November 30, 2011

Quitters Do Not Get the Best....the One Behind Them Does

.....once you have overcome ALL obstacles, you will be ABLE to stand YOUR ground.  So then, TAKE YOUR STAND/Ephesians 6: b13, 14

We must honestly look at WHY we do not receive the best thing.  Not that what we choose to take is unacceptable; it is simply a lesser thing.  The ONLY reason is we chose to give up or gave it over to something / someone else.  This is what Ephesians 6 is speaking of:

This is not a wresting match against a human opponent. We are wrestling with rulers, authorities, the powers who govern the world of darkness, and spiritual forces that control evil in the heavenly world.  For this reason, take up all the armor that God supplies.  Then you will be able to take a stand during these evil days.  Once you have overcome all obstacles, you will be able to stand your ground.  So then take your stand!  Fasten truth around your waist like a belt.  Put on God's approval as your breastplate.  Put on your shoes so that you are ready to spread the Good News that gives peace.  In addition to all these, take the Christian faith as your shield.  With it you can put out all the flaming arrows of the evil one.  Also take salvation as your helmet and the word of God as the sword that the Spirit supplies.
People are given choices and free will can change the course of their and others lives.  Usually an impulsive blurted out decision has no wisdom involved only emotions.  Usually selfish, impulsive, hurt angry emotions.  Life is not always fun.  Life is not always easy.  But God IS always merciful, gracious and just. 

God does not want His children to be immature spoiled selfish brats any more than we human parents do.  So having us face the painful consequences of our growth process is something He allows us, as well as those our impulsivity affects, to suffer through.  His hope is that if we keep going and alienating others we will have no where to turn to except His loving arms.  So let me ask, do you stop people from feeling healthy pain.  If so please try to refrain from stopping God's child from developing at the rate He desires.  Then maybe.....just maybe they will get a belly full and make some healthy choices. 

There is also the problem for the quitter, who in frustration backs their self into a corner with an empty threat.  What then?  If they cannot provoke the response they are prodding for, their pride forces them to BE a quitter.  If the person has any maturity about them what-so-ever, they will do the difficult thing - drop their ugly pride and NOT fulfill their mistaken decision.  However, if the other parties are respecters of free will, no matter what they feel they will not take that persons choice from them.  Which means the other person is forced to abandon pride replacing it with humility in order to restore the relationship.  This is what God desires.  God is a respecter of Free Will which is why we must come to Him.  He already said He loves us unconditionally and the relationship is available even desired. Out of a deep committed love and respect He conditions us. God NEVER wants us to quit just because it's tough. 

Quiting seems like the easy road in the heat of the moment.  However all the road signs are constantly in our face: coward, self loathing, jealousy, coulda- shoulda- woulda till you hit the dead end. This is why God tests us before He places the "precious" into our hands.  Will He find us faithful?

Before you totally trash something you've invested thought effort, time and your heart into......pause..
That is what God did He promises not to trash you, me or anyone else.  He said He will not cut out time short and He will continue to be faithful to us as we Trip, Flail, Fall and Fly.

So Today, give it another shot - all's not lost! Don't be a quitter - be one that when you've done all to stand...STAND and fight the good fight - In Jesus Christ.


November 28, 2011

Women, A Woman, A Wife, One

I hope that this finds each of you well rested from the throw downs.  Who won you or the turkeys?  It wasn't much of a contest for me; the turkey was obviously the better athlete =D

This week we are pulling any loose strings hanging around our Deeply and Honestly series.  Look back through these and scan them for a review if needed.  You may also go the archives and type in any topic for all articles:

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Why Am I Not Enough For You?

Women, A Woman, A Wife......One

John 17:20, 21 “I do not ask for these only, but also for those who will believe in me through their word, 21 that they may all be one, just as you, Father, are in me, and I in you, that they also may be in us, so that the world may believe that you have sent me

We know God is a jealous God.  We know that Satan is a deceiver trying to take our affections away from God.  We have spoken about this being the reason we are on PAUSE.  God is taking back what is rightfully His.  Christ stated this over, and over, and over as He went walkabout for thirty something years. 
Christ came for One cause; unity. 

In Genesis 2:24 it is written:  Because she was taken out of Man:  For this cause a man shall leave his father and his mother and shall cleave to his wife and the two shall become ONE flesh.

Christ was in heaven, but he left heaven so that He could fill all things with love.  We needed more than mercy; we needed grace in order to be ONE.  But dare I say in our own futility we strive to survive with mercy alone.  We do not want all that comes with Grace because we have to make choices.  We walk in the futility of our own minds which excludes us from the fullness of life God designed us to have. 

Why do we beg for the grace of God upon ourselves, but with those around us we demand God to be impatient with their process?  We all know that answer, selfishness.  Which brings us to our topic for today:

Women, A Woman, A Wife:

A christian woman should not be a "man's woman" she is to be HER man's woman.  A christian man is not to be a "lady's man", he is to be His lady's man! Yet men want to attract the eye of ALL women (or at least the one's that catch his eye).  and Visa - Vera.  God did not want man to be left alone with nothing but animals which would have fed animalistic behaviours.  He wanted man for a higher purpose; relationship and to create higher relationships. 

Have your desires wandered?  Are you not grateful for the blessings God has give "YOU"?  Don't be so quick to answer.....think about it.  Have you spent thought time and energy giving goodness into what God has graced you with?  Or have you been belittling and abusing the relationship?

When you do any of those things you are telling God you are unhappy with what He graciously gave you.  You are feeding your animalistic selfish nature and digressing.  God loved you before you loved him.  You already have been filled because Christ came and filled you.  So why do we "feel" we need to steal from someone else's wealth?  Greed's an ugly thing my friends. 

Let's choose this day who we will follow as for me and my house we will follow the Lord.  Because only from heaven flows every good and perfect gift.

Let's all be wives who are holy, lovely and pure to our husbands; let's be a woman with One Cause - to be women witnessing that God's love for Christ is real; Christ is real..God is REAL!



November 26, 2011

November 24, 2011

Honor, What's That REALLY Look Like?

John 19:11
Jesus said, "You haven't a shred of authority over me except what has been given you from heaven. That's why the one who betrayed me to you has committed a far greater fault."

During all the Honestly Series we are looking at our own agenda, commitments, countenance and honor. 

These links will refresh your memory on a few topics if needed.  If you have not been with us for everything then by reading the information in the links this will be kept in the correct context.

As I was studying further on these topics I started thinking about "honoring our commitments".  This lead me to think about being betrothed - which is promised.  Betray or betrayal is breaking faith with the one you have made a promise.  We spoke last week about validity of covenants / commitments. 

Today I would like to add the following thoughts to all this:

God is faithful, that is never a question.  We however, betray Him.  Just as Judas betrayed Christ, however we also have a promise from Him that He will not renegue on His faithfulness - NO MATTER HOW WE ACT!  You see it isn't about feelings - people being NICE to us.  It's about HONOR, INTEGRITY, Countenance.  As God stated to Cain, "Why is your countenance down?"  He had been dishonest, betrayed God (not to mention Abel!) so he couldn't stand upright. 

We spoke about marriage, commitment: till death do you part.  A commitments isn't honored if you don't keep it to the end of your life.  Even if you keep it for 30 years!  If you live 40 you still failed to keep your word.  Don't let me offend you here - after all I have a divorce under my belt too - stick with me here.

A man (or woman) is only as good as their word.  That is why we are supposed to count the cost before we enter in to a commitment or covenant (business, friend, marriage).  If you give your word - honor it.  Feelings are a mute point.  Feelings change, your word is not supposed to!  That is part of the problem with our society (in my opinion).  However, God tells us in the bible that if the unbelieving person we make agreement with wants to break faith - then we are to allow them to go. But that doesn't mean you can stick around and provoke them to leave either.  Work hard to be a loyal, faithful person.  The only reason they are supposed to break a commitment is due to you being unfit or they do not desire to live a holy, lovely, pure life style.  So be ABOVE reproach - always.  Do not try to spot them, be glad that the you learned a lesson and pray for their soul, because God is grieving their choice - it hurts Christ more than it hurts us.  After all we didn't die for them did we?  If allowed we are supposed to be showing them how to be different from this world and leading them toward Christ.

 If we, being covenant people, can't honor our commitments then there is no longer any hope left.  So SERIOUSLY, let's all stop being so short sited and selfish..  We need to mature and get on with it already!

Just thought that today with all the family and friends around we might need a stern reality check.  Our skin gets a bit thin around family.  Our buttons get easily pushed and we forget to laugh, love and lift our voices in gratitude that we HAVE family around us.

With love and a kiss,

November 23, 2011

Love is Unconditional, Relationships are Conditional

Good Morning - I want to take a moment to wish each of you a Happy Thanksgiving.  It is possible I will not post anything in preparation of an early meal (YIPPEE!!) 
Many of the e-mails bounced back from this post - no surprise since I was sending it from my BB device.  In order for you to understand the full meaning of today's post you need this part - If you already read this simply skip down below the second dotted line for today's information.
Saturday November 19, 2011
Still pressed for time and have not been able to get these things proofed and loaded.  I have to pick back up and just send them as they are. These all lead into each other - and usually I take them "from private conversations and reorganize them into generic conversations"  However, there is no time for that.
Today I will start with Oct 18th - I pray these give you whatever answers or thoughts you are requesting:
I do love you with all of my heart - The heart that you gave me planted deep in my flesh - which enlivens my soul to think all these thoughts
Without a spirit our mortal life ends - of this no one questions - the just do not know where to begin.  You tell us the beginning you tell us our earthly end.
You speak of the spirit realm to guide all our days: to prepare us for eternal life; to choose our self you say.
I think I see something of this space in between.  It is where the path crosses - our collisions of space - the time you will not cut short- the moments of our days.
If you had not paused us on the planet of earth, given us the space to think our broken thoughts, all of us who enter here would have been separated from you - and you could not allow that so you planted, you planned the perfect place called Eden to house the broken thoughts of man.
You planted him in the east corner - you protected the gates back in - you set flaming swords at the cross road, your truth and your right hand. 
You have the Highest of Angels covering all your truth, charging any invader back from whense he came.  Of destruction there will be nothing - You've ensured that victory will last.  From beginning through all ages all is held and place by the only I AM!
Lead us as you search us - the Holy Spirit is embracing all.  Through Christ were held together - His body will never be torn - The separation was done on the cross, to this day all things are shaking - as He kicks the dust from His feet.  Each day He fights this good fight and we pass through the shifting sands of time - to Be sifted, shaken and polished for His glorious head to shine.
The crown He wears is not ashes - no longer thorns ground from this found.  We are now brilliant gem stones and He displays us all with eternal pride.
Think about this and I will send the last part when I get back to my computer today.
With love and a holy kiss,
East of Eden I planted man; my heart I riped to give him; My choice - by my very hand
If not for my deep pleasure of a birth, even I knew pain,these things we would not be mentioning; My all would have been into Me.
In that I found no good thing; for I had love too large to hold. It became useless and so heavy when it weighed upon me.
I created man to share it  - to carry it throughout their days; to teach them of its good pleasures of the liberty without the weight ~ but they must see past their own love or they will be buried by the pounds..... The pulse of every rivet as it presses them into the ground.
Water will surely save them - for it washes away the earth ~ Just as the family of Noah who I also gave a second birth. 
Then there too was Jonah who's life had a whale sized love - It sank Him straight to the bottom; it bound him to take his last breath; but through the waves I released him to take a second chance.
Though you walk at times through deep valleys and at times the desert seems hot ~ believe me when I tell you there are things you do not WANT to know.  While knowledge seems inviting ~ to understand evil seems sound ~ the only Tree worth its value is the Tree that brings you life.
The tree of choice bore all burdens ~ His blood cleansed the choice that was made.  You now have the chance to choose Eden ~ the home of the (7?) streams.  Walk in; between the cherubim ~ for their arrows will not touch your head ~ inside are my children and great pleasure ~ your family, your friends, your TRUE life.
Be Well - because all is Right.
Kisses C~
Duet 28:7  The Lord will cause your enemies who rise up against you to be defeated before you; they shall come out against you one way and shall flee before you 7 ways.

November 16, 2011

Just Breath.....

We have been discussing many deep, honest thoughts.  This is an exerpt from Beautiful Mystery.  Just sit with it and breath today.  Just Breath.........and breath.......just breath.......

With Love,

Beautiful Mystery

Depth is like water: mysteries unknown,
Except to our Father whom created ebb and flow
Beauty is a mystery; it dwells in the mind;
And you all were created, within His divine
Seeing is mere sight: pleasures of the flesh;
A touch ignites feelings; the heat could consume
When emotions are pure the heart etches love
That my dear is beauty, so let us unfold

Waves are like thoughts; they rise from the deep,
The heart of the pull gives essence a seat
Layer upon layer, they wash and return,
Ambivalent emotions will crash all upon the shore
Positive - negative all lie within,
Power unyielding increases till released,
Gaining momentum which give rise to the wake
Lifting or hurling, only the depth knows,
We get the experience, when we let it all go
Smell is induction, which grabs at your mind,
Flowers and sweetness, purity and just
Or shameful and putrid, smelling foul to the nose,
Flaring the nostrils to expel such a stench,
Destroying all beauty and causes its descent.

God is so gracious, so eloquent in all;
His sounds transcend logic, compos lyrics at will,
Each one a memory that captures you….still

Still is where He needs us, so we may hear all
His essence, His sound waves; their explosion into space
Our minds are inadequate to originate such depth,
When listening we gain knowledge;
His thoughts move our world.......
Without Him we're inanimate; or did you not know?
Mere lifeless particles without His flow.
Think of the deep, the wave and the wake……
Think of creation: motion and form…….
The death, the resurrection: new life - same space...

Air is in everything; God breath to form,
When His breath is depleted, it surges back home
Who then has the right, to take breath away?
To suffocate the living; the making of Gods hand
If water can kill you, take your breath away….
Remove yourself from turbulence, before it overtakes

Remember your creation, the miracle of life:
Breath taken, life given: The breath of true lifeHow mighty that miracle: the very first breath;
Starting your journey of all ebb and flow,
Your time and tide written..... so very long ago.

To my Father, my Creator, I lift up my wind,
To flutter His knowledge; give depth to His breath
In all ways relinquishing might,  so that I might gain strength,
To rise within His waves of True Beauty through His grace.

~Candace Huffmaster

©2011 Edited, Candace Huffmaster, All Rights Reserved
© 2007 Candace Huffmaster, All Rights Reserved
Kaleidoscope Butterfly, Inc

November 13, 2011

Extending, Taking, Receiving or Theft

Our conversations were wonderful yesterday - I thank each of you for freely speaking from your hearts.  It is always amazing to converse with each of you; collectively or one on one.  When KB was still a thought in progress I knew our purpose was this (from original scribble mind you):

We go through life and hardly even consider our purpose or the reasoning behind why a God so powerful would have even desired to create us.   He has things to tell us, teach us, reasons for us to survive and thrive. He desires for us to grow, share, experience, love, laugh, cry and realize we are but a community to help, love, encourage and teach, not condemn and judge setting our own expectations, accountability, guilt, shame and burden.  This is why I and my fellow sojourners are striving to achieve a beautiful community with higher levels of thinking, supporting each other with higher understanding of what it looks like to care beyond yourself and be part of something bigger than your "self".
That, my dear friends is what we consider……true beauty. We believe this is something for us all to feel truly passionate about.

We have spoken about receiving the peace God offers us through Christ, receiving salvation, extending peace and giving into the lives of others.  We have also spoken about how others give with ulterior motives, and satan comes to kill steal and destroy.  We have also examined what God states about "asking".  Now we are entering into some conversations and studies on "Taking".  What are we supposed to take? 
For today, read the information below.  The art was a piece for an exhibit last Thanksgiving.  The prose I pray will help your heart, mind, soul and spirit prepare for some of the topics we will discuss Honestly.
My prayers are for your peace, wisdom, discernment and walk to witness for His name sake and glory.
With Love,

Perfected in Unity
   Mixed Media
Candace Huffmaster

When thinking about “the gift” it was extremely difficult for me to perfectly exemplify the topic.  There are so many things both real and intangible that drew my focus.  But over the course of a month while studying scriptures there became only one thing that was “the perfect gift” in my opinion and that is the perfect love of God.
Christ died for this love, we are received back because of this love and 1 John 4:12 states that if we love one another, God abides in us and His love is perfected in us.  When I think of every good and perfect gift, I have to know that it begins and ends with the hand of God; or as James 1:17 states “Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shifting shadow.
I pray we all receive His love, His gift and be all that He desired us to be.
Take up your Cross

Here sitting, I’m uneasy; but where on earth do I go?
Looking in, to look out; beyond myself I must see

Don’t dare stop, or give up pace; step by step, you must move 
Search my will, by taking risks; discern, the word is with you.

Crossing over, takes strength; from above, you will succeed
 Moving mountains, is not your chore; simply ask, and then receive.
When your muscles, feel rest is needed, downhill, I give you speed
Trust, in my ability; let go, move like the wind
Without effort, buildings tumble, and ruble is blown from view
Yet in that wind, flowers are tickled; their sweet laughter, a song in the breeze.
Through obedience, my love rises
Lifting my children, through every hard time. 
I love you all, so dearly; please share of my grace
Then mountains become ocean, of pleasure not pain

What is life, if not sharing; and breath, if not blown
With love, go ye gently; help me rescue, their weary soul

I teach all, who will listen; to partake, of my grace
So that when all is over, together we will claim
 “My God, you are amazing!” not “How, did I not see?”
All sin, can be forgotten; in peace, we must all be

My Jesus, sweet Jesus, I thank you for all
Cross carried, pain taken; so we would not fall
 “Walk swiftly”, you beseech me; oh please, let me run
Toward you, till I reach you, no burden is too strong

This world will not weight me, if I give all away
Riches, to the earthly; so they, might see gain 
My troubles, I gladly, lay at your feet
Replaced with, your abundance, so all may be fed

Please show me, where the need is, so all may have life
Not of things, which will perish, but of walls without bounds
Not separation, but protection; to loved ones in need
Encouragement and mercy, a hand up to breath

You saved me; I see that, and the road which lies ahead
Your face, is so lovely; I see you so clear 
Your eyes are like rivers, flowing waters, with no end

You rest now; I will paddle and accomplish your work
Your job now, is finished; in agreement I am
Spreading the mission, to others, just as you said
Not my voice, but yours, in the ear of the world
Your sweet words, just melts them; I stand in awe
Pride in your accomplishment, no matter the job
You knew how you would use me, which still makes me laugh,
 all that kicking and fighting, like I knew what’s best.
All days are so peaceful, when I rest in your will,
how fulfilling is my purpose, serving you does not fail.
How far, was the question, must I go on this road?
 How long will it take me, quickest route I must know?
Now realizing the journey is about travel; not speed
and the stranded you are passing, or the hiker in need.
Moving in your provision, even here as I sit
 through this world I travel, with all my needs met.

©2007 Candace Huffmaster
Kaleidoscope Butterfly, Inc
With gratitude for our editor’s  excellent efforts, Jimmy Crain.

November 9, 2011

As His Child, I Believe

We’ll guys, here you have it: This is the official name of the book as well as what the archive will be titled for these segments. Below is a simple excerpt from one of the pages ( the final edits are not back yet so bear with me).

As His Child, I Believe

Good morning Dad………………
I love you so very much ~
Even this is hard to explain ~
In each pixel I exist to give thanks.....

Lead me through those things you foresaw;
Show me your everlasting view;
 The ancient of days is my choice;
My desire is to follow and see ~
To know, understand and to do ~
Not hear simple words then perceive.

Above, my heart searches the heights,
My mind searched the depths here below;
Without you these two worlds cannot merge,
For their connection is secured by your hand.

Please find my name; remember me ~
Through Christ I AM Holy and Pure;
May your search find me just as I AM ~
His Righteousness, His feet, at your side.
I ask for the sake of my life,
Also those who might follow by sight,
Not to perish in what I understand.
Through Christ, through the Spirit – Speak,
To my body, mind, soul very weak,
Till your kingdom, in fullness, I reach;
Be Lovely - because that you are;
Be Holy for them to perceive;
Be Righteous in the formation you create,
Living out the remainder of our days.

Teach me, as your child,  to grow;
Protect me – you do that I know!
Release me, yet never let me go ~
One moment, one step on my own.

Belief, trust and faith hold me tight;
My desire for you wakes my soul ~
Your Beauty encompasses my way ~
Every moment, every thought, every day.

Oh, for the joy my heart leaps ~
The memories of what my mind sees:
The future as real the past ~
In pictures - like family photographs ~
We’re all there and some I don’t know ~
But my face they recall as their own ~
Deep comfort, honest pleasure, passionate peace ~
to BE where I fit; in my place!

So today, though I know not how long,
I will cherish all your memories and thoughts;
For in you I have a hope that is real,
Beyond illusions so grand and tall.

Thank you my Lord and my King ~
My mighty strong tower where I see ~
The horizon on which you will come ~
To receive us: your most precious things.
Kisses ~ C

©2007, Candace Huffmaster, All Rights Reserved

Kaleidoscope Butterfly™

November 4, 2011

An Image, An Idol Which One is Real?

We must "Honestly" look at images.  We must find all the pieces which distort our reality.  Alone we will never be able to do this.  If we close our eye and walk up to something, so that the distortion of preconceived images will not alter our view then we might have a better chance of doing something alone.  But that would be a LONG process.  But that is metaphorically what we must do while traveling through the fragments of our lives Honestly. 

From here on out in the Honestly Series, we will be comparing our apples to the oranges.  Meaning, we will be collectively going through the pieces of our Honestly thoughts and making a new recipe to try ingredient by ingredient.  Please share your own recipes so we can come up with the best fruit juice EVER!

Today, think about what is written below.  It merges several topics in one place.  Below this I have listed  references from previous material.  I pray that each of you enjoy this day, piece by precious piece; that you drink it in deep and say Ahhhh that was delicious =D.

In Christ - with Love for you all,


An Image, An Idol Which One is Real?

We build an image piece by piece till we hold the creation of our own desire.  The form we clutch, comes from the forms of our mind.  God asks us to listen, to see piece by piece, what His form, His image looks like.

This is from my conversation with God journal this morning:

You ask us to listen - to see piece by piece
What your form, your image looks like.

Until, that we do, with you we can't relate
For the idol will always block our view.

The idol, we cannot please
For it has no own thought
Only those we attach and believe
If we call it good.....
If we call it strong.....
If we claim it hurtful and unjust.
So it will be, formed by our hands
Our labor for a love to be shared.

If we break it down, the dust will kick up
Making room and a space for new thoughts
What we set in stone, build up in design...
Builds a wall which our hands must tear down.

Tear down the walls........
Empty your hands..........
Receive piece by piece those He gives.

Watch Him and learn.....
Follow and See.......
The image of the One, the Only King.

~Candace Huffmaster

©2007, Candace Huffmaster, All Rights Reserved
©2011 Candace Huffmaster, All Rights Reserved
™ Kaleidoscope Butterfly, Inc

November 2, 2011

Why Am I Not Enough For You?

Today I want us to take a deep, introspective pause; a pause within our active pause here on planet earth. 
If you remember, we use a yield sign to reflect.  We discussed our reason for this is to yield right of way to any higher thoughts that might desire to cross our path.  I have to laugh when I see our imaginary road way - us in our car pausing to a pedestrian.  Who would this wise pedestrian be in your imagination?  Would it be an author; a parent; a teacher; a preacher; a public figure; the Holy Spirit; Jesus Christ or maybe God himself?

Think about if it were God himself and He walked in front of your car purposefully.  He knew what time you'd be driving down memory lane and knew right when to hop off the curb to get you to slow down.  What if He walked right over to your car knocked on the window and said this to you:

I know you, but you don't know me.  I am your dad and I have tried to get your attention but you don't remember me.  I don't mean to frighten you but if you could simply pause for a moment I would like to tell you a few things you probably don't even know that you know deep inside.

I have constantly searched wherever you have been, whatever you are doing and I understand your every thought even though you do not know I am with you I have been intimate with all you do.  I do this so that you have freedom and safety to grow as you desire. 

I know these are overwhelming thought for you and a bit strange, but I hear you seeking answers to these deep longings - so I think it is time for you to know.  All those times you were scared, I tried to reach you, but you couldn't see me.  All those times you were happy and didn't have anyone whom you felt could reach those heights with you - you were not alone, you simply could not feel my presence. 

I created every cell of your body and then put them together piece by piece - I started with an Adam from which I took Eve.  I assembled a womb within your mother to hold each precious piece.  Their feet stood within a garden the womb of my everlasting peace, from them came the generations of the work my hands laid out.  All for one pure purpose....the purpose of your life.

I wrote all words of your story, your name is etched for all time.  Each moment that you have traveled was protected to not end abrupt.  All enemies of your lineage have been bound for your success.  Today, I wanted to remind you that I am the love of your life. There IS no need for another, yet I desire you to love and to lead.  It is good for you to embrace others, for our love is a beautiful thing.

My peace I leave with you as you travel. My hope is for your rest to be sweet.  My blessing of prosperity flow out from you, so travel with laughter on your lips.  Don't worry that you do not yet remember, catch a glimpse of me from time to time.  I will truly never be without you - and in your image all things will be seen.

I love you.....remember that,

Below is from our Deeply Series - Tomorrow we will take a few more "honest" steps. ______________________________________________________________________________

If today you are lonely, whose face do you seek?
Whose face are you after?
Whose hope do you chase?

The  struggles, the memories, the impressions bearing  down…..
Each moment keep standing, press forward and lean
A tear from your soul sounds; its will is to flee
The voice of seduction whispers “Don’t falter a step”
“While freedom rings lovely, unbound you will fall”

If today you are lonely, whose face do you seek?
Whose face are you after?
Whose hope do you chase?

The images, the faces, the voices I pass……
The masks they’re all wearing, my tangled heart gasps!
In my mind are the echo which chase as I flee…...

If today you are lonely, whom do you seek?
Whose face are you after?
Whose hope do you chase?

I stop and I listen, I sit and I cry…..
I think, I remember, I ponder in time….
A gentle voice speaks till all echo’s are still
Where once I was scared, I now sit still to hear…….
So, today are you  lonely, may I ask who you seek?
This face, which you are after, do you know of its dreams?
The lips on this face, do call out your name?
When they gaze upon your form does this face show delight?
If  you call  out to this face would they die to know you?
If not let me ask  “Why not turn to face me”?
My eyes have been searching, watching all of your days……,
I died to know you, and for you to know me.

By Candace Huffmaster

Candace Huffmaster©2008 All Rights Reserved