June 2, 2015

Not Again, Are You Kidding ME!

This expression, "Yet once more," denotes the removing of those things which can be shaken, as of created things, so that those things which cannot be shaken may remain.   ~ Hebrews 12:27

As you know it has been almost an entire month since I have been able to pause and post.  Each year when the school systems release their students, it is reminds me of a race: the starter shooting his pistol and the runners fleeing their mark for the open lanes. Never-the-less when I do return it is always with matured comprehension of what I felt was already understood.  This year has been no less insightful / challenging.

After years of dealing with similar situations, and / or the same families, over this stretch of time, I have come to realize, the crisis is not usually with what's happening, but rather with the individuals thoughts in the midst of what's happening. (Do not confuse this topic with making a safety plan and leaving an abuser. click the Emergency or The Cause Is Love tab on our website for resources.)

As we have discussed often: Usually God does not change our circumstance or environment; he changes us in the midst of a troubled and chaotic world. Think about how similar events continually happen to us.  But our frame of mind, attention and environment will be altered in someway every time; much like the movie Groundhog day.  Each nuance creates an opportunity; the opportunity we run off the mark for is our choice.  God is mindful, merciful and gracious to not allow temptation to overtake us; but we will have another time, if necessary to pass the test. (1 Peter 1:6)

God lovingly put obstacles in the middle of our pathway.  These are not because He is mean or angry with us; it is to train us up in the things we can not know otherwise.  His ways are not of this world; which means He must find the way which refocuses our attentions toward His kingdom.  Obviously, we can have knowledge and think that is enough.  But without unpacking it and trying it out we only get to know His words; not the person who said them.

Without regular diverse challenges, we humans have a tendency to become too confident in the assessment of our own proficiency.  Without knowing it we go rogue as we try to make it to God.  God never intended to make it difficult or dependent on our own abilities to cross into His Kingdom.  He sets multiple challenges to give us practice, stretch our faith and trust muscle. It is in the challenges where we realize our natural frailties.  If we become weakened to the point of shaking, God just may be given an opportunity to show off His supernatural capabilities. At least that is His will in our time of need.  

Without being shook, we will never realize we can be shaken.  If we do not know we have a need, we can not ask for help.  When we do not need help, we never look up for God.  And with out God we are mere mortals......and mere mortals come to an end in this life.

This is enough for today; God rest our souls in His peaceful presence, both now and forever.


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