July 2, 2013

Abide IN Me

If you abide IN Me.....and.....MY words abide IN you.....ask whatever you wish....and it WILL be done for you.  ~ John 15:7

 I have missed having the time to spend searching the depths of God and listening for what He has to say to each of us.  I thank all of you for your patience, as I worked to help another organization, these past few weeks.

As always, God teaches so much through our experiences.  He has not disappointed me throughout this adventure.  Needless to say, if he supplies the lesson, I will use it to learn, teach and trust that each of us will grow from glory to glory through His graciousness.

Now, back to topic, have you ever sat and thought about the verse above?  Not just the glossed over thought, but the sit down with it, tear it down into definitions and chew on it awhile, kind of thoughts?  Well if not, here is your chance!  If so, please share your wealth with us by commenting or bringing it up in group :)

What does abide fully mean?  If we do not know then we cannot truly wrap our minds around the depths of this scripture, can we? 

Abide in the English language means:
  • to wait for
  • to endure without yielding
  • to bear patiently
  • to accept without objection
  • to remain stable or fixed in a state
  • to continue in a place: sojourn (you know I loved that one!)
Without moving further, may I pose this questions to us all:  Are you waiting in Christ, enduring, patiently while accepting without  objecting that place He has you, remaining stable as you continue to sojourn in your space?  Hmmm  that's a challenge isn't it?  I will be honest enough to say that it challenges me from time to time.....am I alone out here?

As for what the Greek word Meno, which abide was translated from, it is defined as:

  • to remain, to abide, dwell
  • to endure, last
  • to persevere, to stand firm or steadfast
  • to remain alive
  • to wait for
Meno is derived from hypmeno which means to remain under, and to be patient and hupomone which means patience toward things and circumstances.

What is your perspective on things today?  You are looking toward things, circumstances how do you perceive them?  Are you making decisions out of fear or frustration?  Are you attempting to push something which the Lord has in place in order for you to grow through it instead of mustering up the gusto to propel it out of your way to move on?

John 15 - 17 states this:

From now on I call you not servants; for the servant knows not what his lord does; but I have called you friends; for all things that I have heard of my Father I have made known to you.

You have not chosen Me.....but I have chosen YOU...and ordained you...(why?) that you should go and bring forth fruit....and that YOUR fruit should remain; that whatever you shall ask of the Father in my name.....He may give it you.  

These things I command you.......that you love one another.

All He desires is for us to feed each other the fruit of His goodness, which He alone will provide up from us when we simply do one thing......look toward others with loving kindness and be gentle toward them, gracious and merciful.

Please consider your own space today - Where are you abiding? Is it peaceful?  It should be no matter what surrounds you.  Go back to Psalm 23 and reflect if it has been too many weeks since we discussed it.

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