July 25, 2013

What Does THAT Mean?!?

Have you ever just stopped…..just stopped…..just stopped….yourself on each floor of your emotional up rise?  Chances are, if you would have gotten off on each floor and truly related to those in the lobby you might have had a larger experience.  There is much to be said about a roof top view over the community, but there is a reason for the saying, “It’s lonely at the top!”

Think of the saying, “I feel as though I’m always on the outside.”  Doesn’t it STAND to reason, if you do not move out of the elevator and show an interest in the lives of others that you will not have the same community as all those fellowshipping together?  Think about it:  the door shuts; you only hear pieces of conversations and are left with many holes to fill in and create a full picture.  Of course, having nothing but 4 metal walls surrounding you, your choices of what to do with yourself till your next floor is minimal.   A few choices are to either count along with the numerical display, push buttons, sing along with the lovely music selections, think about what you are going to see…….or most often selected choice – to fill in the storyline of what was perceived in your 5 to 10 second glimpse.

We have been speaking in group about our emotional electrical panels: Disconnecting; short circuiting; repair guys and uninsulated wiring. There are reasons we choose to just ride the elevator and peak quickly into what is going on with others, and then rapidly move on and up.  We must be aware of where we are going BEFORE we step off into creating a “coping” mechanism of avoidance. 

Is the ability to disconnect healthy? Yes but as with all healthy journeys, when a door opens if you are afraid, you have to discern ifit has anything to do with the people in the lobby.  Think the following questions through, we will be discussing it over the next few weeks and revisiting many prior topics:

  • What happens prior to you walking up to an elevator door?
  • Once in, are you in control of the buttons being pushed – or do you just stand in the elevator and pray to move?
  • Do you get annoyed if someone has pushed the wrong button and then they are not even there?
  • If you had time and a door opened, would you have any desire to walk out and explore the hallways?
  • When you get to the top, who will you share the experience with? 

All the floors we pass have real people living real lives.  Sometimes we desire to live a life which only allows people into our little controlled elevator.  When they leave the elevator, they walk down a corridor and through another door.  Beyond that door is their “real” family, their husband, their wife and their children.  In a real life, children leave their home of origin and usually connect with the one person who we / they are to never forsake.  “Why?”, because everyone wants a door called home.  (Things do happen - but that's for another day ;) )

Sometimes people feel too alone to get back on the elevator because they know there is not a higher floor than the one upon which they are currently standing, so why bother.  Other times we stay in the elevator because we do not desire to walk down the halls and into the messy rooms we won’t clean up. 

Whatever floor you are headed to, why don’t you stop the elevator for a moment before you miss out on something that’s real and present.  If your most fulfilling relationships, most joyous moments and those you can’t wait to see have become the people passing throughout your elevator experience, inclusive of the lobby folks then you need to re-evaluate the place you call home.  Don’t end up having a roof top experience with elevator folks being all you have to share it with – they don’t stick around, they are not supposed to; they have a complete life

I pray that God help you understand what this means, today and throughout our sojourn.



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