November 2, 2011

Why Am I Not Enough For You?

Today I want us to take a deep, introspective pause; a pause within our active pause here on planet earth. 
If you remember, we use a yield sign to reflect.  We discussed our reason for this is to yield right of way to any higher thoughts that might desire to cross our path.  I have to laugh when I see our imaginary road way - us in our car pausing to a pedestrian.  Who would this wise pedestrian be in your imagination?  Would it be an author; a parent; a teacher; a preacher; a public figure; the Holy Spirit; Jesus Christ or maybe God himself?

Think about if it were God himself and He walked in front of your car purposefully.  He knew what time you'd be driving down memory lane and knew right when to hop off the curb to get you to slow down.  What if He walked right over to your car knocked on the window and said this to you:

I know you, but you don't know me.  I am your dad and I have tried to get your attention but you don't remember me.  I don't mean to frighten you but if you could simply pause for a moment I would like to tell you a few things you probably don't even know that you know deep inside.

I have constantly searched wherever you have been, whatever you are doing and I understand your every thought even though you do not know I am with you I have been intimate with all you do.  I do this so that you have freedom and safety to grow as you desire. 

I know these are overwhelming thought for you and a bit strange, but I hear you seeking answers to these deep longings - so I think it is time for you to know.  All those times you were scared, I tried to reach you, but you couldn't see me.  All those times you were happy and didn't have anyone whom you felt could reach those heights with you - you were not alone, you simply could not feel my presence. 

I created every cell of your body and then put them together piece by piece - I started with an Adam from which I took Eve.  I assembled a womb within your mother to hold each precious piece.  Their feet stood within a garden the womb of my everlasting peace, from them came the generations of the work my hands laid out.  All for one pure purpose....the purpose of your life.

I wrote all words of your story, your name is etched for all time.  Each moment that you have traveled was protected to not end abrupt.  All enemies of your lineage have been bound for your success.  Today, I wanted to remind you that I am the love of your life. There IS no need for another, yet I desire you to love and to lead.  It is good for you to embrace others, for our love is a beautiful thing.

My peace I leave with you as you travel. My hope is for your rest to be sweet.  My blessing of prosperity flow out from you, so travel with laughter on your lips.  Don't worry that you do not yet remember, catch a glimpse of me from time to time.  I will truly never be without you - and in your image all things will be seen.

I love you.....remember that,

Below is from our Deeply Series - Tomorrow we will take a few more "honest" steps. ______________________________________________________________________________

If today you are lonely, whose face do you seek?
Whose face are you after?
Whose hope do you chase?

The  struggles, the memories, the impressions bearing  down…..
Each moment keep standing, press forward and lean
A tear from your soul sounds; its will is to flee
The voice of seduction whispers “Don’t falter a step”
“While freedom rings lovely, unbound you will fall”

If today you are lonely, whose face do you seek?
Whose face are you after?
Whose hope do you chase?

The images, the faces, the voices I pass……
The masks they’re all wearing, my tangled heart gasps!
In my mind are the echo which chase as I flee…...

If today you are lonely, whom do you seek?
Whose face are you after?
Whose hope do you chase?

I stop and I listen, I sit and I cry…..
I think, I remember, I ponder in time….
A gentle voice speaks till all echo’s are still
Where once I was scared, I now sit still to hear…….
So, today are you  lonely, may I ask who you seek?
This face, which you are after, do you know of its dreams?
The lips on this face, do call out your name?
When they gaze upon your form does this face show delight?
If  you call  out to this face would they die to know you?
If not let me ask  “Why not turn to face me”?
My eyes have been searching, watching all of your days……,
I died to know you, and for you to know me.

By Candace Huffmaster

Candace Huffmaster©2008 All Rights Reserved