March 28, 2013

US; Not You and Me

Lead US not into temptation. Deliver US from the evil one. For thine is the kingdom and the power for ever and ever. Amen

My apologies for the silence; I have been sitting prayerfully with our thoughts and studying deeper. 

If you would, really read each word and line of today’s information.  Prayerfully consider what the Lord desires to personalize and disclose more deeply with you.  Pick it up again later or in a few days, you will be surprised what He reveals over the course of personal interactions.

Next week the links below will be woven throughout our journey, as we seek to relate more authentically to the real and living God.  I pray that each of us has an intimate encounter with the Lord God Almighty as we bring His life experience into our reality this Easter season.

With Deep Affection,



Like a child’s deep wish; a hope from the heart

The request released, from the voice of the sound

From the heart to the head, into the heavens received

Came the yearn of the soul, “Be freed in me…”

With a smile it was heard; and with joy it was done

At the very time they hoped, they also clearly heard

For your love is great and you’re troubled for me

Because I am not bound here, we both now are Free.

~Candace Huffmaster

Have grace and peace; be Christ’s Priests, here on earth as it is in heaven.  We are told in Revelation that before God’s throne is the seven-fold Spirit.  The Lamb was slain and is worthy to receive: the power, the riches, the wisdom, the strength, the honor, the glory and the blessing. And so are we that are in Him. 

We are purely lavished in His blanket of Love and under wing. What / whom shall we fear??

Freely give Him blessings of Joy with your mouth.  Glory through your faithful actions of doing everything to everyone as if it were Christ himself (even in the most intimate of ways), honor him by not refusing the wisdom the Holy Spirit is continually attempting to pour out before you. Be humble enough to give Him gratitude for all things even your very breath.  Allow Him to be honored and brought glory by your loving affection toward Him as it flows with all power and might into the moments of your encounters and efforts every second of every day.

And lastly, as a child, have no fear; especially as you drift off to sleep, give him your deepest affections by trusting and counting on Him to be right there tenderly watching His beloved child sleep.

What an awesome Love, please allow Him to love you like this……please…..



To Kiss My Beloved



Kaleidoscope Butterfly, Inc®
©Candace Huffmaster 2013, All Rights Reserved

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