June 22, 2010

Perfected in Love...See

Before we enter the verses on Us being created I want us to take pause and truly understand so that we might SEE:

God is a God of perfect love, order, provision and cause which leads to the appropriate effect. He set up all things with the knowledge, understanding and excellence to ensure that all the details of our lives and what we need were already set in place. He created the atmosphere in which all things we would need were sustained. He created the life giving forces to uphold us physically in all way. He secured the sustenance to multiply so that we might be well and recreate in His image.

He created Man to truly love, keep Godly order care for and provide with Godly knowledge, understanding and excellence to ensure that the atmosphere would be sustained for the multiplicity of Godly leaders. He created us to be the life giving forces to uphold things physically in all ways. His forethought has secured all sustenance and power for what He imagined to BE.

Think on these thought from one of my earlier conversations with Him. He was trying to explain some things to me so that I would see Love clearly. I titled it “See”.

I pray that today you too See what I saw and said “Man this is Good” “Thank You Dad..help me understand MORE.”

With True Love, in Christ our Savior,



I now understand and see all so clearly, thank you for showing me. Let me record to share because they must know – they have to see beyond the smoke. Their false images in their eyes, let them understand Father, please, they have to See the end of their path. They have to SEE to make the choice of whether to get off and come to you in understanding or to choose death.

Their path will not survive, it is going to crumble and return to the dust, it is as you set it to be if they do not come to Love.

Love is what you are and why you created us. Love needs nothing except for someone to share itself with.

Love is higher above all else, it covers the widest expanse until it comes back. It penetrates deeper and deeper never running out of ability to keep going higher, deeper, wider.

When it comes across something to embrace, it engulfs it, supports it, nourishes it, helps it – without fail; not for any other reason but because IT IS.

Love needs nothing it just has to go to something because it is meaningless if not shared. It is lonely without someone to care about. It needs no doors, it is embracing, kind, it sees all good and helps to overcome.

It protects with such power and strength that nothing stops it, it knows no fear.

There are no possessions that mean more than its need to love. No home is more important than the need to supply for others it loves.

Time is of no importance because love never ends, whether in the presence of the loved or not it exists – it is and always will be.

It does not speak against itself, it could not possibly harm, because it is not capable; it only understands and gives all. It wishes to lavish, sooth, comfort; stimulate to be all it can be.

It lifts, smells beautiful and soft, cool and gentle, yet when needed it is bold and fierce to protect. It will ALWAYS stand before harm, but it does not need to own or hold back; it desires others to fulfill its choice.

Love can feel pain, it can be angry when love is betrayed and others are led away to be harmed – but, love never turns its back; it will always listen to Truth and embrace Truth.

Nothing can hold back love, nothing can outlast love, and nothing can destroy “TRUE LOVE”. Nothing will exist eternally except love.

Love is the common denominator in all good, without love you have nothing immortal within you and nothing to exist beyond a moment.

Only love is timeless, weightless, thoughtless, priceless, love just is, because it is God – (or as he calls himself “I AM)

To me I AM is the most powerful statement ever written - have you ever thought about it?



We, with our limitations try t understand

We, until God has matured us search our sleepless lives to know the answer to this and complete it.

We are turned around going totally the wrong way when we ask “What am I?”

It is simple math

What = Am +I

(or) I AM = What

We are not a what

We are

We are not an object

We create

We are not things

We obtain

What WE are, Is…..Has…….Will always be -, it is not perishable

“Things” perish or depart

Creation exists and stays forever – that is why things that are not of “I AM” depart from “I AM”. Without His sustaining the life in it perishes due to lack of His life force.

What is in Direct opposition opposes His life force, that is why the object is pushed down. The gravity of its separation captures it. It is then consumed within the power of the negative forces. This is not the desire; it is just the way it is. Unless the negative power is discharged the object will never have the power to overcome the repelling forces.

Anything of this world is made of this world and it will stay with this world.

Dust is but dust, all will decay that is in this repelled arena.

But when all returns to dust and the negative energy exists no more the gravity is broken and the life force can surge to its home.

Now the living forces are here, we are connected but there is just too much material / physical interference to make the better connection. Energy is weak – but it is not gone. I think as we remove the interference or power drainers from our environment - We even here can get the stronger connections.

When we feel the loss we have to find the source, eradicate it and stay on top of the repelling forces in our environment.

The answer to the equation is this:

I am because of I AM

I will because HE IS


Today, if you hear

Do not turn away

Let those who have ears understand

Let those who have eyes SEE

Do not harden your hearts like those in the past

But listen and follow, do as I say

It has all been laid out


My Father sent me

That you might know Him

By knowing me

I have gone to my Father now, so that the spirit can come and give you heightened understanding

You hear, you SEE, you understand – so you must follow

Speak what I say

Do what He says

Go where you are told

Lo, I am with you always

Even to the ends of the earth

Depart from this world

Pick up your cross and follow me

I AM….etched in your heart

I AM…the words you speak

I AM...the only way

I AM…life

I AM…strength

I AM…confidence

I AM…Charity

I AM…love

I AM…all you will ever need and all you were created to be

I AM…never far from you

I did complete the task

I did win the war

You my child were created to finish what I started

I began a new quest, the old passed away

It is Done…but a new beginning was ignited

That is the purpose ….to finish what was started

That will be the end of the age

That was…IS the plan

All power has been granted, All words spoken….All time closed…All purposes drawn

Time does not exist …only fulfillment


Come – I am in the wind, like a dance of free movement

Even when still, I still exist

Where does the wind begin?

Where does it end?

The wind carries all, even the things you cannot see

The wind can destroy, or it can lift

The wind can force into the ground or it can rise all above

Objects can block the wind, but they cannot stop it

The wind is not selective of what it carries; it carries the good with the bad and chooses the destinations of each

The wind does not worry about an outcome, it just continues

The wind does not stop, day or night, season or year

The wind just exists with all its power and gentleness

The wind controls all, nothing controls the wind

Wind and Love are all that Just are, and all that can not be stopped……………..SEE

My dearest brothers and sisters in Christ, He requested that we believe we are here to finish this. As for me: the reason I do not leave ….I do not give up…..I do not falter in my commitment……is because Love is all things, when you are being pulled down, you need someone to pull you up out and over.When we allow ourselves to be that charge needed, we are allowing Christ to be an ever present help in their time of trouble through us. I know in time, that person will be that for another in need.

I believe, I can do all things through Him who empowers me – charges me – lifts and hold me. My commitment is to God, to you, to my children and to the body of Christ. It is so much more than just a relationship between two people. It is the living example of the living Lord God Almighty so that all may SEE…HIM.

With the Highest Love there is…..through Christ,