November 30, 2011

Quitters Do Not Get the Best....the One Behind Them Does

.....once you have overcome ALL obstacles, you will be ABLE to stand YOUR ground.  So then, TAKE YOUR STAND/Ephesians 6: b13, 14

We must honestly look at WHY we do not receive the best thing.  Not that what we choose to take is unacceptable; it is simply a lesser thing.  The ONLY reason is we chose to give up or gave it over to something / someone else.  This is what Ephesians 6 is speaking of:

This is not a wresting match against a human opponent. We are wrestling with rulers, authorities, the powers who govern the world of darkness, and spiritual forces that control evil in the heavenly world.  For this reason, take up all the armor that God supplies.  Then you will be able to take a stand during these evil days.  Once you have overcome all obstacles, you will be able to stand your ground.  So then take your stand!  Fasten truth around your waist like a belt.  Put on God's approval as your breastplate.  Put on your shoes so that you are ready to spread the Good News that gives peace.  In addition to all these, take the Christian faith as your shield.  With it you can put out all the flaming arrows of the evil one.  Also take salvation as your helmet and the word of God as the sword that the Spirit supplies.
People are given choices and free will can change the course of their and others lives.  Usually an impulsive blurted out decision has no wisdom involved only emotions.  Usually selfish, impulsive, hurt angry emotions.  Life is not always fun.  Life is not always easy.  But God IS always merciful, gracious and just. 

God does not want His children to be immature spoiled selfish brats any more than we human parents do.  So having us face the painful consequences of our growth process is something He allows us, as well as those our impulsivity affects, to suffer through.  His hope is that if we keep going and alienating others we will have no where to turn to except His loving arms.  So let me ask, do you stop people from feeling healthy pain.  If so please try to refrain from stopping God's child from developing at the rate He desires.  Then maybe.....just maybe they will get a belly full and make some healthy choices. 

There is also the problem for the quitter, who in frustration backs their self into a corner with an empty threat.  What then?  If they cannot provoke the response they are prodding for, their pride forces them to BE a quitter.  If the person has any maturity about them what-so-ever, they will do the difficult thing - drop their ugly pride and NOT fulfill their mistaken decision.  However, if the other parties are respecters of free will, no matter what they feel they will not take that persons choice from them.  Which means the other person is forced to abandon pride replacing it with humility in order to restore the relationship.  This is what God desires.  God is a respecter of Free Will which is why we must come to Him.  He already said He loves us unconditionally and the relationship is available even desired. Out of a deep committed love and respect He conditions us. God NEVER wants us to quit just because it's tough. 

Quiting seems like the easy road in the heat of the moment.  However all the road signs are constantly in our face: coward, self loathing, jealousy, coulda- shoulda- woulda till you hit the dead end. This is why God tests us before He places the "precious" into our hands.  Will He find us faithful?

Before you totally trash something you've invested thought effort, time and your heart into......pause..
That is what God did He promises not to trash you, me or anyone else.  He said He will not cut out time short and He will continue to be faithful to us as we Trip, Flail, Fall and Fly.

So Today, give it another shot - all's not lost! Don't be a quitter - be one that when you've done all to stand...STAND and fight the good fight - In Jesus Christ.