May 18, 2013

I'm Over Over Acheivement!

As a general assumption in regards to our societal mindset, I believe we are a bit too over achiever focused.   It is very obvious that we believe we can do anything if we just know how to do it.  We are supposed to be "self" sufficient.  We are annoyed by anyone who "can't pull their own weight".

We believe relationships are supposed to be "happy and convenient".  Everything is supposed to be geographically desirable or it's too much of an effort.  Children are to be like little adults, fully able to control themselves without stressing anyone out or embarrassing others.  The list goes on and on.....

Maybe this is a little over the top - I will let you be the judge.  But I started noticing how we even hold this over achiever's mentality and expectation with our salvation and new life in Christ.  When we think of getting saved, we think "Pow Wham" my life will be all fine now.  None of this "no pain, no gain" stuff.   We just wait till we know enough and have lived how we want to live - then in our own strength we will say it's time and start implementing everything.  Why don't we just have a belly laugh once and for all - right here, right now!

 I thank God that He knows us - how we think, act and what motivates us.  And He still chose us!  If we can't see, in that alone, just how  "loving, just and reasonable" he is,  then the rest is really going to be hard for us. In reality all we do is choose to finally let Him in.  Then He will start showing us things - hopefully we will be willing to give new ways a try - hence the "trip, fall, fly" process.

God IS reasonable and He shows us this continually. For instance,  He explained to us not to start off with a 5 course meal as we digest  these new things.  He suggested that we start as a baby with milk - like a newborn.  He understood that we would have to start out with something that all we had to do was focus and learn.  It also had to be something with a quick turn around.  Remember, He knows us well.

He chose something that we could see, experience emotional feeling of relief  about  - which would also  bring great joy as well as be able to multiply:  our provision.  And yet this is the one thing which is the hardest for us to trust Him with! Coincidence? I think not!  The truth is, in order for us to trust Him, we must COMPLETELY let go of  trusting in our "self".

Do YOU think it is a coincidence?

 Think about these things:

He wants us to have faith in Him~Even if we speak like we believe something, we will not "trust" it till we have seen or heard about it from someone be "believe" to be a trust worthy source. ( think about that statement for a few days ;))  This is what I think is so very cool about faith - we actually get to use our brains, discover, question and find the truth.  (Yes I am a full fledged geek - people don't expect this from me =D)

God tells us that Faith is the substance of things hoped for; the evidence of things Not seen - in Hebrews 11:1;  thus He promises He will make it tangible in some way.  It's not some mysterious, elusive, enigma.  There is substance and evidence - that's proof!  He tells us it is His words which make it manifest, or produces it.  " For the word of God is active and living."
This means we must know His words, in order to speak them, to produce the real and tangible.  But here in lies a problem because we will not speak something we do not have faith in - remember we are over achiever's who don't want to be made a spectacle of.

Again, God is reasonable.  He knew we were going to be of this mentality.  So He, in advance, told us how to achieve this feat with success in Romans 10:17 "So then - faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God". We simply have to listen - how hard is that?  Well, pretty hard when the voices or words are telling us the truth.  But give it a try!

God loves you and me.......and He IS reasonable, loving and just. Today, just read about how He desires to provide for you.  It's a promise, just like the birds, flowers and trees.  He will provide for you - always in all ways.I thank Him, from all of us, for His providing a safe place for you to receive this; what a luxury it is to have your own computer.  He has nourished our body, given us comprehension and sustenance to sustain us yet another grand day.

Continue on Living His Dream!
With love,

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