October 6, 2011

The True Grit is InteGRITy


Who of you thought I was simply going to ask the question:  Why is integrity important? Then follow up with:  Because we are blessed by a life lived with integrity. ??
I would feel as if I left you stranded on the side of the road if that was all the fuel I gave you.  (If you did not know my favorite reads are things like the exhaustive concordance of the bible, dictionary of etymology and when I have some down time Wikipedia, which I use like a game show challenge.  These always are second to whatever translation of the bible I am currently studying – comparing)
Let’s start with Encarta Dictionary’s definition of integrity:
1.       Possession of firm principles
a.       The quality of possessing and steadfastly adhering to high moral principles or professional standards
2.       Completeness
a.       The state of being complete or undivided
                                                               i.      The territorial integrity of the nation
3.       Wholeness
a.       The state of being sound or undamaged
                                                               i.      Public confidence in the integrity of the voting process
Knowing that everything is governed by leadership from top to bottom life, we must think about Kingdoms, governing rules, regulations.  The constitution or integrity of something is what holds it up, brings it together or breaks it apart.  It is where we get the saying “fabric of society”.  
Integrity itself is used in science for comparison, observation, expansion of thoughts.  You must have a highest possible integer to align your thoughts with.  (We are simply talking apples and oranges here).
Let’s say you have a basket of apples and you think your apples are pretty amazing, but something starts to bother you about your apples and you don’t have any other knowledge than what you already know, all you are left with is an uneasy, unexplainable, make you squirm when you should have peace feeling messing up your road trip.  Meaning: your steadfast, high moral principle or best professional opinion isn’t steadfast any longer.  You are divided from that complete love of your apples so that sound peace is damaged.  But then you see an orange on a road sign and you wonder……..so you take a turn, stop at a stand, open the door, walk over to the orange stand, view their bright orange color, feel that they are a bit softer than your shiny red apples, lift it to your nose as you press it and smell the difference.  So you decide to take it with you and see how it relates to your apples.
Let’s tie a pretty bow around our fruit basket now:
Integrity is important because it is the core, the plumb line, the undergirding upholding all else.  Like a constitution it is the core or “what shall stand or die trying”.  This is why God had to have the commandments – His law, His integrity….His constitution written.  Without it we would have no roadway set in stone.  Everyone else’s self made road of integrity would run smack into our roadways.  We would be fighting about who had the right-of-way with no way to come to an amicable resolve.
Remember our topics on how He gave us emotions as road signs to tell us when to stop, turn etc. Our feelings are to feed us information which will keep us safe AND to bring us to an ability to empathize, celebrate, worship, thing and create. 
But mostly in order (His Kingdom is one of order) to LOVE.  God first loved us, He met all our needs.  He planned for our future and He got excited about it.  He also God was angered by deception.  He grieved when His son suffered for our sake but don’t turn before you see the joy He experienced when His son claimed the final victory due to integrity to His constitution.
Hebrews 13:8 states: Christ is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.
Matthew 5:17 states: Do not think that I came to abolish “the law” or “the prophets” I did not come to abolish but to fulfill.
Hebrews 1:3 states: And He IS the radiance of His glory and the exact representation of His nature and upholds ALL things by the word of His power.
And the final fluff of our pretty purple bow is this:
God always tells us things then confirms His truth.  He does things in  pairs:  Adam ALONG WITH Eve,   sending us out two by two,  a stand of two is not easily broke and (drum roll please for today’s big finish) All the law and the prophets depend on these two commandments
If your integrity, your constitution, what holds you up is your love for the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind.  Then your character, your image, your actions will be His love through you upon all other people. 
Abraham started this journey and knew when God said the integrity of the land was compromised – therefore it could no longer undergird the weight upon it and God directed Him to put it in drive, He did not hesitate; because of his personal constitution (faith, belief). 
God said allow Lot to choose first.  A worldly person would think, “What?? You are not even going to fight me for it – Sucker”  Not that they would dare speak it for fear you might catch on.  But God and those of us in His mindset understand that whatever they leave with or drive to is the end of their best.  As for you, it is the lowest of what God is pouring into and onto you.
So….Don’t worry; Be Happy! Woo...oo...oo...o.o.o.o.o.o.o.  Get in your car, strap yourself safely in, put the pedal to the metal and DRIVE BABY!
With Love and Kisses Candace
© 2011, Candace Huffmaster, All Rights Reserved