May 16, 2013

Peace By God's Hand

Proverb 16:7 Has been a deep thought of mine for the past few weeks.  I have not been able to move beyond it.  There are many verses which I have been deconstructing my own understanding and reconstructing them in light of God's truth. 

When a man's ways are pleasing to the Lord, He makes even his enemies to be at peace with him.

This made me really just sit down and close my mouth - didn't think that could happen did you?  What do we worry about, why do we stress?  If we would just mind our OWN business and BE about HIS business then we will HAVE the peace which surpasses all understanding!

Which made me think:

If we were perfect....we wouldn't NEED people.
If people were perfect.....we wouldn't NEED a perfect God.
And if the only time I can believe that life / God is good is when I perceive things are perfect...then I have really said nothing of any substance at all.

There is a Story Being Told group has started up again, and we are going to be using the information from the past months to find the threads of our stories.  We will be weaving them through out God's story and His characters who experienced their story lines within His pages.  I hope those of you who have not been involved in the past will join us.  Even if it is sharing your thoughts, story lines by the blog or allowing us to share them in group.

As for today, read these two poems and reflect.  If you want to refresh your memory on the prior topics I have them linked at the bottom.

With Love,

Thread of Integrity
Walk ON
Your Image Is Showing
Left Destitute


If I had not been called
I would not know how to answer
If I had not have opened the door
He would not have had entry
IF I had not welcomed him
He would not have stayed
If I had not have asked
He would not have answered me
IF he had had no patience with me
I would not be able to share of his love
If I had not needed his encouragement
He would not have made it available
If I had not experienced hardship
I would not have know that I needed him
If he did not let me face the pain of my choices
I would not have known hardship
If he had not set boundaries
I would not have grown
If I did not turn to Him
I would never have known true peace
IF I had never desired to know His peace
I would never have known my Lord

My Lord loves through teaching, embracing, encouraging, sacrificing and giving
He gives abundantly: strength and peace
The strength to face the task
And the peace to mentally stay focused
There are so many facets of his love
I have a tendency to only consider the ones that I can hope to accomplish in my own strength
Until I truly seek my Sheppard, I have absolutely no means to gain understanding
It is through conversing with him, that he grants us his visions and understanding
He desires to increase us because he has massive amounts to accomplish
We have to be still and empty our lives of ourselves in order to be filled with him
He dwells among us in any form that will give Him room
He is not one: He is many, He is abundant, and He is everyone that wishes to love
He is patient, kind, and understanding
He is rich, poor, every race and language
He is every size and every age and He wishes us all to love deeply, tenderly, openly, honestly, truly, passionately, eagerly, genuinely
But mostly -freely; with wings that can carry, cover, lift and give life
Together we are One, we are Complete, we are Christ

By Candace Huffmaster

A Worthy Display

Running and taking off, flying and free
My crippled feet, powerful, I lift off without wings,
By faith alone, my heart is soaring,
Strong arms carry me home.

The Word of God speaks, as silence abounds,
Thundering my purpose, holding my hand.
I'm never alone, even when people are few,
Bold is my witness, my companion is true.
My trust and salvation, pulse strong and pure
To illuminate pathways, lead forward the doomed.
Melodious are your victories; so picturesque, the view...

Strong arms carry me home.

Obscure as a puzzle, pieces chosen and carefully placed,
Perfection upon completion. Satisfaction. All pieces fit.
A scene preservation worthy; and we're unworthy to see,
Sing praise for forgiveness and for words spoken and true,
Grace unleashed in abundance,
to the meek and humble, troubled or doomed.
By faith alone, my heart is soaring,
Strong arms carry me home.

We are seeking, and He is calling,
and every heart needs to hear:
Eyes are opened when doors are answered,
The completed puzzle is now in view.
Not bound to a gallery, for no wall could contain,
Majestic beauty spilling over, flowing colors of his love.
Awed before this vision, words seem inadequate to express,
So I bow in silent worship, to the God that is such as this.

By Candace Huffmaster © 2006

 ©Candace Huffmaster 2013, All Rights Reserved
Kaleidoscope Butterfly, Inc™

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