January 25, 2013

Is THAT Better?

If things WERE different, would they be BETTER…..or just different
We have spoken often in regard to comfort from distress being the nemesis of God’s peace.  Today we were speaking,  in group, about the fact that God is much less concerned about our happiness and comfort as He is about making sure we are not harmed.  I…..might…..even consider throwing another idea out here…..that in his compassion for all of us, he might allow some discomfort to be felt by others in order for us to learn a few valuable relational lessons and mature a bit……just saying it might happen from time to time.

As a general rule of thumb, what is so bad about this moment that we squirm so?  Could it be that this moment simply is not fulfilling one of our happy emotions?  All moments have an emotion charging them; think about it.  We however, are the ruling authority over how they get tagged or what name they are given.  If you think about it we could correlate it to God bringing animals to Adam and whatever he named them …..so it was named.

Funny thing “reality”, no matter who does the naming, God ordained that we each have the right to our own moments; but he also ordained that we must share them.  We all share the exact same moments all over the earth: billions of people, doing billions of similar and different things with the same exact moment.  Isn’t that incredible? 

Moments are the common ground; life and death are common ground.   Where we end or should I say where our emergent soul passes, transcends or whatever it does, is not universal however. God alone is at the helm of the universe He created for us all.  This seem fair to me, even right, when I think about it.  You see, God view moments without bias, He is patient with us.  He asks us to use our moments to relate with people, care, share and be concerned about their eternity.  He requests that we not steal others moments from them, by demanding the moments be used to our liking or for selfish ambitions.  He requests that we give others the first choice and trust that He will bless the remainder. He will even prosper the moments, and give them back to us seven fold.  God made time and can pause it, multiply it extend it, but He promised never to cut it short.  Isn’t that so GOD!

Think about Cain and Abel, if you need to refresh your memory read Genesis chapter 4.

I pray that we know peace and joy throughout all our moments…..they are pure gift from the heart of our Father.

May Christ be glorified in all we think, say and do,
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