February 2, 2012

This is My Frame of Mind ~ What's Yours?

This is the frame of my mind which pictures all things past, present and future.  This is one of the conversations I have each morning with my Dad.  Who are you talking to each morning?  We say it is to ourselves.  But who else is there?  Is it a sister, brother, parent, boss, friend, spouse?  It is someone...or a presence.....think about it as you read more:

Good Morning Dad ~

I know and believe that you alone have all power provision and plans which accomplish pure good.

I know that you are the ONLY God who saves our hell bound souls.

There is no doubt that without you we fall.  Mere men who come from your earth; given life by your very breath.  We're your plan conceived by two; protected, carried and given birth.

We walk upon our own two feet.  We choose the life that we lead.  You tell us to respect free will and to discern as we understand: to walk upright, above reproach, to have compassion upon other men. To be angry and yet not sin, for there is a much higher thing.

You tell us your thoughts are not as our own; to be careful what we believe; to allow liberty to set captives free. You promise us many good things; yet we're told that our days do have pain.  We grow and mature as we live, when we follow the your wise ancient ways.  You lead us through valleys, plains and heights.  You show us your great wonders above.  You create mysteries till we comprehend, as a student we relate, learn and apply.

Then one day you say we may go.  We may walk by the faith we now own.  Our experience while under your wing, made us much stronger than we know; through you we can do mighty things.  On our own we will be great but fall.  We will be lead to doubt but not fear; because you called us steadfast in faith. 

We are righteous because in Christ we're saved.  We are holy because you are pure.  We are selected, given rights of your name ~ may we honor you in all that we say.  May we show you in all that we do. May we think on the things holy, lovely and pure.

 May we announce that your kingdom has come: to enliven the taste of this world, to shine light where the darkness has been, to speak of the justice of our King.  May we know at the time what to say, through the Spirit may we be not afraid.  May our anxious thoughts be cast far away, so in their need you are mighty to save.

May we call our Lord Jesus to come, in one voice as we usher Him in; though in our moments we keep our lamps lit.  May we stay on His pathway in hope, till we meet on this true road of Life ~ To Christ be the glory on High as we adorn Him, upon His head a crown.  May the splendor bring Him delight, in awe of what the Father has done ~ In His Spirit we all now unite!

C ~

Here is my challenge to each of you today:

  •  Find at least one scripture referenced in this and post it, e-mail, call or text us and we will post it for you.  You may do it anonymously if desired. 
  • Speak YOUR faith OUT LOUD today...
For GOODNESS sake!!