December 18, 2012

Limitations of the Incomplete

"The truth is never incomplete; it is our understanding of the complete which is limited." in my opinion.... Isn't this what God means by Do not lean on your own understanding - His ways are higher than our ways?

It seems we attempt to amass our pieces of knowledge, experience and the like twisting the obscure until it fills all empty spots.  This makes us “feel” good.  Maybe we can even say a bit puffed up ourselves by our ability to build logic at times.   Hmmm…..we build something which when compiled comforts our emotions maybe?

However when tested our wisdom crumbles if it is not real; revealing the emptiness, the hollow the vast void which it was masking.  Fear causes us to grasp at the frays of knowledge when we fear we will not be able to obtain them – we can’t see how to reach them.

How ironic; this very thing should be what eases our dilemma, because it is not given because we gain it due to our own efforts and so we could rest in the love that He alone gives.  But each second we’re thinking, “What do I have to do”,” How does God need me and for what purpose?”  “What’s His plan?”

His plan was to create us, give into us, to relate with us.  He is not a task master; He is the spirit giving us life.  We already have purpose through being alive –boom, done!  Mute point guys….let’s move beyond now.

What if you lay down your task list and listen to the Lord?  What if you stop all the scurrying to simply allow Him to cherish a few moments with you – to love on you a bit?

Some where around you He will expose a new truth – He’ll reveal a distortion for you to comprehend.  Then He will use you and this experiential knowledge he related to you to share with someone in need.

All things are permissible but not all things are profitable to our soul.  Our spirit lacks nothing but desires more room to grow.  We keep it bound up in our box of limitations.  He desires to move up and out to liberate our space. 

We can do all things, do everything when we need – But today let’s not tempt Him; He’s testing our faith.  As Christ said to Peter – Satan has requested to sift your soul: But I have prayed fervently that your faith be made complete.  (Paraphrase)  Meaning : Nothing broken nothing missing ….to see the Father in Me – For where there’s doubt, the threshing will expose then all will see what we believe.  When we see the truth we understand a bit more. 

 Today if you hear something, take a moment to pause.  Look through the chaos; He’ll show you what is true.  Don’t align with the masses; speak truth to calm the storm.  Converse, for the Lord is with you; don’t battle with what you know ~ Faith comes by hearing and hearing from the Lords word….think about it.  
For group this week, see how many bible verses you can find within this.  You do not have to find the verses and your paraphrase or best recollection will be fine.  Together we will be discussing your perspective and I will find the verses for us if needed.
Till then extend peace and find rest for your souls :)


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