February 27, 2013

.....Until You Shake No More.

How Long......How Much Longer.....I can't hold on much longer!

Have you ever felt like this?  Have you recently felt like this?  Are you feeling like this?

We all do at some point or another.   Days are tough at times and those around us can make us shake to our very core due to their callous natures.  When you feel as if you must run away in order to not fall apart, I pray this will encourage you as it has me from time to time.

Hebrews 12: 1-4, 26-29

Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a huge crowd of witnesses to the life of faith, let us strip off every weight that slows us down, especially the sin that so easily trips us up. And let us run with endurance the race God has set before us. We do this by keeping our eyes on Jesus, the champion who initiates and perfects our faith. Because of the joy awaiting him, he endured the cross, disregarding its shame. Now he is seated in the place of honor beside God’s throne. Think of all the hostility he endured from sinful people;c then you won’t become weary and give up. After all, you have not yet given your lives in your struggle against sin.

When God spoke from Mount Sinai his voice shook the earth, but now he makes another promise: “Once again I will shake not only the earth but the heavens also.”This means that all of creation will be shaken and removed, so that only unshakable things will remain. Since we are receiving a Kingdom that is unshakable, let us be thankful and please God by worshiping him with holy fear and awe.  For our God is a devouring fire.

When I read " let us strip off every weight that slows us down", I picture the Dior Ja'dore advertisement.  Charlese Theron was walking down a dark hallway, her silhouette in an evening gown as she moves closer she is taking off her jewelry and casting is off then her clothing etc.  We drape ourselves in the things of this world, from thoughts to physical things.  We hoard them, cling to them, fight for them.....why???  

Do you recall Abram and Lot's story?  They cold not stay together the bible says; their possessions were so great that the land could not support them.  Not only their "stuff" but the people it took to upkeep everything they had amassed.   Their herders and all the others among them, even Abram and Lot were quarreling.   Think about how this imbalance must grieve God so much that He trembles.  Think about how shaky we all become when things are stressed.  

In light of all this consider the verses from Hebrews again: When God spoke from Mt Sinai His voice shook the earth.  When we become afraid, we run and hide; sometimes physically, sometimes emotionally.  We go through many things in this life and they shake us.  We must learn to trust in God and believe in Jesus Christ in order that when we shake we do not depend on our own worthiness - at some point we will be put to a test which we will not be able to under-gird.     He will speak again, and everything will shake.  Only those of us who are standing totally dependent on His worthiness will be left standing.  Everything else will have a very great fall.  But then....we will never shake again, it will eternally finished!

Check out Proverbs, the wisdom there is unshakably clear on this subject.  My prayers for us all is that we stop running away from the things which God is putting in our path to get us to cast off some useless things, and that we stick around and cast them off as He points them out.

With Love,

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February 20, 2013

Nice Suit!

Throw out the mocker, and fighting goes too. Quarrels and insults will disappear. ~Proverbs 22:10
Whoever corrects a mocker invites insult; whoever rebukes a wicked man incurs abuse.  Do not rebuke a mocker or he will hate you; rebuke a wise man and he will love you.  Instruct a wise man and he will be wiser still; teach a righteous man and he will add to his learning. ~ Proverbs 9:7-9
We have been studying what God lovingly teaches us to use for discerning faithful and worthy characteristics of safe relationships.  He does not desire for us to be harmed but he will not take us out of harm’s way – we must choose if we will allow others to harm us or if we will get out of His way.

In the past we spoke about running and how there is a time and a place for all things under the sun.  We must look around to see if we are running away from being exposed or if we are running to avoid a major collision.  This means we must take a journey back to the intersections which caused the dis-ease.

This is the space where many sojourners go walk-about in our groups, but this is not a bad thing…..as far as the health of our journey groups.  You see, we need safety in order to not be harmed emotionally.  If we do not have this, there is no balance; which is what creates the dis-ease.  Unfortunately, it is also a culprit for many of the pervasive diseases we deal with as well.  

If you are willing to stay, even if you do not join a regular group, please consider sitting with the information we are discussing and just think about it.  If you are feeling as if you will be experiencing an interrogation room, where you will be locked away with an authoritative accuser; then you are precisely who needs to sit right down and cuff yourself to the table ;)

You might want to plead your 5th amendment rights as you read, but that’s your right!  I hope that whatever you do, you ask for your legal counsel, then have faith in Him to do what He has proven to be the BEST at.  He will not allow you to be trapped or condemned – He will be like OJ’s attorney, “If it doesn’t fit….you must acquit!”

So just take a deep breath….an honest look and search for the peace which will bring you rest.  Otherwise, you will just be arrested, again and again. 

The next few weeks will bring an end to all our journeys and ensure we have a proven and faithful body to support us as we venture together starting in April.

Things to think about:
·         Safe people welcome questions

·         Unsafe people do not want to be exposed

·         Safe people get hurt and sometimes harmed by relating  / communicating with unsafe folks

Although all relationships are hurtful, because we are human, unsafe people hurl hurt to keep others farther away.  They only allow people in who help them keep cover.  If you do not have any safe people in place, we will address that at a later date.
·         When someone confronts you with a situation they are uncomfortable with, are you able to just listen to them – for a reasonable amount of time?

·         Is your first response, “I’m sorry that I have hurt you, or I can see how you would feel this way?”

·         Is your first response, “I do this because……” “Do you remember when………” or “Do you realize……”?

·  Are you able to compassionately ask how or what you do which causes them pain?

·         Are you open, even vulnerable to asking for their help in correcting this dynamic in order to be a safe space for them to find friendship?

·         Are you most concerned about being right and them acknowledging your point of view?

·         Are you most concerned about being respectful, compassionate, authentic and expressing concern for the hurt that they are enduring, sharing and attempting to resolve?

If we do not value the opportunities where we see an imperfect image, we will never see that our character does not suit the image in which we were created to be seen and relate.  If we are not suited to be a safe person, well that simply doesn't fit us well at all.

Check your reflection today, see if you suit fits.  But do not just allow anyone to help you refit it; you could end up with something worse!

I pray that you go about in Love, seeking peace as you extend peace today.
Extending peace and love first to you my friends,


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February 18, 2013

Looking Deeper

Today, our Journey group "things to ponder" are written on another page.  Just click this link if you did not receive the information in your e-mail today.

My love to each of you - Kisses,

February 13, 2013

No More Tears

O GIVE thanks to the Lord for He is good, for His mercy and loving-kindness endures forever. ~ Psalms 107:1 Amp

There are days when our tears fall like rain, and usually in those hours we do not have anyone around to tenderly wipe them away and tell us things will soon be okay.  If you have never had one of those days, I pray to God that you are able to leave this world without experiencing one.  But if your life has had moments like mine, then I pray you will find encouragement in the psalm below, it is the reason for my hope; always…………..

In the stillness of these moments I still my own thoughts and plans, by laying my heart, mind and muscles at the feet of your precious thrown. Spill out your desires upon me; let your divine will be known. Then strengthen me, give me courage to live today no longer bound.  Only your truth will keep other things away.  Only when the words which I speak are our words, will my eyes see your glory brightly shine. 

You are, unto me, a strong tower; not a stronghold which grips till I break.  But a place, with open arms I can run into; with a blanket of love willing to embrace.  You wipe every tear with your right hand.  Your kindness, as I cry builds my trust.  Your patience to listen till I’m spent is so gracious; you endear me to be honest with my thoughts.

The tender way you speak of my troubles and the promises of never turning from my face, let me know that of me, you are never dismayed.  Why do I choose to prefer other; their opinions, their demands and their shame?  Why do I listen to their judgments and then allow them to boldly lock me away?  Why will they disguise themselves as “loyals” and my eyes not perceive their lofty plans? 

You say to be innocent as doves,  but to be aware of the crafts which ensnare.  You dwell with us each and every moment; your presence always tells us the truth.  You set before us all pathways; you implore us to listen and discern.  You said that the enemies were prowlers, they encroach so they must be really close.  You tell us to not be defensive, using futile weapons of fear.  You tell us that this battle is much higher, it is within and surrounding every hour. http://www.just1word.com/#!/bible/verse/psalms_3:1?version=amp

These things I know are truly spoken, for those you desire to be saved.  You tell us to pray without ceasing: to implore, come together and have faith; to see beyond our raised emotions and to want beyond a payment we can feel.   You ask us to make the tough decisions, so that others see integrity and our trust.  You ask us to do the impossible and to not give in when the going gets tough.  You ask us to rely on your mercy, when the judge and the jury all surround.  You tell us to walk out the right way and to keep peace as we exit their courts. You tell us the angels will come minister, to us they will comfort and provide. Others will fight the vicious battles, so we do not have torment in our heart and mind. 

I plead with you based on your character, to change me to align with your will.  The ways this world teaches will break me, and I have nothing left not touched by its hand.  You promise they will press but not crush me; and then the end will surely come.  So today my heart cries out, “Hosanna”! “Dear Lord, God of Armies please come”!  I know we all have our moments, so keep these hopes and truths close at hand.  Bend low in the trust that He is running toward us and they are running off the cliff as the swine!

Be of God’s good cheer; our Lord is not slow…..He is just!


·         Links are for applicable bible references if you desire to go deeper.


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February 11, 2013

Who Commits to What They Don't Know?

More often than not, as I relate over an extended period of time with individuals, the statement is made “I want to be where you are”.  Obviously, it is not that I am a powerhouse employing the masses or that I live an incredibly luxurious existence.  From what I am told, it is the peace and liberty they perceive I have apart from all those things.  Of course they know my faith is in God alone and I trust Him with everything, at least I have matured through Him enabling me to get there, if not readily handing them over.

What people see is an outpouring of God’s strength, courage, compassion, empathy, love and durability. What they do not see is how many years I had to clean house in order to make space for God’s stuff.  But I did not give up my personal necessities for each day, month, and year easily.  The mind set of being accountable and prepared, storing up in order to survive harsh conditions by my bootstraps,  was the first staple which had to be purged from my overstocked pantry..

Here is the initial list of what I boxed up and gave to His cause:

·         Enough sleep to handle all the frazzles of tomorrow.

·         Planning for months to keep my worries at bay.

·         Scrutinizing my eating so I could look acceptable

·         Working out so my body was built in the right places

·         Cosmetics to make me prettier than I felt

·         Color on my hair so I did not appear to be dull or aging

·         Fake nails so my hands looked constantly pristine

·         Clothing which matched the latest trends

·         A home reflecting the required status of education and age preferred

·         Saying the right thing at the correct time, with the appropriate refined dialect

·         Try not to make anyone feel uncomfortable

·         Rule - Do not think more highly of yourself than others

·       Rule - Do not talk badly about others

·         Rule- Do not be a smart-aleck

·       Rule-  Be honest if you can, but not pushy

·         Make sure my home is perfectly organized and kept

·         Work hard with integrity and pick up the slack whenever anyone is down

·         If you do the right thing, life will be good

·         Don’t sin against God and if you do, get it right a sap


And this list is just shooting from the hip!  As you can see, these alone are not bad rules or things we should pursue.  The rub is if we are authentic in our hearts intent or if we are working some angle. 

The truth is, on the occasion someone asks me the “how do I get there” question, I am now mature enough to say, "that’s personal"; not private by any means, but individual.  Most of us assume, if we hear how to do something, follow the ropes, get educated then we can get somewhere and we can.  We will get very close to where the other person probably fell down.  At least that is what I thought, and I watch people head out in the same ways all the time.

Obviously God wants us, rationally we know this, otherwise He would not have created us. Fortunately God gave us free will so that we could choose Him.  He also gave us a mind to comprehend and emotions to feel.  We have the ability to understand what we feel and what we desire.  Why would we choose to give our life, our love to something we do not know or know to be trustworthy, by any other means except because they said so?  Wouldn’t that be absurd? 

Well, from experience I can tell you, “YES, it is absurd!”  My first husband and I married after only 4 weeks; not a smart move on either of our parts.  We had met 3-4 years prior, but didn’t communicate until about 6 or 7 months prior to me leaving the US, and everything I cherished, behind to  visit him.  There was no way we knew enough to make a trustworthy decision. 

All my life God has allowed me to accomplish things, or at least have the opportunities open to choose from. I never had to hit bottom, with no other choices, or be limited to a single brass ring with no distractions.  I always had to choose one and turn away from something else; usually I found enough promise in every scenario that I finally had to pray about it.  Daily, I had to make small, prayerful exits while protecting the many relationships and life that I loved.  Soon, even though I looked like the same person, my life was unfamiliar and I did not know how to do it any longer on my own.

There came a point when I had to decide between my own understanding without God’s wisdom, or God's wisdom without leaning on my own thoughts.  Mixing the two was not getting me beyond myself. This was where I hit bottom, after all the pomp and circumstance, after the praises and the battles, my feet finally exited the life I had made. With my whole body out the final door, I knew that I knew, and what I knew was nothing.  

Believe me when I tell you that at the time if anyone would have told me I didn’t know what I was doing, I would have puffed up and said it was them who lacked insight.  I knew I had faith and it was not miss directed, but my profession of faith was based on what I had witnessed; what I had done and where I had not yet given up.

We all recreate the successes of others to glean a bit of personal glory and fame; we can’t help ourselves, we are mere sheep.  All the while we hear a mix of emotions; this challenges our integrity evokes our own mix of emotions; sometimes its pride, sometimes its shame.  We know we are unique, but we don’t know how to be different.  All things are common and we all want to do our share.  Our characters are common and our abilities are supportive; we get tested by the challenge of our need to serve self. Will we lay down our ambitions and maybe not get our notice, will we raise up another when it is out of our way?  Will we get angry when we are available but it is not on our agenda, as we see someone else who could just as easily assist?

God will not allow us to be foolish.  He will not give us great heights if we are just going to fall.  He asks us to sit down before we do something crazy, like exchange who He designed, for what we think we can become.  As for me, in the 80’s I saw the brass ring.  I took a break to go back to the wheel in 96.  By 2000 I knew I had to sit before I did something foolish, because He had already eliminated so much of the self which I had made.  By 04 I had turned from my own self help methods and had weeded the garden of my heart, mind and soul.  Through His grace, seeded truth and willing spirit, I knew my new form was ready to emerge.

Anyone can get to where I have gone.  Many went before me. Anyone can do what I am doing, but no one can do it without their own God given form.  Whatever we create is not for us, it is to be given away after our need is met.  Sometimes He allows us to stay around, sometimes we must move on.  Sometimes we will listen, often times we still need to be pruned. 

Just think about Noah, how he listened and built God’s arc.  God planned it and gave the instructions, filled it, raised it and protected it till He had it resting safely on the shore.  Noah walked out, moved onto another adventure with the peace that his efforts were given to God’s master plan.  Maybe others used Noah’s efforts as God led them upto what was already built.  Did they enter it and find shelter? Did they find work which their hands fit? It did not matter to Noah; I do not read where he turned back to make any claims.  I believe He was just delighted with the proof that He was a witness to all future men. 

At the end of your day’s journey reflect on what others see. Take a full look in your mirror; is the image vainly puffed up with your accomplishments and ability to look your best?  Or is it reflecting the image of life God created and a vessel where He delightfully abides?  I can honestly say I’ve seen both reflections in my very own mirror.  I pray that the image of who I once was is never witnessed by anyone’s eyes ever again. 

Candace Huffmaster

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February 7, 2013

Proven Unfaithful

Is it wise to trust what’s proven unfaithful?

While I am sure we all have a knee jerk response to this question, I am asking that you, as have I, just think about the question.   The question is more of a journey than a response.  Its formulated answer is dependent of experiences, memories and our own hurts and heart.  We all need to find faith in something.  Do not fall for the delusion that you have faith in nothing, for then your faith is in your “self”.  If we only believe in self support, what will happen on that day when we cannot pick our “self” up? 

Be mindful that even though we have faith, faith is a catch-22.  We can address it, send it, even sport it, but what it joins up with is where reality is best viewed.   If faith and faithfulness is an intimidating topic for you to sit with, consider this rephrase:  Is something believable, or real, just because you believe it?    

Let me preface this journey with one last directive to explore: Even if we have never been unfaithful to another person, what about the ways in which we have been unfaithful to our self? Have you considered your own personal faith disconnected from all other factors before?  Use this to consider your own thoughts and ways. 

In order not to coerce anyone with my personal experiences, use what is written below to explore the travels of your own life.  Think deeply, ponder honestly, allow your emotions to be passionate and feel free to safely share what you would like. J

The blue astrisk's are links to bible verses which might stimulate deeper thoughts.  If there is a previous study I found applicable it will be linked for your convenience.

All things are permissible, *
You must choose what’s My best. *
All things are used to reform you,
Not all things are faithful and true. *
In all things your life is protected,
But not all things I deliver to you. *
Something’s offer you suffering,
Something’s are extending my peace.
Something’s will test as you try them. *
Some days are trying at best.

When an experience is over,
The proof is that which remains. *
Will you read the ashes as tea leaves, *
Or will you offer them up to my grace?
Battle not with your moments, *
Rest as you glean from my words.
Be tossed not into temptations,
Allow my solid earth to emerge. *
Only through the body of my waters,
Can any worthy life be raised up.
If waters part before you enter,
That body is not one I formed.
Be cautious, for the Lord keeps the body,
No one can stand where He’s not.
Though winds will howl and attack you,
Know only through Him can you walk.
Just like Jonah, trust I’m with you, *
In My belly you will always deliver up.
The gates of hell are always moaning,
Always calling out Sinner Come Home!
Don’t answer their lusting sweet nothings, *
For the salt of your soul’s what it craves.
But they have no water to quench them,
No oil to soothe their parched lips.
Think these deep thoughts throughout your moments,
Pray that others forms will be seen,
Together, relate all things in my presence,
For in my body there is knowledge giving life.
Do not place your pieces into darkness,
Evil thoughts throw fire giving false light.
My light illuminates without consuming,
My voice is not an adulteress luring away.
My body does not cover you in darkness, *
For I will never cloak you with shame.
Any one offering you this clothing,
Has no intnetion of offering you to me.
For when the mercy seat is overshadowed,
Trust there is an enemy blocking truth.
All to keep you bowed down to praise him,
To rape you of your glorious faith. 

When you feel your hope is flickering,
When voices or thoughts tear at your heart,
Listen beyond their intensity,
For I alone come make justice right.
You know I won’t leave you abandoned,
When they’re circling, crouching
Shrouding you with their stench. 

My presence is in you, and with you
And I cannot abandon my self.
In the quiet of your heart know I’m coming,
In the eyes of your mind see me there,
In the peace of your hope
feel me with you,
In my name, to my name, I am true.
Why would I exchange best for lesser?
You have been given unto me.
Would it be wise for me to trust you?
Not if I myself was found unfaithful,
For then I would have nothing to show.
Trust comes from experiencing, steps taken,
Confidence from making steps in faith.
Yes, the tempter comes to test you,
But to  show fractures, never to break.
Exposing vain steps of your image,
Will shatter where weakness hides.
God will not cover what could harm you,
He shows the place which pain sits.
By choice, we determine our actions,
Our response is directly relates to our faith.
We all have trip and fallen on our glory,
Because our own brilliance is merely a shame.
We cannot even sparkle in His presence,
So He lifts us into His glorious light.
He does not puff up and tout,  “Do better!”
He says “let me join your beauty and make it bright!”
He then makes room for our embellishments,
We are giddy, even awkward, but he knows we try.
Each way that He moves we cast a brilliance,
He smiles as we gleam and ignite.
Like moths to a flame the bodies flutter,
But the light chosen determines their form.
Though today you may feel as a caterpillar,
Do not despise this peculiar little space.
The only thing faithful is the process,
Set apart, we are held in His hand.
Unique individuals brought together,
He uses all things to correctly form.
When stretched we will develop courage,
Strength comes as we reach out to help.
Emergence will prove He is faithful,
And our flight viewed as wisdom to entrust.
All for the God of all creation,
Let's join and raise His body up.


©Candace Huffmaster 2013, All Copy Rights Reserved
Kaleidoscope Butterfly, Inc®