April 19, 2014

The Problem Is Not That We Have Expectations

As I study scripture, my thoughts merge and the topics emerge.  However, it is never concise, with all the loose strings neatly tied into a place. Which ever way I look, there are more scriptures to go deeper and wider than I could ever hope to comprehend fully.  This is why I could never get bored with attempting to get to know God and understand fully what a relationship with Him is really like.

Sometimes I think about how difficult and a struggle it is to have a fully satisfying relationship with something I have no ability to really see.  And how I am supposed to run to Him first, but I cannot feel His arms around me.  These are the things which cause us to fear, yet we really do believe in Him - but I cannot not say without fail.  Do you think God gets angry or does not have sympathy for us, knowing how desperately difficult it is? Actually, I think He is brought so much glory as we keep attempting to experience Him, no matter what the entire human race may think - it's a mute point.

Today I was studying "knowing" things and Love never fails kept coming to mind. For several months I have been meditating on knowing and being known.  It should not have surprised me when the verses I came to spoke about knowledge and love never failing.  Love NEVER fails, 1 Corinthians promises. I know love and sometimes it really does fall short of God's expectations.  When we want to be loved we sure know how to expect it from others: patient, kind, rejoices with truth, bears all things, believes all things, endures all things. Then we have the love is not list, just to clarify in case someone thinks there is a loop hole.  (Do not worry, we will be covering how we want to be let off the hook later ;)

We have been thinking about how long and far things are, so you must be prepare to plunge into Never.  Never means: not ever at anytime.  I thought back to the other verse I have been meditating on: the end of a thing is better than the beginning and the patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit.  To which I thought, how can I expect a wonderful end when I do not really know how good, good can get?  Doesn't it seem odd?  How foolish we are to think God blames us for not getting something we have no comprehension of; not fully anyway.  This is why He promises, we cannot get it through what we know or what we have experienced....Expect So Much More!

Then I thought about life and pain.  Sometimes we do not want to find out what is ahead, or go back because we do not want to experience something painful.  But then wonderful wise Ecclesiastes came to mind - but the end is so much better than the momentary affliction.  If you do not attempt to get beyond it, you won't experience the great things.  Life is not easy; but easy is not a good life.  God wants excitement, laughter, enjoyment, fulfillment, zeal.  Think about powerful things and how if they are not in the hands of a skilled craftsman bad things can happen; emotions are the same; fury, lust, greed, insanity etc.

When we cannot handle a powerful thing, we cut it off.  Sometimes, we mistakenly call that peaceful or relaxed. But it is not, it is nothingness, detachment, isolation.  That sounds like misery to me when my heart craves peace, serenity and rich relationships.  Knowing these are the very hopes God has for the future, I thought again about "Love Never Fails". I also thought about all our painful memories and thought about God having an eternity of memories to deal with, as well as a universe of unrighteous people who hurt him.  So I studied more.

What good would it do God to destroy a bunch of broken, messed up creatures? All that would do is wipe out the ugliness along with everything He loved.  At the end of that there would be nothingness, no hope, no happy, no sadness, just a big God with an enormous empty space and a God sized love to give into nothing.  How sad is that?

God had to do something with all His righteous need for justice and since wiping us out would not satisfy His rage, anger, jealousy and all the stuff He wanted to stop remembering.  Christ said, I'll help you.  I am perfect and together we will never fail.  So God allowed it, Christ received it and together along with the Holy Spirit we can have a better ending than what we know of.  I cannot tell you how any of this will end because I have not gotten there yet.  But I can tell you to read the bible, after all it is His beginning, end and eternity.

I have so much more, but will stop for today.  I pray you think about all this and know...God is real, Christ is true and the Holy Spirit is with you - Expect more from God not less; more from yourself than you alone can do and hold others accountable, but not in a shameful way.  Let's raise the bar, Christ was raised from the dead! That is a pretty high expectation, don't you think!

Happy Easter Family,

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