December 23, 2014

Confidence In Failure Takes No Effort

Have you ever thought about how Adam and Eve knew God and had a loving relationship with Him yet chose to believe something strange? What about the disciples? They walked with Jesus, yet they all turned away?  Jesus expected that from strangers, but to his closest friends he asked "will you leave me too?".

Do you think Jesus did not know the answer? Was He making a point of reference? Or was he feeling sorry for himself.....(please do not pick that one ;)

We have been discussing our trust muscles - today's topic is adding onto those thoughts. Every day, in relationships, we see marriages break apart because one person decides someone they barely know is able to give them what the current relationship has not. It is not different with friendships, work communities, churches, neighbors, hobbies........the list goes on and on.  The problem is not out there, it is inside each one of us.  It is the knowledge of good and evil; the separation from what is reality; what is really going on in and around us.

Our independent culture has many quips people follow, here are a few:

It does not matter what you believe as long as you are sincere.
There is no truth only reality.
If you want to be respected show people you can live without them.
Why should I miss trust my feeling when I have worked so hard to get in touch with them?

We no longer believe in a truth outside of our self, our belief is in our feelings and our feelings are self generated out from our wants.  God knows we have a dilemma, so He lovingly gave us His truth.  He tells us not to trust in man: men, women, rich, poor, powerful, philosophical, young or old.  In Jeremiah 17:7 He give us this bit of wise counsel:

Blessed is the man whose trust is in the Lord, and whose trust is the Lord.

I love the definition of the Hebrew word Misbitaukh, which is where we translate the word trust.  It means: confidence, refuge as well as trust.  What I found amazing was the three aspects to this word:

  • act of confiding
  • object of  confidence
  • state of security, confidence
So when our trust is in the Lord - He, His faithfulness toward us is the very sustenance and binding of our trust, we take action, we ask for His help.  We direct all things to Him, the object of our trust and can live in a peaceful state of confident security that He is faithful and His love will never fail....NEVER.  

When I saw the video above, I thought about how much fear we carry around in our trust muscle.  If you want to review fear, trust and relationship dynamics either click the enclosed links throughout this or search topics from the website search areas.

May Christ be glorified as we exercise our trust muscles each day.


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