November 24, 2011

Honor, What's That REALLY Look Like?

John 19:11
Jesus said, "You haven't a shred of authority over me except what has been given you from heaven. That's why the one who betrayed me to you has committed a far greater fault."

During all the Honestly Series we are looking at our own agenda, commitments, countenance and honor. 

These links will refresh your memory on a few topics if needed.  If you have not been with us for everything then by reading the information in the links this will be kept in the correct context.

As I was studying further on these topics I started thinking about "honoring our commitments".  This lead me to think about being betrothed - which is promised.  Betray or betrayal is breaking faith with the one you have made a promise.  We spoke last week about validity of covenants / commitments. 

Today I would like to add the following thoughts to all this:

God is faithful, that is never a question.  We however, betray Him.  Just as Judas betrayed Christ, however we also have a promise from Him that He will not renegue on His faithfulness - NO MATTER HOW WE ACT!  You see it isn't about feelings - people being NICE to us.  It's about HONOR, INTEGRITY, Countenance.  As God stated to Cain, "Why is your countenance down?"  He had been dishonest, betrayed God (not to mention Abel!) so he couldn't stand upright. 

We spoke about marriage, commitment: till death do you part.  A commitments isn't honored if you don't keep it to the end of your life.  Even if you keep it for 30 years!  If you live 40 you still failed to keep your word.  Don't let me offend you here - after all I have a divorce under my belt too - stick with me here.

A man (or woman) is only as good as their word.  That is why we are supposed to count the cost before we enter in to a commitment or covenant (business, friend, marriage).  If you give your word - honor it.  Feelings are a mute point.  Feelings change, your word is not supposed to!  That is part of the problem with our society (in my opinion).  However, God tells us in the bible that if the unbelieving person we make agreement with wants to break faith - then we are to allow them to go. But that doesn't mean you can stick around and provoke them to leave either.  Work hard to be a loyal, faithful person.  The only reason they are supposed to break a commitment is due to you being unfit or they do not desire to live a holy, lovely, pure life style.  So be ABOVE reproach - always.  Do not try to spot them, be glad that the you learned a lesson and pray for their soul, because God is grieving their choice - it hurts Christ more than it hurts us.  After all we didn't die for them did we?  If allowed we are supposed to be showing them how to be different from this world and leading them toward Christ.

 If we, being covenant people, can't honor our commitments then there is no longer any hope left.  So SERIOUSLY, let's all stop being so short sited and selfish..  We need to mature and get on with it already!

Just thought that today with all the family and friends around we might need a stern reality check.  Our skin gets a bit thin around family.  Our buttons get easily pushed and we forget to laugh, love and lift our voices in gratitude that we HAVE family around us.

With love and a kiss,