November 11, 2014

More Than An Intervention

Jesus said, "The time has come, and the kingdom of God is  near.  Change the way you think and act, and believe the Good News." Mark 1:15

Yesterday, our topic was King of the Hill; which is the reason I was reminded of a client I had many years ago, who expressed to me her view point: Me being right, is not important in most cases; preserving my relationship with my husband is.  I do not know if my client believed in Jesus Christ or not, which seems very odd to me, the new Candace, but at the time I remember thinking: I wonder if she realizes that by not arguing and forcing her husband to acknowledge her "right", she is acknowledging his right - affirming how righteous she is behaving.  This is when I realized:

There is nothing, necessarily righteous about being right.  

Romans 3 refers to Isaiah 45, no one is righteous not even one.  Having a right is not equivalent to comprehending the path of peace and righteousness. God's word continues, expressing how all have turned away and  together we have become worthless; out from our mouths flow curses, lies and oppression, while our feet race to harm, leaving destruction all around us.  For this reason, God intervened with the law to muzzle us, to tie us down long enough to hopefully see our fatal flaws and tragic wounds.  Unless we can observe their serious nature, we will fail to notice our needs,  We are oblivious to the state we are capable of living in, therefore we settle for the state we are in, or one which is a bit more comfortable.

Isn't it obvious the reason Christ had to seek us out? Lost people do not know they need help any more than an alcoholic will admit there is a problem or life should be different. They surround themselves with common situations, which will not dismember their fractured life.  This is the reason I am making the parallel of Christ being the facilitator of an intervention. Christ was entering a universal catastrophe; this is a magnitude none of us are capable of comprehending. And He was sent to save us.  Was Christ's aim to clean up the addictions of humanity? To save us from our self and the harm of others? Or even to save us from dying?  As a child we might park on those things, but His desire was much more holy, righteous and pure than that:

His desire was to create in His body one new humanity from the two opposing groups, thus creating peace. Effectively the cross becomes God’s means to kill off the hostility once and for all so that He is able to reconcile them both to God in this one new body. Ephesians 2: 15, 16

Christ told a parable and said: Many are called or invited, but few are chosen.  Not everyone is uncomfortable in their irreconcilable state -that is a fact.  Some people do not desire to be rescued from their life.  For some their crutches are supporting their fatal wounds and they are happy to gimp on by. This is not the peace of God, which Christ told us to depend on.  Gods best is not to manage our dysfunctional state, he does not reform an addict; he transforms the condition or their soul and reconciles it within His One transcendent life.

Do not allow this world to mold you in its own image. Instead, be transformed from the inside out by renewing your mind. As a result, you will be able to discern what God wills and whatever God finds good, pleasing, and complete.
 So, again, our part is to respond, to participate and allow His will to be accomplished through compliant obedience. In my opinion, the stronger a person we are, the more difficult this becomes.  As the bible tells us, the one who shows little love, is really showing how little forgiveness they've received...... Again, it is only showing how irreconcilable our ways, our life and form are.  Just as Christ reminds us not to be downcast in our soul, instead to renounce all the things that hide in shame; and refuse to live deceptively or use trickery. Our battle usually is exposed by the weapons of warfare we employ.  If God had pulled us from the battle field, we would never be challenged.  If we were never challenged, we would never pull out our artillery; our weapons of warfare..

As we are employed into battles, we now much chose the weapon we will wield. Since most of us have become skilled warriors handling Satan's artillery, let me remind us what Paul taught:
The tools of our trade aren't for marketing or manipulation, but they are for demolishing that entire massively corrupt culture. We use our powerful God-tools for smashing warped philosophies, tearing down barriers erected against the truth of God, fitting every loose thought and emotion and impulse into the structure of life shaped by Christ. Our tools are ready at hand for clearing the ground of every obstruction and building lives of obedience into maturity.
God fights "hard and holy" for us misfits; and then calls us fitting to be His family.  Why is it so hard for us to let go of our irreconcilable differences; the easy answer is pride, arrogance, bitterness, resentment etc, etc, etc. The more reasonable question is why would God fight such a undeserved battle for us?  I will let Him speak for Himself:
 He did this for a reason: so that for all eternity we will stand as a living testimony to the incredible riches of His grace and kindness that He freely gives to us by uniting us with Jesus the Anointed.  For it’s by God’s grace that you have been saved. You receive it through faith. It was not our plan or our effort. It is God’s gift, pure and simple.
We were not even around when God decided to do this for us; He did not have to, He just wanted to, no strings attached.  He did not cause our tragic and fatal flaw, but He did figure out a way to reconcile our differences.  Will we be obedient to the death of what is maliciously opposing His will?.  We will pick up here tomorrow.

Today, I praise God for the ministry of reconciliation and ask that each of us give in to the sovereign power which transcends all things.

With prayers for us to be of good cheer, because we are of the creator of good cheer - Amen?


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