September 1, 2011

The Real You

The Real You

Today, there’s a cadence in my soul:
Chase light…. be salt….. extend peace
There is a real you lying in wait,
Planted deeply within your heart;
When young, I was all that you knew;
But under others you were buried from light;
Their debris covered what wouldn’t conform,
To their rules deemed over your life;
So this child that was to be,
Hid in darkness away from their sight.

For years the child tried to speak,
But it learned to adjust its own speech;
It tried desperately to develop alone,
Although its ways were never pleasing enough;
Soon it laid rest in the hope of its dreams;
Till what was to be, drifted off to sleep,
 Sending an alter to rise up in her stead;
At a distance which felt safe from shame.

There were times when she tried to awake,
To fill the empty halls with her sound;
But when stirred, a terror would scream;
In innocence to survive, she laid down;
Could it cope with all of their ways?
Could it face their manipulation of truth?
Such brutality from those touting “friends!”
Not one there to shield her in any way.
Naive to it all, she won’t leave;
Sleep appears, to be the most loving thing;
In her dreams maybe she'll see I am here;

So I prayed that one day you’d awake,
From the stir of a well rested state;
Her  vitality would well up inside,
That her dreams would fill the halls of your mind,
Chasing echos you'd see you’re not alone,
Without me your vision still incomplete.
There is truth which she found stored away,
Each one a treasure stored on distant shores;
All gifts for our walks through the tide,
Proving their evidence was no more than mere lies.

You were always so brave and so strong,
You kept going even when there were none,
Within you, was this child you protect,
Always mindful of the harms in your midst,
Because of your love, she’s alive today;
She sees things in a much different way,
When your hope defers her love heals;
When your words are strong, she keeps peace;
She waits for your strength to end.
In humility she listens as you share,
Please remember her love; how she cares.....
Today look at life through her eyes;
Through her focus see what she sees;
 Her sights are not searching for blame,
 She sees purity, enlightenment and peace.

Hear her voice as the innocence it is,
Whispering “Come with me live, love and laugh”
“For this journey is forever, but not long”
“Open up; just a glimpse and you'll see”
“Remember the real you; be free”
“Together we can do all this and more”
“Let’s not worry, for nothing we lack”
“We have all things, we'll ever need
..............To go, to dream to create”
“Release the weights of this world”
“This view changes all you perceive”
“Feel the wind of my words lift you up”
“Be stirred by the melody I sing”
“Keep the tune in your heart while we fly”
“So no harm, will our mind ever see”
“Do not enter the dark, we need light”
“Let’s extend wings of peace and be free”
“Share the truth as our flight takes us up”
“There are sleeping child everywhere to see”
"We must show them the way to be freed"
Candace Huffmaster ©2011 All Rights Reserved