May 1, 2010

Because, Because, Because, Because, BECAUSE……….

Yesterday we had wonderful discussions about what we see up ahead. I thank you all for sharing the pieces of your lives so that we can have broader understanding of what we all saw. Don’t forget to keep your eyes set ahead. Remember the rear view mirror is only for glancing!

Because of the wonderful things He does…………

To continue on down our yellow brick road, “what if” Dorothy had not met the Tin Man? What if they had not met Scarecrow? Most importantly, what if Lion had not met them? Each of them knew the wonderful things the wizard had done; they believed he possessed a magical ability to transform them, why had they not traveled down this road of golden opportunity before?

Our primary verses we were discussing yesterday opened our discussion on thought life. So today I want you to think about this:

Do you equate God to the Wizard of Oz? Do you seek Him out because…because… because…because…because… because of the wonderful things he does? If that is the case, we do not love and desire a relationship with God we are using Him for what He can do for us. I don’t know about you but it really is disappointing, and rather hurtful, when I trust that someone desires friendship / relationship only to find out they wanted to use me for their gain. Relationships are supposed to be a “give” as well as a “take”. I also know we all have treated another like this; I hope it was inadvertent. Only God knows, so let us be quick to forgive…but always discern safety when allowing others back in. Sometimes we must do what is best for someone and not what they would like for us to do. That is Agape Love.

This Psalm speaks of the What If’s of Agape Love, I entitled the pros simply “IF” I pray each of you realize your peace that surpasses all understanding today….and know that you are loved by the One and Only God of the Universe.

In Christ,


If I had not been called
I would not know how to answer
If I had not opened the door
He would not have entered
IF I had not welcomed him in
He would not have stayed
If I had not asked the question
He would not have answered
IF he had not been patient
I would not be able to share of his love
If I had not needed his encouragement
He would not have made it available
If I had not experienced hardship
I would not have know that I needed him
If he had not allowed me the pain of my choices
I would not have gained humility
If he had set no boundaries
I would not have grown
If I had not turned to Him
I would not know true peace
IF I had not desired TRUE peace
I would never have seen my Lord

My Lord loves through teaching,
He embraces and encourages while giving us more
He gives a wealth of strength and peace
We gain courage through facing the task
We employ peace to mentally stay true
There are so many facets of his love
We tend to only consider a few
We strive to accomplish in our own strength
Without Him, we have no lasting means
Conversing with Him grants us His visions
It is then that we understand
He desires to give us increase
because He still has much to do
We must be willing to empty our self;
To be filled with Him to the full
By this He dwells right here among us
In any form that will give Him room
He is not one….. He is many
He is abundant, everyone desiring to love
He is patient, kind and understanding
He is rich, poor, every race and language known
He is every size, every age and generation
His hope is for us all to know…..
We are to love deeply and tenderly,
Be open, honest and true,
To seek eagerly with passion;
To be genuine in all that we do
But mostly - to do all in freedom
With wings that will carry, cover and lift
Bringing others into His presence
A sacrifice He too chose to make
Together we are One…Complete…In Christ
By Candace Huffmaster ©