April 6, 2012

What's Your Story?

If you have been involved in our conversations for any time at all, you know we lean on the story lines to learn.  Not too long ago we discussed that each of us are telling a story constantly.  This is what conversation and relationship is....storytelling.  We tell the moments of our days over and over and over again.  What tales are you spinning for the world to glean from?  Whether you expect it or not, someone IS leaning on your storyline.  Will it hold them up, or drop them flat on their face?  We know that only when our words align with God's will they truly be" an ever ready help in someones time of need". Let's not be telling an erroneous story line.  Know the story being told - we are accountable for each and every word which comes from our mouth, the thoughts of our mind and the intent of our heart.  That is the truth no matter what we tell ourselves or others.   It is so.....and so it is!

In Chapter 4 of Mark we see that Jesus is again teaching by the Sea of Galilee:

A very large crow gathered around him, so he got into a boat and sat in it.  The boat was in the water while the entire crowd lined the shore.  He used stories as illustrations to teach them many things.

While he was teaching them, he said, "LISTEN!" 
He added, "Let the person who has ears listen!"

When he was alone with his followers and the twelve apostles they asked him about the stories.  Jesus replied to them.  " The mystery about the kingdom of God has been given directly to you. To those on the outside, it is given in stories:

They hear clearly but don't understand. 
They never return to me and are never forgiven."

Jesus asked them, "Don't you understand this story?"  How, then, will you understand ANY of the stories I use as illustrations?

Can you imagine His concern?  There is a difference between seeing clearly but not perceiving and not seeing clearly therefore you cannot perceive.

There is a difference between hearing clearly but not caring enough to think on the complexity beyond the obvious and listening with intent to wait until you understand the fullness of the one speaking to you.

There is a difference between never returning to God so that you are forgiven and not knowing God of that you need His forgiveness.

Do you understand?

God is the creator of ALL things, and He has planted His truth within all creation.  Some people who hear the word do not hear it clearly and Satan comes to be sure there is distortion.  The person does not understand the truth and therefore plants the distortion which leads them astray....

There is another person who received the truth but they do not understand.  Their heart is hardened.  They apply the word based on their understanding not on God's truth.  Then what they believe in, when put to the test fails them and they blame God.

Then another person hears the word, but there is static.  They believe they hear correctly, but when they have such success in the world and they listen tuned in to the channel of static and annoyance, they hear something contrary to their own mind set.  They decide that they didn't hear correctly because what they are doing is working, so they force the truth down. 

The last person hears clearly, understand what they hear because they patiently tune to the correct station.  They have no preconceived storyline, they are tuning their ears to every clear word spoken before surmising one detail.  They freely give into Gods will and the truth of God prospers at HIS will!

Why would we think that God would put truth in His creation and not raise it up to BE light?  He must have pure, incorruptible, iridescence though.  Otherwise it will not lead them or others the "correct way".  But, at the right time, which is when each person returns to Him and is forgiven, they will begin to grow: 30, 60 and then 100 fold as HE prospers them.  He grows them from glory to glory to glory because knowing and forgiveness increases understanding of His mysteries.

When you understand He will give you more.  But for those who don't return to Him after they know, He takes all that He gave away from them.  He transfers what is produced into the ground of His faithful fields. The glorious thing is that the person who was faithful with the 30, working Gods way, gleans understanding which prospers another 60 percent.  And when continuing to be faithful with this 60 percent, they rest in peace and awaken to see God's display of the 100 fold; which is a combination of their efforts plus the abundance of all else that God desires to grace them with for His good works. 

There are several key scriptures commonly employed on the subject of planting, harvest, faithfulness and stewardship to God.  In Malachi, He asks a nation to test Him on giving away their material gain.  The catch was it had to be giving a gift to God, not purchasing a gift FROM God.  He desired them to see that there was "in deed" a difference.  Matthew 19:29 states:

And everyone who gave up homes, brothers or sister, father or mother, children or fields because of My name will receive a hundred times more and will inherit eternal life. 
Matthew 6:33 states:
But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and all these things shall be given to you as well.
We are not going to get into the scriptures on the faithless today, that is for later in Mark.

This is a great day for the Kingdom of God because the faithful insignificant servant (in the worlds eyes), the least of  the blessed (in their opinion), will grow up taller than all the rest.  They will provide shelter and shade which reaches a great span, height providing for others in a mighty way.  All because of God's love, purpose, provision, goodness, faithfulness, power and sovereignty.  Remember that this Good Friday and crawl up under His blanket of love.

Christ has covered a multitude of sins, once and for all - Let's give Him praise and were His glory with pride!

With Love, know He calls you His delight and believe!

©Candace Huffmaster 2012, All Copyrights Reserved
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