February 7, 2014

The Bull By The Horns

As usual most of the things we discuss are regarding our thoughts.  It is impossible to ever have peace if we are not willing and able to comparatively sifting through our reality verses what others tell us our reality is.  Kind of crazy if we just stop long enough to put down all the pieces and ponder: What is reality anyway?  God told us we must be able to cast down our false imaginations. This would imply that we are capable of discerning the truth.

We have discussed in groups about who gets to be right and why. But it has been a while since we spoke of the matador and the coliseum.  Use the imagery and find what truths you are really wrestling with, may God Himself counsel you in His holy arena:

Picture an arena, with the crowds all around cheering about something.  Now observe that their focus is on you in the center of something which appears to be a coliseum.  There is a bull facing you, and believe it or not you are a matador!  You are thinking through all your past experiences as you attempt to ready yourself for survival by conceiving a plan.  Right now the bull is doing the same, you can see it in its eyes.  Suddenly, the bull is charging and you start moving .....flailing really.  In terror you grab onto this massive animals horns and jump to the side. The fierce bull snorts, shakes, bucks but you are still holding strong.  At this point you are simply grateful to still have the bull by the horns and to not be down in the dirt trampled beyond recognition. 

How many times are the thoughts we are wrestling with like that bull.  Revisit our conversations about keeping your peace and entering the coliseum today.  Who needs to have a bull by the horns anyway.  What do you have to prove to the crowds?  We know that the bull might allow us to "think" we have the advantage.  However, when push comes to shove.....the bull more often than not reeks havoc running us over.Do not allow your thoughts or the thoughts of others to "bully" you!

May God bless you and keep each and every one of you today in His peace which surpasses all understanding.  Ponder our verse from yesterday and think about the thoughts God has for you. Also, sometimes we are the bull toward God and others; I thank God He won't throw us to the ground and wait for the crowds to cheer Him on for our demise. He is VERY skilled as the righteous matador and I pray we all allow Him to train us up as one too!

With Love,
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