March 20, 2013

Left Destitute

Yesterday we thought about being left destitute. We discussed the icky, sticky, goo sandwiching people together intimately. If you did not get a chance to look at that click here before continuing on, please.
Most of you reading this are married. Did you marry a Ladies Man, a Man's Man, or the man of your dreams? Hopefully, you married the man and while it is good to discern character and integrity, do you have him trapped in your dreamworld man. But what about the men? (Yes they do this also) Did he marry his "dream girl" and now she has to be some imaginary "every man's dream". As we stated yesterday, love is kind, not manipulative. We are in relationships to help guide each other in reality, not fairy tales. We can set some pretty unrealistic expectations of what real life can actually be verses what we perceive is the real life everyone else is whimsy-ing around in.
Here is another look at how we can be unrealistic or unsafe with those loving us:
When someone is a perfectionist, they can't let you off the hook. They cannot allow you to set a hook either. They will do anything even hook you deeper to escape any pain. While we must be able to express how relationships affect us, this is only to communicate the icky, sticky, goo. After the mess has been defined, it is time for everyone to pitch in and just do clean up on isle 9. That's all! So this pain, they are fantasizing about doesn't exist except in their mind. They create much more pain for themselves and other, than the real world would ever toss their way.
Our relationships are lived in. Do you live in a home which must be museum ready at all times. Or can you be at home in life? I pray that you think about what we said yesterday, in regard to being able to hold up your commitment to allow God to be at home in your space.
Add the thought below to all this, and tomorrow we will dive deeper:
John 17:20, 21 “I do not ask for these only, but also for those who will believe in me through their word, 21 that they may all be one, just as you, Father, are in me, and I in you, that they also may be in us, so that the world may believe that you have sent me

We know God is a jealous God. We know that Satan is a deceiver trying to take our affections away from God. We have spoken about this being the reason we are on PAUSE. God is taking back what is rightfully His. Christ stated this over, and over, and over as He went walkabout for thirty something years.
Christ came for One cause; YOU.
to relate intimately WITH you

In Genesis 2:24 it is written: Because she was taken out of Man: For this cause a man shall leave his father and his mother and shall cleave to his wife and the two shall become ONE flesh.
Christ was in heaven, but he left heaven so that He could fill all things with love. We needed more than mercy; we needed grace in order to be ONE. But dare I say in our own futility we strive to survive with mercy alone. We do not want all that comes with Grace because we have to make choices. We walk in the futility of our own minds which excludes us from the fullness of life God designed us to have.
Why do we beg for the grace of God upon ourselves, but with those around us we demand God to be impatient with their process? We all know that answer, selfishness. Which brings us to our topic for today:
partial re-post from November 2011
Women, A Woman, A Wife:
A christian woman should not be a "man's woman" she is to be HER man's woman. A christian man is not to be a "lady's man", he is to be His lady's man! Yet men want to attract the eye of ALL women (or at least the one's that catch his eye). and Visa - Vera. God did not want man to be left alone with nothing but animals which would have fed animalistic behaviours. He wanted man for a higher purpose; relationship and to create higher relationships.
Have your desires wandered? Are you not grateful for the blessings God has given "YOU"? Don't be so quick to answer.....think about it. Have you spent thought time and energy giving goodness into what God has graced you with? Or have you been belittling and abusing the relationship?
When you do any of those things you are telling God you are unhappy with what He graciously gave you. You are feeding your animalistic selfish nature and digressing. God loved you before you loved him. You already have been filled because Christ came and filled you. So why do we "feel" we need to steal from someone elses wealth? Greed's an ugly thing my friends.
Let's choose this day who we will follow as for me and my house we will follow the Lord. Because only from heaven flows every good and perfect gift.
Let's all be wives who are holy, lovely and pure to our husbands; let's be a woman with One Cause - to be women witnessing that God's love for Christ is real; Christ is real..God is REAL!
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