May 16, 2010

Life Cannot Grow if a Seed Has Not Been Planted

Yesterday we spoke about the metaphorical seeds planted. We spoke about things we believe to be true. Let’s relate this to purchasing a pack of seeds we believe to be daisy’s. We buy the packet, not really knowing what a daisy seed looks like. We get out our terracotta pots, fill them with dirt, poke the appropriate holes into the rich soil, and tear open the packet. Next we take one precious seed at a time, place it tenderly in that hole and press soil over it. We water it, fertilize it, and move it to get the right light. We brag about what will be coming up soon. We think of how we are going to use the flowers. We remember times in the past associated with this particular flower or how lovely it will be.

This is the same buy in we do when we are planting thoughts, planning our futures. We do it one seed at a time. Think a bit more today over the subjects we have been discussing over the past few weeks. Go back in the archives and read “Be Angry and Not Sin”

I leave you with these thoughts:

Anger stems from passion, however anger is not the first emotion felt.  Each one of those emotions kindle the fire, which ultimately causes a spontaneous combustion. We then are moved to action, the action we take moves us with zeal toward the passion. Keep in mind, unless the passion is righteous, we will be propelled deeper into darkness, despair and death.

I pray that you follow your heart, and that your heart is after God’s own.

With Love, in Christ,