February 9, 2014

Should A Perceived Inflection Reflect On Them?

 Today I was having lunch with my husband and we were conversing about misreading others when communicating through emails, texts, letter and what-not. From many conversations I have had with others over the years it is not a new thing.  The overarching theme of my studies, research, group topics and now personal conversations appear to harmonize on this: How important it is to NOT impose our own thoughts onto others and especially to demand it be their truth because we see it.
Has anyone ever taken something you've said out of context and used it to support something you do not agree with? I would it was not purposeful, simply their honest interpretation; none-the-less they misrepresent you, aligning you with other things.  In order to properly interpret what someone has written or what their true meaning is when speaking, we must have an understanding of who they are.  We can superficially know language, inflections and perceive an environment however, these things alone can lead us to superimpose our own ideals and take the other person "out of context" to who "they really are".
People make assumptions based on their own life history, bits of information and belief systems; yes, we all have some form of a belief system in place.  We must realize that applying additional context to what another states has more to do with our own motives, thoughts and very little to do with them. Otherwise we would pause and allow others to speak for themselves to reveal who "they are"; instead of giving them our persona.
Why do we communicate anyway? Have you ever just parked on that thought?  Needless to say I have!  It all boils down to one thing for me: to relate with others! If I did not care to have intimate relationships with people I would simply shut up!  But I do....so I don't ;)
The reason I thought about all this was God, of course.  God does not have a form for us to be drawn to His appearance.  He uses words to tell us what He looks like and not in terms of vanity, but the depths of the real person.  We must have a relationship with the bible to properly read His intentions, otherwise we will take Him "out of context " based on our own thoughts; that is all idolatry is.
God ends the bible, in Revelations, telling everyone not to take away from or add anything to what He has said: His character and identity.  He does not desire for us to project a false image out there for others who are just getting to know Him or may not yet be interested.  He would like the opportunity to reveal Himself to them through those of us who know Him intimately, by way of seeing us walk with Him day by day.  When they believe we see Him, hopefully they will pick up His life story - His love story to all mankind.  He will woo them into the same relationship page after page and journey with them too.  After all who in the world can resist our Lord!  
Let me tie it all up real pretty for us: 
The bible is not a book it is a relationship with the Lord God Almighty and He is mighty real.  Don't take my word for it.....those are His words!  I think of His relationship with Peter and how I know Peter believe in the Lords faithfulness, yet Christ said "O you of little faith" to him.  Peter still had some thoughts He needed to cast down, as we all do and will continue to.  God knew how difficult it would be to move from needing to hear Him say to us " o you of great faith " into "O You of Great Faithfulness " and with being able to see Him and cling to a flesh and blood human form it would just be to difficult to get us there. Well, that's my opinion.
I thank God for His Divinity; I do not even have anything else to say....today anyway ;)

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