September 4, 2010

The Reality Of Our Path

"The Lamp of the Body"
oil painting by Candace Huffmaster © 2007 all rights reserved

Luke 11:34"Your eye is the lamp of your body. when your eyes are good, your whole body also is full of light. But when they are bad, your body also is full of darkness."
When I read this verse, a pair of eyes burned vividly into my imagination. The eyes were filled with sadness. I pictured Jesus interceding for us, the Holy Spirit grieving, asking our Father to forgive us ...yet again. I think about the eyes of the people I pass daily, or individuals I know well, sometimes the pain in their eyes is as intense as the ones I imagined. Other times I can see in their eyes they are far away, excited, or disappointed.

My favorite eyes are those of my children who love me dearly. When I look into their eyes I feel joy, pride and compassion. I know there is a day, not too far from now when I will be looking into the loving eyes of my Father. I pray for the strength, courage, wisdom, and humility to be all he needs me to be; so that I might be able to see the same emotions in His eyes as He says to me,"Well done my child, you have served me well."

Connective Cog

We are but a part, a connective cog,
Positive energy or broken and exposed.
Our eyes connect, though infused by our hearts,
With goodness to help or darkness shall fall.
To look in the face of those who we meet,
The circular pathways stare back in our face.
Each person, a universe…we all exist in our own,
Created no different than the world that we know.
Who rules the planet? Your pathways meet…
The rotation and pull…does it collide or make way?
Is there lift off or desolation? Could anything exist?
One God and one vision, there’s no room for more,
Our Creator, divine, who cannot be improved.
We take our blessings then think we know more
Move out of His energy, our natural pull
Negative energy, like opposite poles,
Has to connect with the positive to realign,
Ending the force which repels, and throws down,
The universe you travel, but do you realize your path?
Is it synergy in motion or out of control?
God in His provision, made perfect your path.
Study and ask Him, He will positively pull
Your desire to travel in His universe alone

By Candace Huffmaster © 2007 all rights reserved