October 26, 2011

“Trip; Flail, Fall, Fly”

Flail: N.- a hand threshing implement consisting of a wooden handle at the end of which a stouter and shorter stick is so hung as to swing freely  V.- to strike with or as if with a flail / arms flailing the water /to thresh (grain)

One common theme we use for the purpose of imagery throughout our sojourn is “Trip, Fall, Fly”. After working through these segments with groups for so many years, the most accurate analogy would be this: We are taking a trip through out which we “Fall, Flail, Fly”. But when we fall, we get back up again. The Toby Mac song “Get Back Up” is all about pressure, perseverance, patience and the process. If you are able click on the link and be encouraged, be moved forward and up by the energetic spirit he pours out for your taking.

Toby Mac, Get Back Up Again - All Rights Reserved forefrontrecords
As we discussed yesterday, it is one thing to have knowledge of what something is supposed to look like on paper. However, it is quite different when we pick that knowledge up and start to utilize it. All of a sudden our emotions, our struggles, our past, our faith, our memories attack the sound words we chose as truth. This would the “orange” we are selecting to put in our apple basket.

Let’s say at this point you might suffer from a bit of buyers remorse. You simply want to put it back and grab another apple. You know how to make things with your apples…..but every thing you have tried with your new orange has been disgusting! So do you throw your orange out? Or do you try again? Or do you simply try to acquire the taste for something because you know it is good for you, and just put up with it because to try and improve your ability is too overwhelming?

Most of the time we do a little of all the above – Trip, Fall, Flail……but if we keep up this cycle long enough we will gain new skills, new understanding and one day when we attempt it….We’ll Fly.
But therein lies the dilemma, we do not have what it takes to keep up this agonizing process without hope. We just don’t! Today, we are going to talk about what this process looks like based on Galatians:

Know in Advance:
clip_image001[2] Your soul will get weary / weak waiting for God to show up at times
clip_image001[3] You will go back to the word in hope of His promises resuscitating your soul
clip_image001[4] You will read endlessly, dig deep seeking relief, energy, breakthrough; possibly to the point that your eyes become strained.

Be aware that this pause is placed on your journey to make you stronger. If you cannot make it past this point in faith which grants you Good Eye Sight, the faulty vision of fear will offer you some glasses to “help you out a bit”. When you grab those goggles you flail; if you do not steady yourself you will fall off into the gutter.

 Here are some bumper pads for protection:
clip_image001[5] Try to see where you first noticed that you were in control
· FYI, usually it will be a place of familiarity, where you were comfortable. There usually is a space where all of a sudden you unconsciously tell yourself “and God” – Thanks, but I got it now, I’ll let you know when I need something.
clip_image001[6] God allow you to go exactly where you are taking yourself – off course.
Yet just as the gutter beside the lane, it is right there and the ball is protected, but there will be absolutely no productivity and it is a bit embarrassing. Think of it as continually throwing the ball down the lane and it continues to go straight into the gutter over and over and over. Think about each of the following as when your ball comes up from the return. You pick it up, walk to the line, take your best stance and throw.
clip_image001[7] Your emotions start wailing, which is a reaction to the flailing. And we cry out, “What happened, everything was find and now I am struggling again?“
clip_image001[8] All your conversations with yourself and others seem to talking about how warn out you are, how hard you’ve worked, how you know what God promises but what if……
clip_image001[9] You start conversing with God reminding Him that you gave up _________ and you are all in, so what’s going on?
o Are we trying to convince God, manipulate Him or humbly ask Him to sit with us?
o You remind Him of all the bad that has been done to you
o You remind Him that you did not take matters into your own hands
o You remind Him that you followed what you thought was right
o You remind Him of all the “Laws” you have followed (not so much those you didn’t)
clip_image001[10] You start looking at what others have or are experiencing then comparing yourself to them.
clip_image001[11] You remind God that when others had more or a better life you were gracious with your “little”. (but were you really, or were you tolerating it thinking any day you’d have yours and then they would be envious of you?)
clip_image001[12] You begin to make request that God make good on His promise:
o Justice brought upon those who harmed you
      • As you remind Him of their every perceived intent, arrogance, and defiance toward Him
      • As you remind Him of your great LOVE for Him
~ You have now aligned with the accuser!

We will pause here today for you to take a good look at your continence. I leave you with this:
Genesis 4:6,7 Then the LORD said to Cain, "Why are you angry? And why has your countenance fallen? "If you do well, will not your countenance be lifted up? And if you do not do well, sin is crouching at the door; and its desire is for you, but you must master it."
I pray that if your countenance has fallen, that you “Get Back UP again”. I pray that your faith not fail, and I pray that you not be lead into temptation, but as you go through trial that you allow the Spirit of the Lord to grow you up into the Master of it. Now “that” is Brilliance!


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