February 21, 2012

Rest Assured......

Rest Assured......

God promise of rest, rests in our confidence in Him.  That's it ~ the WHOLE picture.  Boom. Done. 

........But WE wish and we pray.  We hope and we squirm.  Our actions are as ambiguous as the union of the two words REST and ASSURED.

WHY, why, why can't we simply believe?  Why, why, why do we doubt? And why, why, why do we beat ourselves up when we do?  It might be for one simple reason, we are way too smart to have confidence in our SELF! We KNOW who we are.  We know our record - and we protect that record from the world with OUR very life.  Hmmm and there is the rub, isn't it?  "WE protect....our very life."

God is VERY clear on this:  He promises that the one who tries to save his own life will indeed loose that very life.  Boom! Done!  "Final authority".   Since the very beginning of time this has been the "great fall ".  AND since the beginning of time, God has been warning us of this one great flaw.

The remainder of our Passionately Series focuses on discerning which path you are on.  It is never too late - while it is still called today, God says.  He also promises to never cut your time short.  Which means, you will have all the information needed before your final curtain call.  AND you will have chosen to use that information " Your Way".  ( I hear you singing MY WAY - don't deny it)

James 1: 2-4 is the focal point on the horizon which we are setting our eyes, heart and mind upon:

My brothers and sisters be very happy when you are tested in different ways.  You know that such testing of your faith produces endurance.  Endure until your testing is over! Then you will be mature and complete....and you won't NEED anything. (emphasis mine - GWT)

We have much wisdom in the bible, especially in proverbs (from chapter 16).  If you recal from the earlier Deeply Series we utilize these as our signage, landmarks, territory boundaries etcetra.  Here are a few signs for you:

  • The highway of decent people turns away evil. Whoever watches his way preserves his own life.
  • Pride precedes a disaster, and an arrogant attitude precedes a fall.
  • A wise person's heart controls his speech, and what he says helps others learn.
  • Why should a fool have money in his hand to buy wisdom when he doesn't have a mind to grasp anything?
Ponder those and the thoughts below.  Rest Assured we will stay true to our journey to understand the depths of God's mighty passion for us all. 

May God's good will BE bountiful with you all;


Round and Round and Round it Goes
Where it STARTS nobody knows.....
Or DO  they?????

In my mind, in my mind
As I SEE it should be

The reels keep on spinning
The chaos I view.......
The bits of truth scattered...
I push pause to reframe

No common sense helps me
We're all simple blind fools.
I cannot just sit here
Do I dare push the play?

For God's sake, there's a reason
To wait for the calm.....
Why rush out like an idiot....
Let them see my plight.....
I think I'll just sit here,
And ponder my life

There in lies My answers
Yet no reason hits my ears
With my image so large......
Yet my pictures so small....
So here we all sit:
Me, Myself and I
I'll wait for His voice
Not my boast about life.

This much IS truth,
For I KNOW what I know
My plans are like schemes
Which increase my sights
And others, just a means
To increase my heights.

Soon, they will see me....
They will run to my aid....
They'll sit here beside me,
Their friend in need!.

They'll become vulnerable....
but My strength will increase
To God be the glory,
For their blessings I received!

They now are useless....
Guess their purpose was ME
With strength then, I'll rise up
They'd want me to succeed.....
For without their presence,
My life would not shine!

I'll climb to great heights;
Span the vast open space....
My eyes shall see splendor,
So much room; what a view!

My God, you must Love me
To bless me like this.
I graciously accept....
For their lives, which they gave.

On the day when I reach you
I know you'll be pleased
For this is your good pleasure:
To increase who I am......
Your good and faithful steward
I didn't waste - I gained!

To think I almost missed it:
When I thought I was snared....
Thinking schemes would deceive me,
Then, Boom -your plan appeared..

You tell us we're conquerers...
We're the head not the tail,
You give us fine gifts,
These things won't be withheld....

My God your so good....
I just hope they can see
If I lift my voice high...
They will hear of My king.

May your image they see
When their eyes look at Me
All this glory I've received
And it did not cost a thing!

By Candace Huffmaster

©Candace Huffmaster, update 2012, original 2005 All Rights Reserved
Kaleidoscope Butterfly, Inc™