March 15, 2013

Movin' Out!

I want to weave two thoughts of thread through what we will think about: Christ used his own blood, not the blood of someone else as a sacrifice.  God divinely tied us all together. And yet we are allowed to think we are detached from the universe, if we so foolishly want to allow our minds to lead us in that direction. 

Many centuries ago, it was written:

For God has consigned (penned up) all men to disobedience, only that He may have mercy on them all [alike]. Romans 11:32 AMP
He also told us that all things are common which we go through, to each and every man, in 1 Corinthians  10:13. 

What if God, through Christ here on earth had chosen to take the life of all those sinning.  When the disciples desired to call down fire from heaven and Peter sliced off an officers ear, what if Christ had not stopped spoken peace and reattached the ear?  What if He had decided the people were right with all their taunting and jumped down off the cross?  Then said, "Enough!"  "Spill your own blood for your own sins!"

Why don't we ever stop to think about this.....really think about it.  Why do WE want people to "pay for it"?  I want justice as much as the next guy.  But I want restoration, reconciliation and transformation.  Okay, part of me is twisted enough to think that people should be forced to be kind, from the heart type of kind to others, as in Liar, Liar where they simply CAN'T act wrong.  Deep down however, I just want there to be a sincere Utopia where I can let my hyper vigilant discernment down so my really Pollyanna nature can whimsy all about.  REALLY....what's wrong with that picture?  Why can't everyone just think, do and project the best, highest, healthful things??

I hear many of you now shouting "Enough Already!"  Back to topic.....

As I have been racing around this week working with tender souls in crisis.  There has been a very common thread, which is the reason for my "verbal slathering" of what-not above.  Each conversation and pain was woven with this "thread of anxiety":  Why are there so many horrible people around me, everyone is trying to push me away.  So many of them state they have no friends they can count on, really count on.  This includes family most of the time.  They understand that life is busy and everyone has problems, but it is sad.....and so very common!

We have spoken about keeping our peace so many times.  Check out the prior years deeper information on the topics here:  Help Me Escape, Fear of Bridges, Created to Sound, When We Don't Know...Search, , When Crisis Blows Through Town, Until You Shake No More

When I hear the out pouring of these hearts, crying out that they must move because they know something better is out there.  I ask them "where is this magical kingdom, I'd like to tell others like you to go as well?"  I am not mocking them, as it might appear.  When the question settles in their reality and their irritation with my words is stilled, they almost feel a bit hopeless.  It is at this point where God can work with us.  Give us a glimpse of what He is up to.

Peace is a messianic blessing as we know.  Utopia isn't out there somewhere in some mysterious space, that would be out of our control.  God is not mean, always casting the impossible our way; He is loving, kind, gentle.  He is also firm and dependable, because He is FOR our evolution and eternal design.  When He instructs us to "keep our peace"and to allow His peace to "rule in our hearts and minds" that the indwelling of the Holy Spirit is empowering these supernatural capabilities.  We cannot do it "alongside Him".  Only He can jump in and do the heavy surpassing work which our human strength cannot under-gird.  We do not get to say, "God has matured me, now I got this one."  No, we must stay humble and maturing has me to the point that when I need to do something I can not do, I implore all which He alone is, to overtake my human form and BE glorified by desiring to use my body to do it "through". 

Let's make this simple: Everyone knows about the "trickle down theory" and "the ripple effect".  These are not Christianise.  When we define a problem as we state often, that is the where the hard work kicks in.  Many people want to stop at the theory, or get stuck in the "which came first / chicken or egg" phase. 

Let's look deeper than the surface of the affected body of water:

  • What is the larger source from which the fluid is dripping?
  • We get that in order for there to be a ripple there is some form of a collective body or fluid, but what is the source of the foreign object object causing all the commotion?
Think about when Christ was walking above the water, or speaking into the storm.  We all know He said, "Peace Be Still, I AM" to which the air stilled as did the turbulent waters.  Now Picture this:
If through Christ, the Holy Spirit is settled down within us, and we allow Him to live large and overtake us, then when we are all chaotic and He says "peace, be still, I Am within you!", why do we flail about so much?  Why do we not keep our peace? 

Keep the picture going here:  If Christ stills us right in the middle of our storm, why don't we open our mouths and give Him our vocal cords and breath to give a shout out around us?  Wouldn't all disturbances around us be stilled or scattered? 

This in my imagination is the perfect picture of the ripple effect.  He dropped out of the heavens into our perfect storm and stilled us.  The vapors not desiring to be stilled raise up and are cast out from our shalom.  They rise up causing an outer ring but as others in that outer area allow the spirit to do the same, the rise and the calm spreads out further. 

Now picture the stillness of the calm surface, smooth as glass.  Revelation 4 says: In front of the throne, there was something like a sea of glass as clear as crystal.  I know there will be no turbulent waters in Christ's body of water.  In His divine order life is a culmination of cause and effect.  What will you cause?  What is the effect of you droplets today?

We would like to believe we are not "that" pivotal in the "grand scheme" of things.  However, once we began to forming as part of the equation in the mind of God, nothing was that would be without our first breath. He dropped us into this body for a reason, a cause and an effect.  He is the origin or breath.  He filled the corners of all that is with His air.  For just one moment could you pause and picture this?

Look outside...really stop what you are doing and look outside :) 
Listen, watch.....God's own breath started all this.  He upholds it, moves it about, and keeps it alive.  He does this!    Let Him drop you somewhere that needs what He is within you.  Be the weighty droplet falling from heaven and allow Him to change the whole environment. 

He might choose to skip you across the surface, but if you are willing He might drop you right into the depths of the darkness.  Either way, He is perfectly able to rise up and move out what needs to flee.

Because He lives, WE are effective!
What will they witness today?
What will your witness say?

Peace and Love to you all,

Kaleidoscope Butterfly, Inc®

©Candace Huffmaster 2013, All Copy Rights Reserved

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