August 1, 2014

When It is Worse Than Expected

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As I was studying the letter Paul wrote to the followers in Corinth, 2 Corinthians, one verse specifically begged me to slow down and explore its depths:

You are not restrained by us, but you are restrained in your own affections ~ 2 Corinthians 6:12

Paul was speaking from his heart to people he cared a great deal about.  He was appealing to their renewed conscience, asking them to pause and really think beyond what they felt.  Just as Christ did when he said, "if you have ear, hear".

Recently we studied situations where God told His children to stop focusing on the threats, as if they were really going to happen.  He did not say to be passive either. When I first studied this, immediately a movie scene popped to mind. Many of you may not have been old enough to remember the movie "When a Stranger Calls".  It was one of the last psychological thrillers I watched on the big screen.

In my mind was the scene where Carol Kane was receiving a call from Sargent Quinn revealing that they were able to trace the location of the person threatening her was enough to make me question if I ever wanted to even answer a phone when I was alone again.  What made it so terrifying was the fact that when it was traced they found out the call was not coming from outside her locked doors, but from within the very house she was in.  Paul was stating: the threat is not outside, here where I am, it is inside, with you....inside you.

God said we are "His House" and He abides in us.  We are not alone in our house, but God is not the enemy.  His heart is opened wide to us and He implores us to realize exactly what Paul was stating. For us to  be able to fully understand the content, I felt it behooving to study the original Greek words translated into English.  The word restrained was translated from stenochoreo, meaning: to hem in closely - cramp, distress.  And splagehnon was translated to affections; which is defined as: an intestine, bowel, inward affection, pity or sympathy.

I began this study back in April, and today as I was reading my notes, it was not the movie scene which popped to mind:  While on vacation I had a stomach bug which was excruciating, no doubt the experience must still be fresh in my mind.  Immediately upon reviewing this I vividly imagined a severe intestinal virus.  It is something inside of us, even though it came from our environment; then it wreaks havoc on our whole body - hopefully not on those near us.

I believe this is a large enough bit for one day - think and pray about this.  We will move on soon enough.

Have a wonderful weekend; my prayers are that we each realize: in Christ we have a new mind and are able to be transformed now.  Please pray for understanding and the ability to change the way you act to align with  the Holy Spirit indwelling you.  Or to have the Spirit of God come in and make a home with you.

I pray this for all who believe and trust in the Lord,

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