI Dad?". 

I immediately tried to blow it off and wrote: I AM.  there is a dash and I wrote through Christ, in unity I come - but then I just laid my pen down and stopped.  I picked it back up out of frustration and wrote "that sounds so "theological" DAD.  We are one just as you and Christ were before creation - now so are we.  We are spread as a covering knit together with your Holy Spirit.  Sanctified so that I may participate in your body, you are constantly refining my mind, abilities and skill.  You draw me in from the outer banks, set me upon your river to cast the deepest of your ways out from my body - from the riches you have placed within me, to lure those in need into your protection, wisdom and guidance.

You desire me to release the past in order to participate in "the moment".  I See - deception is trying to lure me to drop my participation by diverting my attention upon those things.  We cannot save souls if we are easily distracted - wait, that is disjointed, we do not save souls.  We participate in YOUR rescue mission.

If we are off center our lure will be moving them toward what WE are moving toward and they will be following us into a mighty snare.  GOT IT!

Today driving home I was thinking about how we strive to know with a desire to understand which stems from our intent to know YOU better.  But somehow you get left out except to "pick" your brain.

Are we truly THAT selfish Dad?  I desire to "want" to abide with you, in you and you in me in all ways.  You went on to tell me that we do not need to know beyond the abiding we are simply to move as you move - listen in all ways to what you are thinking so you perceive their thoughts and ways.  Looking ahead for the most omnipresent purposeful directive for their good.  You see through it God we must see it through in order to SEE what you saw!  Which made me remember what you taught me about experiential knowledge being valued far beyond a well laid plan. 

You went on to explain how we hear you then we want to understand so we seek answers, wisdom, you word.  We pray for wisdom and discernment because you instruct us to do so.  We love you and we desire to please you, but even in this we must check the lure of our soul.

So I asked myself, "Oh soul, WHY do you strive to please God?"  "What do you INTEND to gain?"  Scary thing is I could feel my soul sink in shame as it licked it's lips thinking about knowing things so it could find liberty from vulnerable moments of helplessness.  But quickly my spirit said come on over and let's do this together.  Don't run away, I know your thoughts, fears, pain and deep sorrows.  Trust me it's so much better if you relax and enjoy just where you are, doing and learning as you perceive what the Lord has in store for this day:
         No more darkness, No more pain, No more sorrow to fill this space. For now we are on this battlefield, but this day will not forever stand.  We charge against the enemies by seeing through their lies.  Our eyes do not perceive all ways, so we must lay down to His.  We cannot walk up to the mountain top and stand to fight here today.  So trust His loving guidance. He will not withhold one vital thing - but He will avert the wise. 

Take a deep breath; let's lock our hands; together we'll form a band.  Encircled we're bound, the victory for them; for He is so mighty and strong.  Stay in the light for here there is hope nothing shall be lost by His hand.  Although the winds blow - His word calms the storm so open your mouth send His voice. 

Today they will hear - Today they will perceive and give glory for the sight they receive.
This is my prayer for us all today to pause and check our soul's intent and for the spirit of God to search the depths of all things in all ways here on earth today.  Find comfort in this, peace and joy because He offers it.

In Christ - Forever Bound,

Tomorrows topic Peter, Preserves and Isaiah - till then!

December 5, 2011

Doesn't Matter What God's Heart is Set on; He Gave YOU Free Will

You Know You are Maturing When You Can  “Wait With Perseverance”.The world trains us to push HARD to get ahead.  But God says if you need to push something that hard make sure it’s a pause button!
We are on our last leg with Unconditional Love; Conditional Relationships.  We are continuing to focus our eye sight and perceptions as we discern truth, wisdom, thoughts, memories and knowledge.  We will be thinking about pain and how we perceive things for the next few days.
When we think about pain, those of us who truly believe God’s word must believe the following: God did not create Eden with pain, suffering or sorrow.  In heaven we will no longer have any pain, suffering or sorrow.  The tree of life offers no fruit of pain, suffering or sorrow.  The fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, the free will of Satan and the free will of man was / is the cause of pain, suffering and sorrow.
We know that our nature wants to rebel against the Law – Don’t you realize there was only 1 commandment / Law in Eden:
 “From any tree of the garden you may eat freely; but from the tree of knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat from it you shall surely die”
Sometimes our thoughts have us pointing the finger of blame at God because he spoke about “the curse” which was our pain, suffering and sorrow.  Let’s look a bit closer at what really happened:  Eden was God’s Kingdom which rightfully was built upon His constitution.  Under His established authority He appointed Adam to be in charge.  God delegated the power of His command unto Adam.  God communicated what actions were allowed and disallowed as well as the expectation of accountability which He verbalized to His subordinate. 
God knows his commands are unique; they require an inner commitment not a mere external, superficial obedience.  God also knows what deep, holy love is – doing what is BEST for someone.  So He took variables out of the equation.  God set’s the law and the law stands, He cannot go back on His word.  Therefore you can ALWAYS count on Him, even for pain, suffering, sorrow and death – if that is what YOU have YOUR heart SET ON!
When Adam made the choice and took the action of abandoning his post, it was no different than him taking the door handle, turning it, releasing the latch while pulling the gate open allowing all that had been bound away from them roar right in.  The Knowledge of Good and Evil hurled into their Shalom crashing, smashing and binding them in pain, suffering and sorrow.
 All God did was some creative chaos containment so that all was not lost forever.  He graciously paused everything with His words.  The curse was merciful; His creation wouldn’t forever die however they would have pain, toil, labor, separation, sorrow and grace.  He and His creation suffered the death of His glory, pure joy, peace and harmonious relations with God the Father, His Son and His Holy Spirit.
The pain of the curse is anguish, the gnashing of teeth, an embittered soul.  As Romans 8:22 states:
For we know that the whole creation groans and suffers the pains of childbirth together until now.  And not only this but also we ourselves groan within ourselves waiting eagerly for our adoption as sons, the redemption of our body.  For in hope we have been saved but hope that is seen is not hope’ for ones does not hope for what he sees.
But if we HOPE for what we DO NOT SEE, with perseverance we WAIT EAGERLY for IT!
So today I ask and pray that you hope for what you believe; that you perceive an image then imagine what it WILL look and act like.  Here is the where I ask that you not labor in vain, please persistently storm heaven as you persevere eagerly awaiting it to show up. Just keep following His directions and you will find it; when you seek it with your heart, your mind, your soul and a prospering Holy Spirit.  This is not a vain perseverance or a lesser win compared to hollow images which are touted all around us.  Please take a second glance, push pause…..Together we will push play…..and MAN that is going to be an awesome day!!


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