April 10, 2014

Please Do Not Give Me Another Opinion

How many opinions have we all listened to, not to mention given, throughout our lives. Not everyone opens up to get in the conversation of life, but we all have added our view points if, we breath, from time to time. Even if we cannot, or chose not to, speak our very presence speaks volumes. As we mature a shift happens. We gain enough experience that we can discern an opinion or theory, which may be based on very real information, from something deeper and richer. When we hear these words it is the difference between listening to Ercle verses Indiana Jones. The zeal of someone having traveled the very words they are speaking, having utilized what they believed and standing there in front of you is vastly different from the one who listens, reads, thinks and talks. 

Proverbs 15:23 States: To make an apt answer is a joy to a man, and a word in season, how good it is!

Everything I have been studying this month subconsciously keeps aligning me with verses from Ecclesiastes. There is a purpose for everything under the sun, a time for all things, somethings are vain, enjoy life it is only for the living - and much more. Today as I was studying, I cross referenced with the verse from proverbs, typed above. I remembered Solomons desire for wisdom to ensure he was just in caring for everyone and how God blessed him with more wisdom than any man before or after. But Solomon was still just a man with opinions, if he was not speaking the words of God.

I had to look up the word apt to be sure I knew exactly what it meant. Two applications perfectly aligned with my studies this morning and made me stop and write this to share with you all : usually fitted or qualified; ready (as a tool in the hands of the conspirators). having a tendency; likely : ordinarily disposed; inclined (plausible as true) : suited to a purpose; especially (being to the point, an apt quotation).

What I was going to write this morning was about how everyone wants to make it to the top. There is so much talk about "our purpose" since The Purpose Driven Life. If life is for the living then of course we want to participate and not miss out. Today we are only taking a few steps into this deep topic for now.

Over simplifying to save much time, a leader has all things before him. He must decide each path and the way steps are made. He must go first on the very long journey, then return with the experience, full knowledge of what was successful verses what would fail. Servants have been told where to stand, what to do and what to see / or be on the watch for. They have nothing but time to notice and be about their current space. They have much more down time ........if they chose to have it.

Too many of us call our self leaders and then drag others down our path, our experience. We selfishly use them for our comfort and gain. This is not a leader, not a good leader anyway; these are the mannerisms of a servant who serves in vain. Think about all the biblical history we have about people wanting to get to the top. Now think about Christ. Since the beginning he was serving God, creating alongside Him and walking with Him. It was God who decided it was time for Christ to take a journey out from Him. Christ was pleased to take it and did not despise the road God chose, the purpose of his life or the fact that he had to wait till it was God's time and way.

Even when among us, Christ was serving all people, all the time as God would. It makes me think that it was not only a way for us to see God, but for Christ to remember every detail of Him. Divinely, honor was brought to God and God was blended into each current moment with Jesus, and those in his presence. Christ was very clear that every word He ever spoke was not his but His Fathers. He said if they saw him they could be assured they had seen His Father; therefore his mannerisms and directives were stimulated by the same things as well.

Jesus trusted God in every way, he went where he was told, did what was asked but more importantly he relied on his relationship and not just instructions. God allowed Christ to completely finish, withholding no experience, entrusting the fullness of the journey was a glorious thing. Ecclesiastes 7:8 states: Better is the end of a thing than the beginning; and the patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit.

Let us make no mistake, there is but One Leader, One Creator, One I Am. So, never run ahead, taking His position, proudly reaching the pinnacle and echoing out into the nothingness "Here I Am!!" Be pleased that you have purpose, right where He met you; not above it all, but while you were still in your mess. Your purpose was to be with Him, even in Him for ever - starting then!

There was only One time that He called you and you turned to hear Him and noticed exactly what He said. And from the middle of your chaos you lifted up your face, opened your mouth and from the depths of your heart said "Here I am!!" This was your moment and the start of "YOUR" journey - but your journey is not alone; it is His journey as well - that is why it is Yours!

There will be times when you are with others, there will be times when you are separated from others for a time. God has a reason for all things, but these things are not necessary for you or I to understand. Remember in all things what He tells you. Remember what He taught you and value them enough to bring them up. These are the mysterious moments when they see Him, as we see them, but also the Greatest Love above all men!

Today do not look for your life's purpose - that would be like saying God alone is simply not enough. Just sit down as Mary, grateful that He is with you; let all other anxieties wash away. Christ served, He sojourned and sat down. He led us right up to the Father and said please come on in.

I know this world is a noisy place and "in my opinion" it will not be quieting down. Shouldn't we do our part to help them hear His voice? What if we all spoke nothing but His words...the very same words that He said were Our Dad's? Hmmm.......but then again, we already do; even if we do not know it - because Christ said we do. I guess what I should ask then is this:

Who's child am I? Who's child are you? We may not see the resemblance, but everyone else knows the truth - it is as plain as the nose on our face!

Be still in His presence and bring Him to remembrance today.....or several day....or forever ;)

For the Love of God, in Jesus we are alive forever ~ kisses,

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