November 8, 2010

Fabric of Life praise in prose

Fabric of Life

How does one measure the depth of deep
what limits the length of pain
At which point does far begin
at what distance determines an end
Does our beauty enhance our soul
or simply decorate a vast empty shell
Does our life embrace and extend
or suffocate all that lives
What is internal always reaches beyond,
once external it can stab extremely deep
Each breath of our lives mesh a fabric …
as we pass in and through the moments of our day
We pass, we speak, we consider
But do we dare look into their eyes
There is a risk that we take with each moment
a sight, a pierce…but will it hold our gaze
If so we see a depth beyond the crystal surface
an abyss into the center of the sea
The timid opt only for wading
keeping distance from a voice they seem to hear
They splash and frolic in the shallowest of waters
Where avoidance and distraction breaks the moment that was shared
It is true, my face you found so lovely,
Yet I desired for you to truly see me
I watch you wade and peer into the reflection
I even sense when you are losing true sight
I pray you stay and look beyond mere beauty
If only for a glimpse into the wonders of this cobalt sea
Dear God, I pray lust not consume you,
There is vision beyond this flesh that you see
Can’t you stop even just for one moment?
listen to the whisper of tranquility offering you peace
Take one more step into my wanting waters
Feel the refreshing coolness splash atop your bare feet
Stand here, still, as it rolls in to embrace you,
You feel the pull to return into the serene sea
To ride these waves you must merge in with your body
With trust and time you will understand her ebb and flow
Respect of her strength is your lifeline
Her deep mystery is the passion for which you yearn
Your thrill will be in the experience,
A true experience which will enrich your life
Yet here you stand isolated and lonely,
a man…or an island as they say
What you’re now refusing to remember
are the times you braved the waters depths
To capture the loveliest of images
the face you longed to embrace
Years later you now know this vision
and you see you reached who you fought to become
You were not intended to be isolated and lonely
Yet to leave…again you must brave the depths of that sea
Alone you will never make it
seek a true image, a vision, full and complete
There is no fear as you dive; you are empowered
merged into the body and risen into a new life
Here there is no battle or struggle…
Simply the depths of true peace giving life

Candace Huffmaster 2005© all rights reserved