August 15, 2012

My Fabulous House of Cards

We have been kicking around the pieces of our lives attempt to discovering the deep seated beliefs we have anchored in our soul. I do realize most of you were not aware of this fact.  Question; if by chance you had known would you have participated with such openness?
We all must make a decision that we are either going to believe God is fully, meaning all aspects, who He says He is or either He is not what He says He is at all;  these are our only two options.  The general problem we all have is this:  We do not really know who God says He is, not all aspects based on only who He says He is.  But God knew this would be our common problem due to “the knowledge of good and evil”. 
God’s solution was to give us mercy and grace through Christ Jesus.  Once we can accept this truth – just the one mind you, He’s got us covered throughout the journey of discovery. He also doesn’t want us to keep believing misconceptions, so He sticks right with us ready and willing to clarify all the ambiguity and what not.  But fear makes us close down and attempt to run away and hide just like Adam and Eve did. 
We discuss our pieces of understanding without guilt, shame, condemnation, pride or arrogance.  If we do not open up, speak and listen to others compassionately as we embarrassingly expose our fragments of doubts, fears, ambiguity, frustration and everything which seemingly opposes what we profess we believe, then fear trumps our faith every time!  May that never be!! 
For this reason we constantly bring up the Trip, Fall, Fly patterns within our sojourn.  Again, common stuff here – no big surprise at all.  Just as God powerfully relates to each of us to ground and anchor His body here on earth, we must stretch ourselves to allow His embrace to under gird and unite us – and thank God we are called to be one.  Think about these things and review the information from the past several weeks. 
Pick up just one dusty piece and be ready to polish it off…..just one.  You can do, I know you ….and I trust Him, honestly!
Don’t be embarrassed if you are afraid to pick up a piece, maybe you are hesitant to even look toward the pile of pieces.  If so, try not to quit; simply pause.  Now, take a deep breath for me and ask yourself, kindly mind you, “Has the vine of my emotions swung me out only to drop me center stage?” 
Usually, when we attempt to isolate something uncomfortable, we begin to feel separated from everyone else, as though no one else in the world has ever dealt with this hideous thing.   And worse yet, all those “other folks” we begin envisioning sitting below us in the audience starring at our bewildered state.  But we know how to handle that, we simply picture everyone of them in their underpants!  However, that vision keeps getting interrupted by everyone staring up at us, on stage, under the spot light in nothing but OUR underpants – and they are decked out in the attire which would make us feel like a million bucks.  OK, so I might have overshot the emotional swinging, but you will understand in a moment.
Let me tell you a little golden nugget about emotions:  They build a house of cards around the one real piece of the puzzle which they are concealing.  We build these false images layer upon layer to protect the vulnerable piece; as well as our stage presence.  Often, we really do not realize we do this.  We might catch a glimpse of it, but it passes so quickly we believe it is the masquerade.  Then every once in awhile, God will gently allow the winds of change to blow toward your magnificent construction and hit …just one card……and quickly they all collapse into a one dimensional array.
There you have it.  This is what you are really looking at, or avoiding looking at ;)  Remember, it’s okay; it was just a silly house of cards.  Somewhere in that pile, however, is one brilliant piece of truth……….Let’s find it, together, and let it shine!

p.s.  There are enough cross-links in this to keep your mind moving forward if I get behind due to research.  Each time I re-read information I dust off another piece.  Yes , even I find fabulous card houses all around me; but now I ask God to blow the winds of change toward them - as He sees "I'm fit to handle it".

©Candace Huffmaster 2012, All Copy Rights Reserved
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