June 4, 2012

This Is Love....

Far too many people want love, just not the love that is coming toward them.  Others, put on their sneakers and instead of playing dodge ball like those previously mentioned, run away in search of a "better" love.  No wonder God has to plainly tell us, in 1 John 4:10,

 This is Love:  not that we have loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son to be the payment for our sins.

Our society will say silly things like, I fell out of love.  Sounds like someone went overboard on the Love Boat - but it is more like "jumped ship".  Guess what makes us jump ship: selfishness, greed, unforgiveness, fear etc.

In John 13:34, God's word tells us:   "I'm giving you a new commandment:

Love each other in the same way that I have loved you.
Think about this:  If love could be perfect by simply obeying the letter of the law, honing our works and deeds toward someone and God, then He should not have needed to give us a NEW command.  But just doing the right thing is not love.  It has to be a gift, a gift which isn't earned or owed - it's just something that you can't stop whether it is received or not.  Rejecting it can't stop it.  Abusing it can't defeat it.  It is too encompassing to ever successfully cover it up; and you cannot out run it's ability to catch up with you, overtake you to do good unto you.  That is agape Love, this is God.

Roman 13:10 tells us why God made it simple for us:  Love does no wrong to others, so love fulfills the requirements of God's law.   This love is from God, in and of our "self" we cannot fulfil the law.  Without Christ"s death and resurrection we would not have been able to do anything other than attempt to fulfill the laws.  However, as Christ was entering his position on high the holy spirit was reaching into us in order to properly love.....for Him, as Him, within Him.  This is Unity and such good news.

God loves us as He loves Himself.  He cannot possibly lie because there is no lie in Him.  We are to love others as we love our self......if we believe lies and distorted truths then due to the lies in us this love will never be possible.  Thank God that He tells us the reason He loves us and will never leave us, He created us for a special relationship with Him "first" above all else AND that He has planned a future for us filled with hope, goodness ....LOVE.

We know people, even the ones that love us well, will disappoint us and let us down.  Let use our first analogy of the person dodging your love.  Well if it is really love, it is gentle, fragile, delicate and yet encompasses something alive.  So it is more like an egg than a large, red, rubber,  air filled ball which smacks you,  and smarts a bit I might add, when it hits.  When you toss your lovely egg toward the one you love, if they have any compassion at all they will respect this life force and help care for it.  They will catch it carefully and help you carry it, nurture it anticipating what will come.

Knowing in advance the dependability issues of mankind doesn't it make the most sense to put your eggs in God's basket so that they are safe guarded. (Also you won't need new eggs) Now you can focus on being able to catch the eggs in motion if there isn't anyone around to protect it.  Knowing that the person tossing it needs it, you can gently toss it back and watch it grow.

What I am tossing around here is this:  If you are unhappy with the love you are receiving, I would have to ask what you've been tossing - a dodge ball or an egg.  Maybe it isn't the quality of the love at all, maybe it's your stance and focus.  If you are looking down complaining about all the stench of rotten eggs, crusty broken shells around you and how no body is loving you then I guarantee the problem is not them - think about it.

Because He first loved us.........

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