March 4, 2012

Cuddle My Children

Sorry it has been several days since I was able to stow away some time to post.  Please reflect on this from any view point relating to you, this day in time.  There are several prospectives being spoken from.
I pray that God’s Spirit be prosperous in each of us, strengthening our souls to not be distracted.  I pray that each of us give him our mind and allow His Spirit to speak so that we are aware of His timing in all things.  I pray that we be lead by His Spirit, every moment we exist and taught as only His wisdom is able.  I pray that we all feel his blanket of love cuddling us in order that we might be whole and healed in all ways.  And then allow the wealth of all that He has given into us, to flow uninterrupted into the lives of those less fortunate in our midst to sooth their hurting, strengthen His power and ignite their souls.
For He is their comforter and counselor – Amen,
Cuddle My Children
 Brighten their darkness,
Ease restricted breath,
Break through their bondage,
Let them feel grace.
Develop their hearing,
Push them to fight,
I understand struggle,
I know of this plight. 
Time, it does take……
And why time is unknown,
Patience, a virtue,
……..developing strength.
Wings will develop,
Under my will.
My Sight gives vision,
And compulsion to flee,
 Strength of the warrior
Rises from bended knee.
Necessity of tribulation,
For those strong in self,
Breaks their own focus
Their “self” defeats. 
I am their savior,
Mere man there defeat,
I judge not their action,
I love when allowed,
Bitter their heartaches,
Yet my love, in it, dwells. 
Love is enormous,
No room for the guilt,
Houses of the lovely,
Feel no contempt. 
Who can harbor hatred,
When looking in my face? 
My children know of me
And understand we are one,
We love to encourage
Make light of mistakes,
Share in the learning,
Celebrate the growth,
Look deep…..
Find the lovely,
Speak highly of my strength. 
Reach out and love them,
Your body is my hand,
I wish to embrace them,
To smile in their face.
Sunshine is not a mystery,
It happens every day.
It warms and it brightens,
It dries up their tears.
Think of the showers,
The storms…..
And my love, 
Reflect on my examples,
Then apply what you’ve learned.
Rain, washes and nourishes,
Growth is the key.
Sunshine a life force,
Encouraging great strength.
When no rain washes over,
Destruction hits hard,
Too much moisture suffocates,
Washes all away.
Storms are the torrents,
When out of control.
Nothing is unreasonable
To fathom of demise,
Unrelenting destruction,
No safety to hide.
In love, there is balance,
In self, only one,
Too much of this world…..
Is askew, out of view;
No reflection of me
When looking upon you. 
When you see a stranger,
Their face is unknown,
No impact is connected
To carry it through. 
Words are my witness,
People their home,
My face is familiar,
Then memories are made;
Now, they will know me
As they call your name.
Look in the mirror,
Whom do you see? 
Don’t listen to their voices,
Listen to me…….
You are my family,
I died for you,
Don’t remember their problems,
Remember my love,
They beat me and hated me,
Called me perverse things…….
I stood there and took
Because I knew your name. 
They did not matter,
My eyes saw your face
And the love of my Father
Who showed me these things.
Trust Me, I bore it!
So you could come home.
Spotless, I see you,
I love you so.
Who cares that you’ve messed up,
You all have to learn.
Pick up the pieces,
Place them at my feet.
Now sit with me and listen,
Record MY words,
Carry them with you.....
Teach them to heal.
Who should be burdened? 
Look past the pain.
Their once was a child there.....
What was their name?
Who was their parent?
Who showed them love?
Who taught them of me,
Listen and learn!
Where are they?
Find them…..
What is in your way?
Are you too busy?
Will you leave them alone?
Hurting and hostile, no truth in their life?
You don’t have to save them……
Just show them your light.
Sunshine is a blessing,
And rain a release…..
Toxins relinquished……
Cleansing the soul
Refracting, penetrating……
Are beams of light,
Our health is daily,
Each moment a choice…..
Surrounding, engulfing,
The environment affects.....
I am the lifeline
Their only saving grace!
My mercy is unlimited,
My Father provides.
Answer when you hear me,
So trials are understood.
Help those I send you,
And My glory they will see.
Finally salvation, truth and light
Will cuddle my children during their plight.

Updated ©Candace Huffmaster 2012, All Copyrights Reserved
Kaleidoscope Butterfly, Inc™