January 19, 2012

Which Came First the Chicken or the Egg?

We Love Him, because He first loved us ~ 1John 4:19 KJV
This is how much God loved the world: He gave His only begotten Son...... John 3:16 (the message)

God's love is a force chasing after us, protecting us, warning us, sending out wisdom to anyone that will open up to it.  What a driving force is the love of God!  It moves mountain, with even a mustard seed size snippet.  It heals our soul in order that our spirit may continue to travel out our days in community with all He is doing.  It chases us down to lavish itself upon us in mighty ways.......just because it IS.

 Do you have a passion burring so fiercely within you, that to hold it in would disintegrate your very existence????

Passion is a propellant which without a vehicle cannot be driven. 

We know this to be true, and our bodies are simply the vehicle by which we maneuver throughout the roadway of the physical realm.  We will not revisit all our past topic on this matter - but if you cannot remember them or find them in the archives post a comment and I will direct you.

Let's ponder a few other points about our general beliefs:  We know that God exists - He is holy, lovely, pure and just. We believe He abhors what is evil and demands that the things within His presence be sanctified.  We also think of God as loving, forgiving, a giver of good gifts and that He blesses us in life.
But we have to integrate the qualities of God in order to not visualize Him as mere man - having good days, bad days and negative responses based on our manipulation or purposes.

Without Christ in this equation we cannot unify the True image of God.  And left in the hands of the one we created there will always be a fracture, a flaw, an area where this god will fail to produce what we have imagined they are capable of.  As we come to know Christ, we see God through His character, His experience, His faith n God's faithfulness; because the Holy Spirit will show us the depths of God, the widths of His love, the breadth of what Christ was willing to believe and do in order to show the heights which God alone can reach ~

So do not put your faith in the shallow ways of this fractured world; which God sent Christ to save. Be FOR the Kingdom which is always at hand ~willing your soul to believe and travel the higher roads which ARE really in our midst - you just have to passionately seek them.

As for the answer to which came first the chicken or the egg...neither.  What came first was Gods passionate love seeking to HAVE chickens in our midst; And so it IS!

For the Love of God,
within Christ and He within us,