November 16, 2011

Just Breath.....

We have been discussing many deep, honest thoughts.  This is an exerpt from Beautiful Mystery.  Just sit with it and breath today.  Just Breath.........and breath.......just breath.......

With Love,

Beautiful Mystery

Depth is like water: mysteries unknown,
Except to our Father whom created ebb and flow
Beauty is a mystery; it dwells in the mind;
And you all were created, within His divine
Seeing is mere sight: pleasures of the flesh;
A touch ignites feelings; the heat could consume
When emotions are pure the heart etches love
That my dear is beauty, so let us unfold

Waves are like thoughts; they rise from the deep,
The heart of the pull gives essence a seat
Layer upon layer, they wash and return,
Ambivalent emotions will crash all upon the shore
Positive - negative all lie within,
Power unyielding increases till released,
Gaining momentum which give rise to the wake
Lifting or hurling, only the depth knows,
We get the experience, when we let it all go
Smell is induction, which grabs at your mind,
Flowers and sweetness, purity and just
Or shameful and putrid, smelling foul to the nose,
Flaring the nostrils to expel such a stench,
Destroying all beauty and causes its descent.

God is so gracious, so eloquent in all;
His sounds transcend logic, compos lyrics at will,
Each one a memory that captures you….still

Still is where He needs us, so we may hear all
His essence, His sound waves; their explosion into space
Our minds are inadequate to originate such depth,
When listening we gain knowledge;
His thoughts move our world.......
Without Him we're inanimate; or did you not know?
Mere lifeless particles without His flow.
Think of the deep, the wave and the wake……
Think of creation: motion and form…….
The death, the resurrection: new life - same space...

Air is in everything; God breath to form,
When His breath is depleted, it surges back home
Who then has the right, to take breath away?
To suffocate the living; the making of Gods hand
If water can kill you, take your breath away….
Remove yourself from turbulence, before it overtakes

Remember your creation, the miracle of life:
Breath taken, life given: The breath of true lifeHow mighty that miracle: the very first breath;
Starting your journey of all ebb and flow,
Your time and tide written..... so very long ago.

To my Father, my Creator, I lift up my wind,
To flutter His knowledge; give depth to His breath
In all ways relinquishing might,  so that I might gain strength,
To rise within His waves of True Beauty through His grace.

~Candace Huffmaster

©2011 Edited, Candace Huffmaster, All Rights Reserved
© 2007 Candace Huffmaster, All Rights Reserved
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