April 16, 2012

What Are YOU Trying To Prove? (Part 1)

As I was compiling all my notes to move forward in our studies, I realized I had missed a few things.  As you all know, I do not like to leave any stone unturned.  So bear with me please....

Mark opened his story to us with Isaiah.  I went back to several chapters of the old testament and really dug into Isaiah 26 and 40.  We know that God's word is the messenger which precedes all things.  God's word sets the span and scope of origin and infinity.  The spirit of truth or the spirit of lies are the only words available to our hearts, minds and actions.  God promises that His spirit will not divide.  Righteousness and evil, He tells us, have nothing to do with each other.  We have life by every word which precedes from the mouth of God, that is truth.  Any thing apart from that leads to death, that is truth.  One path is headed in one direction and the other is the direct opposite, so they cannot make it to the same destination; right?

As I was reading, it was crystal clear to me how God was building up for a cataclysmic MOMENT.  Then boom, all things which have been would be set in motion and nothing would stop His force or momentum.  If you believe God's word, you know this culmination of all times is Christ, his earthly life, death and Resurrection.  All roads lead to His ONE intersecting point. 

I read again, how after Christ was baptised that the Spirit impelled him into the wilderness.  The word impelled was an interesting choice.  It means to drive or urge forward; press on; incite or constrain to action. It is meant to be a driving force or cause to move onward; propel or impart motion to an object.  This is what all words, all story lines were doing.  They were pointing us to our goal which is Christ. 

Now I know this is not new News, so let's take a ride a bit farther down this road.  If all stories ARE telling the same tale, whether we believe it or not, when our storyline ends God's story will continue on.  Long after our flesh which withers like grass, and our beauty which is like a fading flower vanishes from mortal sight our souls will live on;  ALSO, all our words have been recorded to our account.  So, these three things remain: our soul, the spirit upholding us and the story we told. 

This is what Christ rose to tell us.  This is what the illustration of all words is impelling us to see, this is what all the urgency is about:  Christ said the time is at hand, the kingdom has come meaning we are living in the time of fulfillment and the spiritual realm is in full out battle for YOUR territory. But do not fear, Christ overcame the world so that His Kingdom could be at hand, we could repent, be rescued and boldly announce the truth which ushers in light, repair and restoration to all that is good, lovely and pure.

Think about what Mark is describing to us.  We saw the demons first calling Christ out as the Holy One of God.  We saw Jesus rebuking and silencing them, as well as environmental chaos such as storms, lack of food, ill health, masses of spectators, contentions of people and lack of much needed rest.  For each situation and need, driven by the holy spirit Christ had all things.  If this had not been, then God's word would have been profaned, rendering Him a liar.  But even this was not God's driving force. There was a larger illustration being portrayed for us:
Christ being shattered......

I started thinking about all this.  What if Christ would have stayed in tact?  He would have been the sole power source and when He died God would have had to "reinvent the wheel" so to speak.  Wouldn't that have been insane; doing the same thing over and over again for all eternity and expecting a different outcome.  Well God is perfectly sane.....PERFECTLY wise and all knowing.

Then I remembered Moses:  The spirit of God was upon him so that he could deliver and lead God's people into God's will.  Jethro, Mose's father-in-law asked him, "What is this thing that you are doing for the people? Why do you set alone and all the people stand about you from morning until evening?  Then Moses explained to him that he mediated disputes 24/7 to make known the statues of God and His laws. 

Jethro asked Moses to ask the Lord if it wouldn't be wise for Moses to continue to be the representative before God on disputes but to teach everyone these laws and statutes so that out of them he could select able individuals who could handle the minor issues. 

Jethro's concern was that Moses would wear out himself and the people because this burden was too heavy for him alone.  This is exactly what Christ did, the burden was great, because the need was great.  Fortunately the pour of the spirit was released from Christ and fractured so that we each may receive a portion.

As we spoke about Friday, the largest miracle is, even though it is part, the spirit joins itself back together in Christ, who is our head.  The spirit enters back, with us all united into the depths of God.  So we are NEVER unplugged. We are continually empowered for His good pleasure and purposes unto all mankind.

So don't unplug, don't divide your soul from the life of the spirit.  Satan's spirit is also impelling you to open up ad take off to be empowered by what he is fueling.

More on that tomorrow......if I go any longer today you might not read tomorrow :)

Today, strap in and go with God speed wherever the spirit impels you!

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