December 31, 2012

Resolute Resolve....New Years Resolution

Today I was thinking about how I do not make the perfunctory New Years Resolutions any longer.  My question was why?  I certainly know there are things which I need to improve!  Have I become complacent in my ways?  Am I resigned to not perfect my imperfections?  Should I even put this on a blog for others to witness?  Oh my, the list went on a while........

But there it was, written in my own handwriting to be discovered when I am no longer here to protect my wandering ponderings any longer.  I will go ahead and send up a heavy prayer for whoever stumbles upon them in the future - ha ha.

As I prayerfully and methodically moved these puzzle pieces around, I found a resolution I can be proud to state:  My one and only resolution is this:

I resolve to be resolute in trusting God and pondering only His ways which are much higher than mine!

What I settled today was how ambiguous I felt that a resolution was.  It is almost an oxymoron to me.  Resolution, after all, is the act of resolving something; it is the act of answering.  God states not to lean on our own understanding but to seek Him in all our ways.  You all know this about me...I have SOO many questions running rampant in my mind, that I had to stop NEEDING answers.  This only leaves me with resolve.

I had to look up the true meaning of resolve and not simply what "I thought" it meant.  It is quiet enlightening to be honest.  In fact this gave me closure on my final resolution.  It means:

Obsolete; dissolve, melt.  To break-up, separate.  It also means to change by disintegration; to reduce by analysis; to resolve the problem into simple elements.  It means to distinguish between or make independently visible - adjacent parts of and another meaning is to separate into two compounds.

Ultimately it means to CAUSE resolution.  As soon as I read that it CAUSED me to have resolution with this dilemma.  You see I know God does not desire us to battle these simple things.  They are a distraction.  We are not supposed to battle our minds like the bull we were speaking about last week.
I know God wants resolution NOT revolution.  It is US, His creation, who choose to battle with His resolve, therein propelling all elements of warfare onto the very ground upholding us.  Just like the bull in the coliseum we spoke of last week.

It is as if we desire the knowledge of all choices to wade through to find an answer to even one of our questions.  But here is a question for you - how can we see that we have tripped upon the correct answer if most of the time we do not even know the proper question?  Silly isn't it?

God however, is resolute, He has no questions and sets all answers with LIFE.  He only desires to make clear the options, make truth understandable.  He is a God of order, mathematical and scientific solutions to chaotic reasoning.  In my opinion if math or science has not equated to His truth yet, then the problem is unresolved variables - not that the truth is unstable.

God is patient and will complete all things to our understanding in their proper time.  He is sectioning things for our ability to digest them.  We have to have the ability to comprehend.  He has assigned proper, relative, indisputable points and or persons who are able through him to properly align His wisdom.  He alone merges, separates and fulfills all things.

He promised to set the appointed times and not delay.  He will not quicken things.  He says in Habakkuk that the appointed time in coming and will not delay.  His truth resolves all matters, settles all disputes.  The truth is simply ....the truth.  He has no need to argue with anyone.  If He says it is so.....then so it will be!

There is no one higher than Himself so there is no one greater to change the order of things.  There will be no voting, no committees to overrule His resolution.  Everyone has something to resolve however:  whether to be one with his resolute resolve or go into eternity alone. 

Here is my final point:  When things are resolved, they come into one voice.  Isn't that something?  How many scriptures come to mind on that accord?  God says we will be One voice crying out in the wilderness.  This means we will no longer be harmonically unresolved.  His spirit will have His body harmonized and exhibiting consonance.  Think about it: we are living out the spirit leading us into the wilderness to be tempted by Satan in order that God can bring us from dissonance to consonance.......

So when you are lead to a ledge overlooking all things, or you are craving something tantalizing or promised if you simply compromise you can cut a corner to "have it all now", please be resolute in your belief that God cannot lie and all He has promised will come to pass.  Just like Satan himself, who will not be able to fulfill all the empty promised he is dangling in front of you to draw you away.

When you have done all to stand, stand firm my friends.  As my mom always says: This too shall pass! 

I have posted the words to Auld Lang Syne on Creativity Speaks along with a wonderful video of a German Band playing it.  I pray we all leave the past behind and stretch forward to reach our goal, which is Christ Jesus Himself - not dead but very much alive and well!

Happy New Year family, with Love,

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