April 29, 2010

Fear of Bridges...isn't That a Mind Thing?

Gephyrophobia: An abnormal and persistent fear of crossing bridges. Sufferers of this phobia experience undue anxiety even though they realize their fear is irrational. Their fear may result partly from the fear of enclosure (claustrophobia) or the fear of heights (acrophobia). Phobic drivers may worry about being in an accident in busy traffic or losing control of their vehicles. High bridges over waterways and gorges can be especially intimidating, as can be very long or very narrow bridges.

Fear of bridges is a relatively common phobia although most people with it do not know they have something called "gephyrophobia." However, the derivation of the word "gephyrophobia" is perfectly straightforward (if you know Greek); it is derived from the Greek words "gephyra" (bridge) and "phobos" (fear). - definition property of WebMD, LLC.

Yesterday we entered a new addition to our topic of our journey; bridges.  We were speaking of the mental land we are living in and coming to the bridge which allows safe travel to another place.  If you remember a few weeks ago when we were discussing view points.  We looked at how our thoughts are "things" which propel us into action.  This catalyst is powered and sustained through our determination.  The length and duration of the charge is determined by the purity of our faith.  Just like any pertol when it has debris or is inappropriately mixed there are side effects.

If our beliefs are to be pure, in order for us to  travel the distance as well as not break down, we must look through our thoughts and intentions. Hebrews 4:12 states "God's word judges a person's thoughts and intentions and that no creature can hide from God.  Everything is uncovered and exposed for Him to see.  We must answer to Him".

We are the engineer of the landscapes of our mind.  Do we build islands?  Do we construct bridges? Do we protect our land from harm? Our Bridge, we added yesterday, stated "we must get rid of everything that slows us down, especially sin that distracts us. We must run the race that lies ahead of us and never give up."

Christ said He did not come to judge, that we are to judge ourself.  This means that we are accountable for our own thoughts.  He opens the doors of opportunity through knowledge and experience, but He will not take away our right to choose for ourself.  He was very clear that is it our responsibility to get rid of what slows us down...especially sin the distracts us.  We have to make a decision and put some muscle to move in order to run the race and never give up!

There are times when we feel promted to speak truth which may go against the "grain of thought" of the masses, it tends to be a bit scarry for most of us. If I am going to be real honest with you, then I would have to admit that I have had many fearful thoughts which I allowed to stopped me in my tracks before I could even speak the truth. Does that mean I have gephyrophobia? I would like to say, "It's not so serious"; because, until now,  those thoughts had never reach beyond my own head.  The purpose of which is a think tank for creative collaboration, therefore not affecting me. However, in reality, those same things have held my physical body back from action before; isn't that the same outcome?

In one of the poems I wrote years ago God was trying to settle a few of my "bridges of fear".  He asked me some very pertinent questions which I lovingly ask you to write about for our next meeting.

 If today you are lonely, whom do you seek? Whose face are you after? Whose hope do you chase?

For anyone who is not yet part of one of our groups. I ask you to do this anyway. You can always e-mail, post a comment (anonymously if you feel better) or call us; we desire to welcome each of you right where you are!

I pray that we all know His love, because there is no fear in His love,


The Mark

Press onward and move ahead,
Speed not important, no falter in step,
Make your mark (with my right hand),
Engrave your presence with truth in your touch,
The skill of your craft, beauty becomes their mark.

No force will oppose you and all evil must flee,
The thirsty will remain with you, all on bended knee.
My words will heal, and my presence will make them whole,
Then they will learn and ground will be gained,
The seeds will now sprout; their life may now begin.
Light the path as you are leaving, so they too may come,
There is more living to nurture all along the way.

Each person has a task, a plan, and a team,
We move where we are needed, focused on our task.
No job finds completion ’til the end of our days.
Rise up refreshed tomorrow to start again,
Grow with each experience, embracing the love you’ve touched.
Be happy in the knowledge that, truly, we are one,
And the one seed you planted maybe enjoyed by someone else.
You, too, will reap from the work of our Lord,
His love, although taken, will never return void.

If today you are lonely, whom do you seek?
Whose face are you after? Whose hope do you chase?

Our Lord is abundant and stands in your path,
To love you and heal you if you will simply call on his name,
Make request that he help you to understand your disgrace.
He speaks to your dilemmas and strips their power away,
So now you can withstand the length of your day.
He marks you for protection no matter what you face,
So firm you can stand and denounce all other fates.
One crippled, now walking; one mute, can finally speak,
The blind one now has vision; may there be nothing to stumble your gait.

Your ear now listening for the cries of your sheep,
You are there to Shepherd my precious little lambs.
Keep watch with my provision, it’s an all important task,
We will not lose one… No, not one will be harmed,
Because I love my father and his love dwells in me,
And you, through our Spirit, are obedient to me.

By Candace Huffmaster ©