March 24, 2012

A Malice Filled Mouth

As always when I study for writing I find out so much about myself.  Need I say that these nuggets of discovery are not flattering in the least.  The wonderful thing is "there is no condemnation in Christ - where He is, there is liberty.  THANK GOD!

Most days I go along pretty well as long as I am around the people who like me and think I am pleasant, know, the fruits of the spirit.  They are EASY to walk in the spirit around.  However, when I am around others who do not particularly care for me (I know, your shocked right?  but there are more than a few) is when I find out if I AM walking in the spirit or in my own selfish flesh.  I took some continuing education this week and one sentence hit me like a bulls eye between the eyes: 

People do not CAUSE your problem, they REVEAL it.  When you get offended or angry the problem isn't them, the problem is something inside of your heart.  Do not think that I mean what they did was okay if it goes against God's word.  What I am saying is we are to be at peace with people as far as it depends on us.  We are not responsible for their actions, only our own. 

Keep this in mind, as we proceed a bit farther into Marks storyline today:

Several days later from where we stopped off last, Jesus was back in Capernaum.  The news was out and people were coming from all over for Him to heal and teach them.  He was sharing the gospel and their faith was allowing them to receive miracles in a mighty way.

The religious leaders were starting to get a bit hot under the collar I believe.  I perceive their intent toward Jesus as malicious.  They were talking about Jesus, not too Him.   Jesus over heard / perceived in His heart their slanderous remarks .  It is always amazing to me, how Jesus does not out right tell people what the problem is.  He asks questions to reveal what the problem is.  Note: They perceived that Jesus was causing their problem; reality - Jesus was revealing the condition of their heart.  Let's look and learn from His dialogue with them:

  • Why do you have these thoughts? Is it easier to say to this paralyzed man, "Your sins are forgiven, or to say,  "Get up, pick up your cot, and go home?"
  • "Healthy people don't need a doctor; those who are sick do.  I've come to call sinners, not people who think they don't have any flaws."
So I ask you, what happens when an unrepentant spirit is confronted with truth?  Do they say thank you and embrace the person who was selfless enough to "in humility" give them the mind changing, action altering truth of God; or do they get angry, bitter and hate them secretly?

When people asked why John's disciples and the Pharisees disciples fast but not Jesus', He replied: Can wedding quests fast when the groom is still with them?  As long as He is there, they cannot fast; but the time will come when the groom will be taken away from them and then they will fast. 

Christ continue on stating; No one patches an old coat with new cloth that will shrink.  Several things came to my mind as I read this.  One is the obvious, how material shrinks when you wash it.  The second was a question, how does this relate to fasting?  My third thought was the correlations between the old  / new wine skin being a metaphor to our flesh and how our flesh gets baptized.  I started picturing how our flesh would tear if we had His spirit enter into us with out His power to keep our flesh from riping and tearing apart.  Lastly, I remembered the instance when people tried to force evil spirits out of people and the bible tells us that all their closes where shredded etc. 

All that leads me to understand a bit more clearly just how much loving care God is displaying; how LONG suffering He is with each of us.  Thank God for His mercy, grace, patience, faithfulness, deliverance and mighty, all transforming, Holy Spirit.

With the love of our Christ, sweet dreams tonight.

©Candace Huffmaster 2012, All Copyrights Reserved
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