February 11, 2015

Why Are You Considering That?

Before we are saved we must consider God's ways.  Once we are saved we are to search them and align our own ways, by faith. Yet I find that many of us, even after so many years, are doing more considering our ways and searching our feelings about His ways.  

 Shouldn't we be hyper focused, now, on considering which way God is going and asking for Him to reveal His plans to us?  Once we are saved and filled with the Holy Spirit, He is powerful within us to guide us, teach us, lead us.  Of course this is a supernatural process and each one will develop as the good Lord wills.  In time however, we need to cease our questioning and be diligent to move as prompted.

There hopefully will come a time, when we have gone through temptation after temptation and wearied our self with the trial; even though God uses it for the testing of our faith.  God stated in Isaiah that we burden Him with our sin and  weary Him with all the evil we do.  And in Jeremiah 15:6 all of our backsliding and rejection was enough; He was weary due relenting from bringing disaster upon evil.

The bible speaks of how weary people become from the pains of life; it grieves God that He wants to help, yet in ignorance or arrogance we do not call upon His name. Christ implores: come to me, all who are weary and heavy-laden and I will give you rest. He understands our sufferings and knew beforehand that He was going to leave us here, as His sheep among wolves.  But He also protected us in His name, and with His power.

Trials and Pain are real, God knows they're real! Christ personally knows, having experienced all that man would ever go through and more. We will never suffer to the extreme of being wrongfully murdered with the whole world abandoning us and condemning us for all it's sin.  Thank God for all He has purposed in His heart.  He reminds us of His power every day as we see the sun rise and as it sets the moon and stars do not forsake to give our darkness a little light.  He never withholds his rain forever.  He never floods all our grain, fruit trees and livestock so that we have no means of feeding ourselves.  Yet will we remember that all work is of His hands, for His purposes?  Will we work with our hands and eat the food which our hands prepare and not remember Him and all His work, His gifts, His blessedness?

We have a tendency to make a BIG deal out of the little things and the BIGGEST thing we minimize to the point of becoming utterly ineffective in our life.  How can we continually keep on the path of ignorance and yet blame God, because after all, He is sovereign, holy, just. Crazy, isn't it; we mock the very God we praise as if it is nothing, whether in BIG things or the unnoticed nuances of our lives.

We demand our rights, liberty and free will, disregarding that He alone ordained this freedom prior to our existence. We blame Him for manipulating lives, which by the way He would not ever do, because we have to blame someone or realize our own fault.  We scream from within our self when troubled and we cannot find Him, yet we hate everyone around us, our world, our very life, essentially Him, when we are in the midst of a painful, life altering, God the Father disciplining experience.

He hopes, during this time, we will find out where He is and where we are heading; He realizes we cannot see Him and sometimes mistake false gods as His dominion and care.  Yet many times, we do not consider His ways; we consider the ways around us and our feelings.  And when we lift our hands they are balled up fists being raised in anger at the God who allows us the choice of life we desire; find most pleasing.  His hope, though He's wearied, is for our limbs to give out, our fingers when unclenched, to fall into humble hands of folded prayer.  His resolve is to love us and never leave us; this is His perfect predestined plan before all time.

Ask Him today what He's up to.  Step aside from your own worthy plans.  Instead of asking for Him to bless you, open your own mouth and bless Him with your humble praise of His loving-kindness.  Then walk away from the vanity of any work of your own hands.  As Ecclesiastes states:
Do not let your speech cause you to sin and do not say in the presence of the messenger of God that it was a mistake. Why should God be angry on account of your voice and destroy the work of your hands? 7For in many dreams and in many words there is emptiness. Rather, fear God.

May we become One in the unity of faith and until that time, focus on defending that faith; for His eternal glory is and always will be.


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