February 4, 2014

Consider This One Understood! ~ Should I?

We all have things which we assume are "understood".  However, as sure as we assume that someone proves us wrong, don't they? More often than not that is what I find with all of us.
With this in mind we are going to search our "understanding" in regard to this scripture from 2 Corinthians verse 17:
"Now the Lord is Spirit, and where the Spirit is THERE is liberty."
While many things ARE understood, the problem is we do not all understand by way of relating in a similar fashion.  Take Liberty for instance, let ask these questions:
Would we recognize it?
  • Do we know it by more than word associations?
  • Do we understand when we are attempting to steal it from someone?
  • Do we dare look at how this directly grieves the Holy Spirit Himself ~ beyond the human before our eyes?

If we desire to understand God, to come into a closer relationship with Christ, then we must subject ourselves to these deep ponderings and ask God:  Is this real because it is not at all like the "real world" handles things!
As an example of that statement, let's use the age old philosophical brain teaser: If a tree fall in the forest, and there is nobody around to hear, does it make a sound?  This question is directly related to how we interpret the word "sound": Is it being perceived as a physical phenomenon - the wave length disturbance or by human sense organs?
Any medium which moves air creates the "potential" interaction with a secondary medium to perceive the vibrations and assume a "sound". Sound is simply a subjective interaction with matter.  Stick with me it does get relative and interesting. Without, let's say, an ear to capture the interaction the vibration will pass by not noticed. Yet even without an ear, a deaf person would become aware due to the change in vibrations due to their heightened sensitivity to environmental movements.
Another important variable is recognition and interpretation.  We can all hear / feel things from the same source yet be dogmatic that our perceptions are indisputably correct.  The reason for this is our memories or lack of corresponding information stored in our brains.  
Can you see how limited we can become if we are not open to new thoughts?  Our perceptions limit our reality if we are closed minded; reducing us to the limited stimuli of our own.  In part this is understandable since we validate thoughts through physical sensory variables: sight, sound, taste, touch, smell and the corroborating pieces begin to form a mental picture which leads to our cohesive understanding. What we piecemeal together our brain stamps as "the real deal". It does not matter if there is not a solid form in front of us at the moment because we based our concept on things which WERE real in the past.  Somehow we decide that our best piece milled hunch is the good enough and we have "this one" covered.  
Now, before we get too far down this rabbit hole, let's apply this to today's topic Liberty.  To be sure we have all the information, let's understand the Greek word Eleutheria from which we derived the translation, liberty.  It means freedom, generosity, independence.  It is a blessing of the "economy of Grace."  It is a generosity in proportion to the Love of our God.
In order to live "there", in God's economy it is logical, based on the prior theory notes, that our brain must have the information stored and in place in order for us to become interactive with the vibrations / movements taking place in His spirit.  Do you see a bit more clearly the importance of Christ opening up His ministry with "change your thoughts" if you desire a transformed life?
If the Lord is Spirit and where the Spirit is there is Liberty, it makes sense that when we are grieving the Spirit we are actually squelching the free movement of Christ.  Egad!  We do not have a Quantum Theory to test out the philosophy but James gave us a simple test which is very relative. He explained it like this, in James 1:22-27:
But prove yourselves doers of the word and not merely hearers who delude themselves.  For if anyone is a hearer of the word and not a doer, he is like a man who looks at his natural face in a mirror, for he has looked at himself and gone away, he has immediately forgotten what kind of person he was.  
But one who looks intently at the perfect law, the law of liberty (notice he did not call the Mosaic law perfect. but the law of LIBERTY) and abides by it not having become a forgetful hearer but an effectual doer this man shall be blessed in what he does.
All these thoughts brought a really old lovely tune to my mind...and I had to ask does silence HAVE a sound? Do people really prefer Silence to the Sound of the Lord??? But as I thought it I had my answer: His Spirit is within us, helping us understand the deep wisdom of our Lord God and He will not ever again be silent! But that does not mean we will freely subject our selves to the Sound of His grieving.....but there will never be silence as long as our Creator has breath and HE will NEVER leave us alone. Why would He, is He mean and wants us to blindly wait for vibrations to shimmy us home?? NO!  He grieved at our mental blindness!
I pray we take heed to what the Lord gave us through James and not allow our memories to become stained by the world ~ but instead cleansed by His Spirit so we can inherit all His wonderful memories and encouraging thoughts of eternity.  
These are very Liberating Thoughts, think on them.  
With Love and encouraging prayers ~ Kisses,
I just had to listen to Simon and Garfunkel sing "The Sound of Silence". I was amazed at what I heard after considering all this. Hope you enjoy it too!

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