November 7, 2013

The Work of OUR Hands

This journey we are all on,"just living our life" as some say, is where the majority of our focus is spent.  Obviously, these conversations will be continuing long after each of us have moved beyond these days we are traveling; because we did not start them, we joined in with an ongoing conversation.  This life is no more than the jaunt within our eternal sojourn.  I truly, prayerfully wish that we could perceive the deep relief which should accompany such a mind set.
We have been pondering peace: God's peace, the peace Christ called "My peace".  When we do not choose to keep His peace; we choose to do the comforting our self....our way. We live in a society which takes pride in doing things "Our Way"; we give accolades as if people are incredibly original.  God reminds us that there is nothing new under the sun and that while He did create each of us uniquely and individually, all things are common to each of us corporately. 
Coming full circle with our conversations over the past few weeks, today we are speaking about denial.  This is not going deep, for obvious reasons.  I simply desire for each of us to have some information enabling us to discern our ways - with out condemnation.  Denial is a survival mechanism.  It is in place to help us bear up under perceived pain or threats to our psyche, in order to find comfort.  Some individuals have chosen this tool and become so proficient with their skills set, that they are no longer even aware when it is being employed.  The reason it can become a favored "go to" item is because it temporarily helps this person bear up under perceived pain and have a bit of comfort, even if it causes larger destruction down the road.  Usually it is chosen as a protector of the persons well being when anxiety, conflict or trauma producing situations are thought to be ensuing.
 As we have been studying the ways we slight God of His rightful place as protector over us, I was reminded of the women contrasted in Proverb 14:1:
The wise woman builds her house, but the foolish woman tears it down .....with her OWN hands.
 How often are we in denial that the wreckage of our moments is by others, God or "an act of God" tearing down our is by the strength of "Our own Hands!".  During our discussions about the House of Cards we touched on this same topic; remember this:
 A little golden nugget about emotions:  They build a house of cards around the one real piece of the puzzle which they are concealing.  We build these false images layer upon layer to protect the vulnerable piece; as well as our stage presence.  Often, we really do not realize we do this.  We might catch a glimpse of it, but it passes so quickly we believe it is the masquerade.  Then every once in awhile, God will gently allow the winds of change to blow toward your magnificent construction and hit …just one card……and quickly they all collapse into a one dimensional array.
 We will be building up from these thought, but today - If only for today, may we BE people of peace: extending peace, keeping peace, abiding in peace.
 And maybe.....just maybe, as far as it depends on us many people will get a glimpse of something so beyond our natural human form that they will HAVE to take pause and ponder about GOD.
At least, that is my hope; if only for this one day :)
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