January 30, 2012

You Don’t Find Your Passion

You don’t find your passion ~ your passion finds YOU! ~CH
For I bear them witness that they have a zeal for God, but not in accordance with knowledge. For not knowing about God’s righteousness, and seeking to establish their own, they did not subject themselves to the righteousness of God ~ Romans 10:2,3
And Isaiah is very bold and says, “I was found by those who sought ME not, I became manifest to those who did not ask for ME” ~ Romans 10:20
The things we find in life are physical: people, places and things.  Passion is not physical it is emotional.  Pure passion is not stimulated from our emotions – it propels righteousness, rest, peace, joy, love, goodness.
We persevere to find passion but TRUE passion cannot be manufactured.  It is simply ignited like spontaneous combustion. Where as the passion we build will run out of propellant, it will dwindle, turn cold and fade if we do not keep stirring the emotional fires.
However, when we simply sit at the feet of Christ with no intent other than His presence, with no expectation only true love which also comes from Him, His passion fills us up.  In an overflow within His boundaries we are effective for His purposes.  We are unaware of what He is doing because we are so enamored with His presence.  All else is just happening.  We do not revel in it, take credit for it, worry about if it is happening or not, or even remember the details about it necessarily.  Why? Simple; our focus was on our King!
Do you remember what it was like when you were first enamored with someone.  It was probably someone you had a crush on and they finally asked you out / or accepted an invite.  Maybe it was the beautiful child you finally gave birth to or adopted.  The point is this, all time, responsibility and worry  went out the window when you were in their presence didn’t it?  You still had life going on and were functioning within it.  You interacted with others (hopefully) but you had so much joy – you were giddy and life was grand!
Can you remember that problems still happened, but they seemed trite.  All things were possible because you were so filled with passion for your beloved. This is what I am speaking of.  Hold these thoughts and look at the references to scriptures below.  I pray you glean new thoughts to ignite your relationship and understanding today.
God says to seek first Him, His Kingdom and all else will come.  What comes doesn’t bring sorrow, although we may be pressed on all sides at times we will not be crushed. Christ said to have hope in all things we face or endure because He overcame the trappings  / schemes of this world; He didn’t leave us but sent us the Holy Spirit which is what got Him through.  God promises that His arm is not too short and He is not slow in fulfilling His commitments as some say.
Remember God calls you His Delight.  He is for you and Christ has gone to prepare a place for you.  He is coming soon and there is a band of mighty angels all around us taking charge of all these truths.  So allow the spirit to prosper this day ~ all day ~
Seek for Christ because He is seeking you ~ with the power of the Sprit propelling the search while God is calling your name ~ Believe you will be found right where you are.  Then allow them to embrace you, reveal your inner most parts that have been hidden away.  Let them show you who you were Divinely created to be and LIVE in their LOVE.
Now THAT’s what I’m talking about!!
In Christ, BE passionately propelled….today.
©Candace Huffmaster, update 2012, original 2007 All Rights Reserved
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