January 24, 2013


My son, do not forget my teaching, But let your heart keep my commandments; for length of days and years of life and peace they will add to you. ~ Proverbs 3:1-2 

As I was reading this scripture today, I saw something different: God doesn’t want us to forget his laws, they are good.  But he implores us to allow our heart to guide us in keeping them.  It is only by His spirit residing in us that we are able to abide in His righteousness.  He does not desire for us to strive in vain, wearing our silly selves ragged.  He knows it is ridiculous for us to try.  We cannot even love each other well much less the hundreds of others below the ONE which upholds them all. 

For the length of our days…..the years of our life…..peace all flow up from our heart and fill the spaces leading up to our today and those relationships around us…..or not around us.  Our muscles are ignited by passion which stems from love or fear.  As I read this and turned it over in my mind, I saw all the things which have been added to me since I was a child.  For today, I am simply laying this one piece before us to think about:

 How many of us (I’m sure this will only apply to girls) have pulled the daisy petals as you state, “He loves me……He loves me not…..He loves me…..He loves me not….) only to have the silly flower have one too few petals and you end up on the NOT!  Silly as it is when that happens we almost get superstitious with the child’s play as if it is a little clue.

Why is it always an either or scenario?  What about the ridiculous saying “When the cats away the mice will play”.  What sort of mind set does the statement form in us as we are to grow toward trusting individuals?  We have spoken many times in regard to the harmless fairy tales we lavish on the impressionable minds entrusted to us.  Personally I love fairy tales; I appreciate the underdog winning and the super inflated evil tyrant being served his just reward.   But do we keep stories in perspective of teachable moments or leave these precious formative minds flailing between creativity and real life application?

Each of us was created with fascination by the only mind smart enough, powerful enough and able to complete us.  We speak often of the verse:  Since I am afflicted and needy, Let the Lord be mindful of me. You are my help and my deliverer; Do not delay, O my God Psalm 40:17

I have been silent for several weeks for many reasons – God is bringing me through another layer of discovery and it is so very exciting!  Whether I knew if or not I am not sure, but He has been allowing me to make plans, knowing they are good plan with intent to do His will and see that not all good things are His best for how He has uniquely made me to relate to Him and others.

As for this season and I know not how long it will be:

I will have no agenda except that which the Lord places before me.  I will find the work which He alone has for my hands to do and I will keep in my heart the knowledge that He will prosper it all for His glory and name sake.

Do I know exactly what that means? Absolutely not!  Does it concern me?  Not in the least!  As for me, I will worry about today and all that is before me to accomplish.  I will find His provision only in His rest and I simply cannot allow my soul to exit; for my soul needs its true mate….the spirit who forgets me not.

I pray that if you pick a beautiful daisy you not say any longer, “ He loves me…..He love me not”  but say and teach to your children “He love me….He forgets me not!”

Remembering each of you with tender love,



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