January 23, 2012

Controlled Verses Wild Fires

Anger stems from passion, however anger is not the first emotion felt.  Each one of those emotions kindle the fire, which ultimately causes a spontaneous combustion. We then are moved to action, the action we take moves us with zeal toward the passion. Keep in mind, unless the passion is righteous, we will be propelled deeper into darkness, despair and death.  ~ excerpt from Deeply Series 

Think about the pictures below and their captions:

Thoughts, Feelings, Information are no more than matches stored safely in our mind on which to reflect.

What We Perceive is Real, We Strike Out to Find


When We Are Not Discerning All Perspectives Before Releasing Our Passionate Effort Devastating Consequences May Occur

The main topic we were discussing Friday was keeping the reason for our HOPE as the center portrait where our eyes can never miss it.  We discussed some of the things we hope for as well as the verse which reminds us that wisdom does not hope for something which can be seen.  That would mean you have already reached it. 

I pray that we not be followers of people chasing after the wind, but that we follow the GOD who foresaw all things and can see the way to where we are going.....protected and safe from all things coming against us.

Read the following:
The Hope in us All  and Going for the Ask or Going for the Rip Cord

You can also reflect on the poem Choice of Life on our Art of Survival web page - click it on the right side bar.

My Love to Each of You,