December 5, 2014

Trust Demanded Should Never Be

We are going to make it around to our previous topic, but first we have to make some fundamental connections to under gird everything.  We are starting out with our entry into the world and what is needed to become well balanced in relating to everything around us.

Even if you are a Christian now, you did not enter into the world a Christian.  But God who loved you and me created us anyway and loved us.  He began loving us by placing us in a woman's womb whereby all sorts of physiological, psychological and neurological processes began to take place. Mothers generally are not even aware of these things taking place; but God is.

We are in the hands of, or womb of God, until we break through the entry gate of this shocking world.  And it usually is welcomed by the infant with a boisterous scream.  Now a baby is in the hands of a human; what happens now?  Hopefully, this baby has an environment to to bond and build trust with a loving group of encouraging individuals, who are grounded in the Love of God.  But many times the infant is snatched from the hand of God and plunged into desperate conditions.  possibly materially adequate by a baby much like adults need relationship above nice things.

The ability of a child to fully develop in all area's depends on the balance between truth, trust and love.  If any one of these area's are underdeveloped survival mechanisms begin to over compensate for the deficiency.  These children grow into adults and these adults have their own children; and so on and so forth. Most of us are not aware of these things taking place; but God is.

God created us in their likeness and image; relational.  Apart from relationships we suffer, do not fully develop and die.  Within relationships we suffer, but have the opportunity to become a whole mature complex individual.  But that does not mean that God desires us to believe we are to remain in an unhealthy close proximity to unloving, distrusting, misleading relationships.

Before anyone starts thinking of anyone else; be sure to scrutinize your own mechanics in the relationship machine.  In order to completely understand we must  see things clearly; if we do not properly discern the root of our emotions we will accept blame that is not rightfully our own.  Bonding in relationships is damaged by lack of trust. Lack of trust comes after injuries from trusting people.  If however, the person who hurt you is not the person you are discerning if you should trust, THEN you may want to sit with wise counsel and see if you are being wise or distorting a situation.

If needs are not being met, if we are being neglected, criticized, hated or resented for existing among other inhumane actions, then our ability to trust and be vulnerable toward another is injured.  And our ability to bond is based on our ability to be vulnerable; which explains the damages created when this ability is treated carelessly.  It is unconscionable if we stop and think that this one thing "bonding" is the essence true life in the core of each individual.

If you have love and truth in a relationship, trust in a natural outpouring.  A healthy person does not demand trust, and a healthful relationship will not spring up and bear fruit with out all three. It will separate, wither and be no more.

Today, I pray that each of us will turn to our own ways and find at least one remorseful moment when we injured someones trust muscle.  May we fall in faith and ask that the person find health and wellness, even supernatural strength in that area. And that then we be forgiven by God for such an unconscionable act toward someone He loves so dearly.


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